The REAL Reasons Why Podcasters Wear Headphones

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Reasons Why Podcasters Wear Headphones

Why Podcasters Wear Headphones?

Want to learn the real reason why podcasters wear headphones?  You would be right to assume that headphones serve a purpose in podcasting and we break down all the reasons below.

The quality of your podcast, its popularity and overall success can be greatly affected by the use of the right equipment and tools. Even though headphones might be a minor part of the podcasting system, they are essential.

You can enjoy a host of benefits from using headphones for podcast recording and editing. TLDR: Podcasters use headphones in order to maintain their podcast’s sound quality. Headphones are essential to hear the audio and detect any flaws.

Top Reasons Why Podcasters Wear Headphones

Eliminate Echo when Recording Remote Interviews

Podcasters must use headphones, especially when recording interviews via software like Viber or Skype. If you don’t have headphones, your meeting can suffer from serious echo problems.

Because the microphone picks-up what is being said through the speakers, and then sends it back to Skype, they can hear an echo.

This will not only affect your recording, but also the guests. They may have trouble hearing the host and there might be audio delays.


Audio Monitoring

Podcasters should make every effort to record podcasts with the best audio quality. High-quality audio quality makes podcasts more appealing to viewers. This allows you to save time and effort during post-production.

It is essential to listen to podcasts throughout recording. Only professional headphones can achieve this.

You can hear what your listeners expect from a podcast by using headphones. The headphones allow podcasters to monitor their digital audio by placing them in front the microphones.

Problems can arise when batteries go low, cables snap, wireless connections break or the device makes excessive noise. You don’t have to wait until the podcast is finished editing before you notice these problems. Editing headaches will be less if you invest more time in the recording stage.


Post-Production Editing

Podcasters will find it a great investment to get good headphones for editing.

The good news? Most podcast listeners won’t be using headphones for audio production. So if your audio isn’t perfect, then your listeners can enjoy the enhanced sound quality through their car speakers, or other consumer headphones. Your podcast will sound great because you can listen to music through this device.


Efficient Editing

Not only can headphones improve podcasters’ performance, but they also make editing easier. The editing process will be simpler if more work can be done during recording and editing.

It is one of best ways to control your audio. The microphones used for podcasting can sometimes be sensitive. A podcaster must ensure that the audio quality is maintained, as even slight air breezes can occasionally create a distracting background sound. Podcasters need to adjust the sound to fix this.

A pair of studio headphones can help you pick out subtle sounds and nuances during recording. While it is not unusual to listen to podcasts through headphones, people soon realize that they are difficult to fix.


Bleeding Prevention

Podcasting without headphones can lead to bleeding. Recorders who have bleed a lot aren’t familiar with the term. However, most have had to deal with spilling or bleeding. Bleed happens when sound is recorded from one participant’s track and played back through the speaker of another participant.

Participants may hear voices coming from nearby microphones if they do not wear headphones. This can lead to a very unpleasant sounding individual. The production value will decrease. With some precautions and a pair of good headphones, bleeding can be avoided.


Reduce Concerns about Mic Placement

Mic placement can be managed easily when only one or two people are involved. However, it can be difficult to manage multiple guests at once.

These headphones are an excellent solution. They come with a microphone built in, which makes it easy for multiple users. These headphones are popular for broadcast and work well for many different programs. They are worn by all commentators, even in sports matches.


When to Avoid Headphones while Podcasting

There are many situations in which podcasting headphones might not be necessary. Here are some situations that headphones can be avoided:

  • Open interview with a candidate
  • Mix it through your regular speakers to ensure a good mix
  • There is a bleed at the headphones
  • Headphones make you feel self-conscious
  • It is best for you to have a natural conversation.


Top-Rated Headphones for Podcasters

  • Shure SRH1540: This is a high-end choice set of headphones for people who are looking to make a significant investment. Shure SRH1540: Money is not an issue. The build quality is superb as well as its sound quality. It is lightweight enough to be worn for long periods of time.


  • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro: This midrange headphone is both affordable and very expensive. The Sennheiser HS280 Pro provides a lot of value for its price. These are the preferred choice of many audio producers because they are accurate, reliable, and comfortable.


  • Audio Technica ATH-20x: One of the best headphones to podcast. It is a budget-friendly headset that can help with podcasting and audio editing. Audio-Technica’s ATH-M20x headphones are a great choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot. Great sound isolation, comfortable and affordable.