Skullcandy vs. Beats 2022: Who Is the Winner?

Audio accompanies us everywhere. So much so that items such as headphones have become more than just tools; they’re fashion accessories and status symbols. Some companies have started taking advantage of this trend by designing products that are not only functional, but also look cool. We’ll look at two such brands, Skullcandy vs. Beats, to see what they have to offer.

This quick guide has been created as your complete resource for comparing Beats vs. Skullcandy headphones. You’ll be able to quickly and easily decide which model best suits your needs. We’ll inform you of things to consider before your purchase, supply several highly-rated products, and provide you with a detailed comparison of their top three models.

Things to Consider

  • Available Products. Skullcandy and Beats both create a broad range of consumer headphones. Though the Beats Pro and the Beats Studio have professional-sounding names neither offer the precision audio reproduction required by DJs and engineers.

Both companies offer closed-back and in-ear headphones; neither offers open-back style headphones. And both brands have earbuds tailored for athletics.

Active and passive noise cancellation headphones are available from both companies.

  • Sound Quality. The goal of both companies is to produce headphones that consumers enjoy listening to. Neither company aims to perfectly reproduce audio.

Skullcandy CEO Seth Hoby Darling echoed this in interviews: “We moved away from the question of how you can make sound quality more pure, to how you can create more interesting and immersive audio experiences.”

Beats Co-founder Jimmy Iovine comments that they “wanted to recreate that excitement of being in the studio. That’s why people listen.”

Technical specs are available for Skullcandy’s products. Beats, on the other hand, doesn’t release such information for their products.

  • Identity. When comparing Beats versus Skullcandy you find that both combine audio with fashion, social status, and celebrity. Both brands largely identify as fashion accessories rather than strict audio equipment.

From Skullcandy’s website: Our brand symbolizes youth and rebellion…by fusing bold color schemes, loud patterns, unique materials and creative packaging with the latest audio technologies.

Beats founders, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, are popular influential figures in the hip-hip community. That association not only gives credibility to the brand but also makes them easily shared with other celebrities. Such celebrity endorsements are the hallmark of Beats’ marketing and give the brand its feeling of being different.

The 10 Skullcandy vs. Beats Headphones Table

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Top 3 Beats Versus Skullcandy Headphones

1. Skullcandy Crusher Headphones

SkullCandy’s Crusher shows us that Beats hasn’t cornered the market on bass. Crusher really shines in this arena.

Crusher’s unlike any other headphone. You can actually feel the bass, and you’re capable of adjusting its intensity. A battery-operated driver vibrates to give you the feeling of deeper bass without having to increase the volume. A slider on the earcup lets you fine-tune how hard it vibrates.

The overall sound quality without using the extra driver is clear. Highs and vocals are surprisingly strong for headphones geared towards bassheads. Enabling the extra driver doesn’t cause any distortion or affect other tones. Dubstep and rap benefit most from Crusher, of course, but other genres are just as enjoyable.

Skullcandy delivered a truly entertaining experience. Crusher is your best bet if you’re trying to decide between Skullcandy vs. Beats and don’t want to be tied down to just one bass profile.

2. Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear

This is the second version of Beats’ Solo headphones, which are definitely an improvement on the originals.

For starters, they are made of much sturdier materials, the fit is amazingly comfortable, there is a noticeably difference in sound quality and they provide you with great sound isolation. The earcups also help keep the sound from leaking out, plus they are really comfortable!

These are also handy for those of you who are looking for something that you can wear when you hit the gym, because in spite of high impact movements that would have average headphones flying right off your head, these stay in place as you work on your fitness.

In terms of sound, these produce crystal clear acoustics, awesome bass (these aren’t as murky as the originals were).

The improvements Beats had made between the Solo and these Solo2 headphones are awesome. They’re still a little pricey and not the best choice for those of you who don’t like bass-heavy headphones, but overall, they’re worth the purchase.

3. Skullcandy Uproar Wireless

If you’re looking for headphones that produce a powerful bass, then the Skullcandy Uproars are definitely up your alley (pun intended)!

They can produce a strong low-frequency response without distortion, so if you’re a purist looking for something that will provide you with the most authentic listening experience possible, these probably aren’t for you. Bass lovers, YOU will definitely love them!

The earcups are comfortable. We’re not sure how durable they are since they are made of synthetic leather, but they are comfortable and well-padded once you put them on.

Bluetooth technology is handy, they can hold a charge quite well and the controls are large (making it easier for you to handle and adjust them).

A great find for those of you looking for a budget-friendly option with plenty of bass to fill your ears.