There is good reason to why Swimbuds by Underwater Audio is one of the most popular brands for waterproof headphones. The Swimbuds Sport is an outstanding pair of underwater headphones, and has been ranked #1 in our Best Waterproof Headphones guide.

The Swimbuds Sport are designed for water sport activities, such as swimming, surfing, kayaking or simply running in the rain. They can also be used to snorkel as deep as 10ft underwater, but should not be used for scuba diving. Their IPX rating is 8, which is the highest on the IPX waterproof-ability scale.

Design and Construction

The Swimbuds Sport stand out with a short cord. Measuring in at a mere 1.3 ft, the cord alleviates having to wrap long cords around goggles and under swim caps. Swimmers really like the way the short cord reduces drag on straightaways and stay in place during flip-turns. An extension cord is also included in the package, if you prefer to keep your audio player in your pocket for example.

There are a number of different ear tips to choose from, which is good as everyone’s ears are shaped differently. Having a tight and sealed fit helps with sound and comfort. Four types of ear tips in different sizes can be found in the package, including types that hook into your ears. These are sure to stay in place during intense swimming sessions. There is also little to no sound leakage when proper sized ear tips are used.

Sound Quality

This sport version of the Swimbuds offers outstanding sound quality, better than previous versions. The clarity is exceptional; you can truly hear all the details of your favorite track. Many earbuds tend to either lack bass, or have bass that overpowers detail, whereas the Swimbuds Sport deliver deep but very balanced bass.

Best of all, none of the sound became muffled or distorted once we took them underwater. Bare in mind that this is normally a significant problem for waterproof headphones, as there is competition from other things such as air bubbles.

The sound quality may not save your life in the water, but it can definitely save your sanity over the course of hours of pool running, in comparison to other waterproof headphones. The Swimbuds are simply much more enjoyable and motivating to listen to.

Conclusion Swimbuds Sport Review

We understand why Swimbuds continue to be the most popular underwater headphones. Their sound quality and adaptability are unmatched by any other waterproof headphones. If you’re looking for the best waterproof earbuds, then you have found them.

Underwater Audio‘s Swimbuds Sport can be bought here. However, if you have no waterproof audio player, we highly recommend the popular waterproof version of the iPod Shuffle to go with it, which you can find here.