LG Tone Plus Review HBS-730
Korean company LG, formerly named GoldStar, is a pioneer in the consumer electronics industry. Since its creation in 1958, LG has consistently been first to deliver many technologically advanced devices to consumers. This commitment to innovation continues to be apparent in its new offerings so it comes as no surprise that the HBS-730, marketed under the name Tone Plus, is such a winner.

The Tone Plus Bluetooth headset offers quality construction and sound, an amazing ten hours of talk/listen time, and unbeatable 33 feet of Bluetooth range connectivity. We’ll explore more details below.

Design and Construction

The Tone Plus consists of an 8 1/2 inch (slightly shorter than 22 cm) Memory Flex neckband connected to magnetic earbuds. Raised buttons on each side of the neckband are used to control the device. The neckband also features vibration functionality, for instance when you receive a call.

The first thing we notice is that the piece is incredibly lightweight. Weighing in at less than two ounces (approximately 32 grams) the Tone Plus is one of the lightest pairs of Bluetooth earbuds with neck design available. These would be easy to forget about unlike some other designs. LG doesn’t specify what they use to construct their Memory Flex material but whatever it is seems to work well. The neckband is malleable but doesn’t kink.

The earbuds conveniently attach to the neckband via magnet. This keeps the earbuds from flapping around when not in use. They’re easy to detach and put in your ear though the wiring is a bit long. It tended to get caught on longer hair and on eyeglasses. Once the earbuds were inserted though they did stay in place.

All in all the device is pretty sturdy and is comfortable.

Sound Quality

LG Tone Plus Review HBS-730The Tone Plus features noise reduction and echo cancellation technologies so that it should handle calls and music equally well. Its software also includes an adjustable equalizer.

Calling and music controls on the neckband are easy to navigate. This includes being able to switch back and forth between a phone call and music. Sound was clear and balanced though it handled music better than calls.

Users report that while voices from callers are clear and volume is good they do sometimes experience a slight hissing and static. Callers noted similar sounds when in a heavy background buzz. Voices were somewhat mechanical but not so much that it became a distraction.

Still, the headset’s overall sound quality is fantastic for a Bluetooth headset, but it becomes most apparent for music.

Conclusion LG Tone Plus Review

LG Tone Plus Review HBS-730LG’s Tone Plus is a great device: comfortable, easy to use, functional. Its behind-the-neck design makes it suitable for use in a variety of environments. The raised controls make navigation a cinch. And the sound quality is outstanding for music.

See more information on LG Tone Plus at Amazon.com.