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How to Repair Beats Headphones (Full GUIDE)

Repair Beats Headphones

Learn How to Repair Beats Headphones

Beats is a well-known brand for its deep bass, extraordinary style and celebrity endorsements. Beats has become a leading choice in consumer-grade headphones.

But they’re not indestructible. Like any headphones, they can easily break if dropped or stepped on. Even the most meticulous owners are vulnerable to accidents.

Worse, Apple support can take up 10 days to respond to your request and may require you to spend even more. Given the high price of these headphones, who would not want them to work as planned?

This is the right place to learn how to fix Beats headphones quickly without spending too much.

How to Fix Beats Headband

The headband acts as the foundation of your headphones. The headband is also the most fragile part of Beats headphones. Beats’ headphones’ headbands, made from plastic, are lighter than those made of steel to reduce the overall weight.

Here are some tips to fix your Beats headphones headbands

Here are the tools you will need

* Torx screwdriver

* Needle-nose pliers

* Headband replacement

  1. Locate the screws
  2. The headband cushion should be removed.
  3. Replace the headband
  4. Get back to jamming

How to Fix Beats Headphone Speakers

The headband is the foundation of your headphones. The speakers are the heart. It is tempting to throw out your headphones if the headband has issues. You won’t hear the same quality as you should.

However, they can also be replaced like any other part.

But, Beats headphone speakers often have other electronic components. Knowing how to remove your Beats speakers without damaging their electronics is crucial.

Tools required:

* Prying tool

* Small screwdriver

* Soldering gun, solder and flux

  1. The padding should be removed from the affected side.
  2. You can remove the speaker housing.
  3. Take out any wires that are plugged into charge ports.
  4. You must unsolder the speaker wires.
  5. The charger port can be removed by heating it briefly. Remove the small rubber band from the MS port.
  6. Solder the wires of the new speaker.
  7. The charger port can be reinserted. It doesn’t have to be glued.
  8. Place the small rubber ring onto MS port, and snap it in.
  9. Place the new speaker’s enclosure on the pad and screw it in place.

How to Fix Broken Beats Headphone Plugs

Since years, many have predicted that the headphone jack will be extinct. Despite Bluetooth headphones, USB C and lightning ports infiltrating the market, the 3.5mm standard is still used for many purposes. With jacks, plugs, and frayed wires comes.

Frayed wires are easily fixed. Our guide for headphone wire repair covers most of the information you will need.

You can read on to learn how to repair the Beats’ jack.

Tools required:

* Solder gun and solder

* Scissors

* A new AUX Jack

* Tweezers

* Heat Gun

* Blue Loctite

* 2P-10

* Heat shrink tube

  1. Take out the damaged AUX cables and save as much as possible.
  2. Remove the outer layer of cord (about 3/4″ should do) and reveal the wires.
  3. Separate the green, red and gold wires, and twist them to your desired color. To save space, cut the insulation and excess wires.
  4. Slide the wires through to the endpiece of the new plug.
  5. Divide the clear shrink tub in half. Next, slide the cable into the shrink tube. The end piece of the new AUX ports should hold the cable.
  6. Place your flux at the ends and solder each tip.
  7. Apply flux and solder to the points of each wire-receiving end. Check that the points are not touching. Connect the wires.
  8. Make sure you test your speakers (and microphone) to ensure they work. Once everything is OK, use the heat gun or hair dryer carefully to heat the shrink tube.
  9. Make sure you test your speakers (and microphone) to ensure they work. Once everything is OK, use the heat gun or hair dryer carefully to heat the shrink tube.
  10. Spray TP-10 activator over the area.
  11. Be sure to let the chemicals dry completely before you use your headphones.

How To Replace Your Beats Earpads

Beats headphones may be beautiful, but the pads can become worn or worse, rotten.

It’s much easier than we thought to replace Beats headphone pads. Additional tips can be found in our headphone replacement guide.

Tools required:

* Replacement pads

* Earpad tape

* Prying tool

* Old toothbrush

  1. Gently insert your prying tool between the speaker housing, the ear pad and the pad to be changed.
  2. Start by working on one section. Slowly move your way around until the pad is loose enough for you to remove it.
  3. To remove any dirt, glue or dust, use the toothbrush. The driver.
  4. Use earpad tape for the replacement headphones. You must ensure that the holes align properly.
  5. Remove the tape cover after the tape is snugly fitted to the pad.
  6. Place the earpad in the correct orientation and attach it to your headset. Hold the earpad in place for several seconds, or until the headset is securely attached.

How To Repair Beats Headphones via Apple Support

Apple Support may be a better option for you if the task of fixing the iPhone is too difficult after reading the instructions.

You might think that Apple Support will do all the work for you. Although this is true, it’s best to fully understand the process before you spend any money on repairs.

These are some facts that you need to know.

How to request a service

Before you make a service inquiry, it’s likely that you want to find out if your Beats qualifies.

Older Beats can be divided into two types, “vintage”, and “obsolete.”

Vintage products are those less than 5 years and less then 7 years old. You may still be eligible for some assistance.

Obsolete products include all Monster Beats brands and Beats older 7 years. There is no hardware service available for ‘Obsolete’ Beats.

Once you’ve determined that your products are still serviceable, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to https://getsupport.apple.com/
  2. Select ‘Service request’
  3. You can either choose to chat to arrange a repair or to call to arrange a repair live.
  4. For support, fill in your name and email address. If you choose to receive a call, enter your phone number.

How to Repair Beats Headphones: Conclusion

If something breaks or stops working, you don’t have too much to worry about. You can do a lot with a soldering tool and only $25-30.

If your headphones are not working, you can find shops that might be able help. It is a good idea to visit speaker repair shops or home audio stores.

Beats headphones can be a big investment. You should repair them before replacing them.


Can Beats headphones ever be fixed?

Yes. Many of the common damages in Beats headphones can easily be fixed, from the headband to hinges to the speakers to the earpads. You can do most of these repairs at home with the help of common household tools.

What Repairs Are Possible on Beats Headphones

Repairing a cracked, or broken headband

Fixing the Solo HD and Solo HD hinges

Fixing the Solo 2 headphones speaker

Replacing an Ear Pad

Can You DIY Beats Headphone Repair?

It may sound exciting to repair your Beats headphones, but you have to be open-minded and willing take the risks. Beats headphones can be expensive. It is possible to do more harm than good by fixing your headphones yourself rather than relying on professionals.