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6 Most Comfortable Gaming Headsets 2022

Comfort in a gaming headset is key. You could be gaming for hours and do not want to stop because your ears or head are sore. Knowing that their customers value comfort, often above all else, means that many companies advertise this without it being true.

This can make it hard to determine which headsets are actually comfortable and which ones are just making empty claims.

As you rarely be able to try these on, you will usually have to trust in the specs given by the company as well as guides like this one to make the best choice for your gaming purposes.

Few Things to Consider

Your comfort is something that is quite personal, and something that only you can really assess. When you cannot investigate this in a tangible way, you should consider the following to choose which is the most comfortable gaming headset.

  • Provided Details. The company that makes the headset will put out details about their product. Rather than just going with a set that claims to be comfortable, look at the specs in a more detail. Consider the material that the earmuffs are made of, often a leather is best, and also consider the locations of the padding too. You should look for lots of padding on the ears, as well as the actual weight of the headset and for padding to cover the strap that goes over your head.
  • Reviews. These are probably the most honest ways to examine the headphones without being able to hold them and try them on for yourself. Other users will not hold back on the positive or negative details as they would appreciate an honest assessment themselves. You should consider these reviews very carefully as you will find more detailed information that really does apply to how they will work for specific kinds of gaming.
  • Popularity. Often, the most comfortable gaming headset is popular for a reason. The more people that have bought a headset, generally means the better it is. Be wary that this could also indicate the popularity of a specific brand or could be for a feature other than comfort.gaming headset is popular for a reason. The more people that have bought a headset, generally means the better it is. Be wary that this could also indicate the popularity of a specific brand or could be for a feature other than comfort.

Top 6 Comfortable Gaming Headsets Ultimate Chart

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Choosing the Most Comfortable Gaming Headset

When making your choice, comfort is key, but do not forget the following.

  • High Quality Sound. And be made of high quality materials to give you great overall results in addition to the comfort.
  • Wired or Wireless. Is a common question when choosing any headset. In terms of comfort, the two are equal, though the wired option may be less expensive if the budget is a concern.
  • Noise Isolation. is another key feature when you want to be able to use the headset comfortably without hearing any disruptions. Some headsets that advertise noise cancelling simply mean that the earmuffs fit tighter than usual. Be sure to look into this feature more to ensure your comfort will not be compromised for less noise.

Top 3 Comfortable Gaming Headset Reviews

1. HyperX Cloud II – Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset are seriously comfy. The soft leather that goes over your head makes you feel like you are wearing a very small and lightweight pillow.

The sound and bass is not compromised to make these comfortable either, which is always a plus. Considering the quality of the headset overall, it really does deserve more attention than it gets.

One of the things that really adds to using these headphones is the fact that they come with alternative fabric earmuff covers.

2. VersionTECH G2000 Gaming Headset

Wearing the VersionTech Kotion Each G2000 USB 3.5mm Game Gaming Headphone Headset for hours is never a problem when gaming because they are so comfortable and so high quality in terms of the padding and all of the normal headset features.

This is seriously the most comfortable gaming headset with memory foam in the ear pads and on the head strap. They will also completely cover your ears and reduce noise.

The sleek look is also great too as they do not just look like big cushioned pads on your ears but proper gaming equipment.


If you want quality and comfort that is unwavering then the AFUNTA Gaming Headset is the one for you. You might even be shocked by how clear the sound is and how well the microphone is able to pick up your voice.

Long gaming sessions are easy when you don’t have to worry about taking a break from the headset because it is uncomfortable.

The padding and the material covering the padding are all perfect for long time and long term wear.