Klipsch vs. Bose 2022: Who Is the Winner?

Bose and Klipsch are two of the world’s most renowned audio brands. They each show superb attention to engineering and clean aesthetics, without relying of flashy marketing gimmicks. There’s really no bad choice when looking at a Klipsch vs. Bose product.

In this short guide we’ll discuss their brand qualities, supply several options, and thoroughly review the top three choices. You’ll have no problem finding a pair of headphones that fits your style and budget.

Things to Consider

  1. Available Products. Klipsch and Bose both create consumer- and professional-oriented headphones. Both are regarded as producing best-in-class products.

Both brands exclusively manufacture closed-back and in-ear style headphones. Neither offers an open-back headphone.

Headphones with active and passive noise cancellation are available from Bose and Klipsch.

  1. Sound Quality. The goal of both companies is to recreate the sound of having a live orchestra play in front of you, however, Klipsch and Bose approach this differently.

Klipsch is considered more of an audiophile headphone, while Bose is considered more consumer-oriented. Klipsch reveals the technical details of each unit. Bose does not disclose this information.

Top 6 Klipsch vs. Bose Headphones Overview

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Top Klipsch Versus Bose Headphones Reviews

1. Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth

SoundLink is one of the most versatile headphones offered by Bose. They’re comfortable for a multitude of uses, and work with a wide range of audio.

With its adjustable headband and earcups, SoundLink easily conforms to your head, even if you’re wearing glasses or a hat. Memory foam padding retains its shape so there’s no discomfort during extended use.

SoundLink’s calling features are especially convenient. Voice prompts tell you the battery level, whether the device is connected, and who’s calling.

Call clarity is satisfactory on both ends; static and skipping are minimal. Additionally, the active noise cancellation works well at keeping down droning sounds. One thing to keep in mind is that since these do fit on-ear that some ambient noise will seep in.

With a wireless connection SoundLink lasts several days between charges. But it can be converted to a wired unit via a detachable cable that’s included in the box.

SoundLink’s overall soundscape is what you’d expect from a Bose product. Sound is all-encompassing and even. Its warm tones feel natural and lifelike. We found that SoundLink truly excels during movies and music.

SoundLink by Bose is a “go anywhere, do anything” choice of headphones.

2. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic

QuietComfort 25 is an updated version of one of Bose’s best selling products. They’ve reconfigured the design and given it some new features, but kept the great sound.

Its earcups were changed so that QuietComfort 25 folds smaller. It still fits comfortably and stays out of the way of clothes and hair. QuietComfort 25 has one of the flatest profiles of any headphone.

Like SoundLink, these have active noise-cancellation. But these have around-ear cups that keep out ambient sound better than SoundLink.

Bose discontinued a feature called “aware mode” from this version of QuietComfort; it allowed you to hear your surroundings without removing your headphones.

Call clarity is just as good as SoundLink. And the updated noise cancellation is better in noisy environments than previous versions. It was possible to take calls and listen to podcasts while waiting in a busy airport.

Audio such as movies and music perform equally well with QuietComfort 25. The around-ear cups keep out ambient sounds so that you feel like you’re sitting in the middle of the music or movie.

Bose did a good job updating the QuietComfort 25. They kept what worked, and removed what didn’t. It’s a good alternative to SoundLink.

3. Bose SoundSport in-ear

SoundSport, or SIE2i, by Bose is a frequent participant because it is so versatile. You can do anything with it because it’s Bose’s most compact, and durable unit.

SoundSport is easily portable because of its in-ear style. But in addition to that, it has thick heavy cables that don’t tangle. They’re not going to kink in the bottom of your bag.

Those cables also keep SoundSport from slipping around on your clothes and getting tangled on accessories. This makes the fitting process easier than some other headphones.

The cord length ensures a good fit, too. A short cord comes standard but an extension is included in the box. You can change the length of the cord as needed.

Like other Bose products, SoundSport largely focuses on low-mid frequencies. Bass and treble are subdued but appropriate even at top volume.

The SIE2i, SoundSport, by Bose is perfect for anyone who likes premium sound but may be a bit rough with their gear.