Jaybird vs. Beats 2022: Who Is the Winner?

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re looking for headphones that look cool, sound amazing, or a little bit of both; you want a set that’s reliable and within your budget.

While it may seem a bit overwhelming to choose headphones since the market is flooded with them, at least you’ve gotten as far as narrowing down your choices to Jaybird vs. Beats.

In this short guide, we’ll compare Jaybird and Beats headphones so that you can quickly decide which of their models you like best. We’ll cover important brand characteristics, list their most highly-rated models, and thoroughly compare the three top products.

Things to Consider

  • Products. Both companies offer a variety consumer headphones. Beats does have two units with professional-sounding names- the Pro and the Studio- though neither has the accuracy required by audio professionals.

Beats’ headphones are available in all customary styles: on-ear, in-ear, and over-ear. Jaybird, however, has only in-ear models. There’s still a lot of diversity within the Jaybird line-up.

  • Reliability. Both Beats and Jaybird are young companies compared to other audio manufacturers; each is less than twenty years old, but this hasn’t stopped either of them from earning a good reputation for creating reliable products.

Each brand enjoys a strong consumer base. Beats is most known for creating products that are visually appealing; their headphones often double as fashion accessories. Jaybird’s products are more functional; their headphones are mostly used by athletes.

Top 6 Beats vs. Jaybird Headphones Table

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Top 3 Jaybird vs. Beats Reviews

1. Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear

The lightweight Solo2 by Beats has no problem packing heavy-hitting sound.

Plush earcups of the Solo2 sit on-ear and block out a good deal of ambient noises. Wearing them is comfortable since it weighs about as much as a small bag of crisps, seven ounces (200 grams). And they fold neatly for convenient travel.

Solo2 presents a more balanced soundscape than urBeats. Its high tones have been adjusted so that they’re more clear. Bass is largely left alone. Songs with lots of vocals sound better than expected.

Choose Solo2 by Beats when you want a more substantial sized headphone without sacrificing easy transport.

2. Beats Mixr Wired On-Ear

Mixr is the most versatile set of headphones in the Beats lineup.

Mixr is similar to Solo2 in weight and style but adjusts better. The earcups rotate 90 degrees to meet the headband. This aids in transport and allows you to use them like a DJ, one eared.

Included in the box is a detachable cable and ¼” adapter. Mixr can be plugged into professional equipment or connected to other headphones to share music.

Though Mixr fits into professional equipment it still maintains the well-known heavy bass tones. The sound is entertaining nonetheless and does week with a range of genres.

Mixr is the perfect option when you want to feel like you just left the studio.

3. Beats By Dr. Dre In Ear Stereo Headset

Beats is well-known for their headphones featuring a prominent housing so it’s not surprising that urBeats often gets overlooked. UrBeats are not only comfortable; they also sound spectacular.

Beats built urBeats using a very simple and familiar design: barrel housing with mushroom eartips. Unexpectedly we found that urBeats has a metal housing rather than a plastic one like other models. Metal tends to be the more durable of the two and doesn’t negatively affect sound. The cord is flat like linguine.

Despite its small size, urBeats fits the Beats lowercase-b logo prominently on the outside of each earpiece. It’s available in numerous colors; the housing and cable come in your choice of matching or contrasting colors.

Finding a comfortable fit was easy. Beats includes four sets of silicone ear tips in the box. The barrel housing and flat cord are well balanced; we didn’t experience the heavy feeling that sometimes accompanies in-ear headphones. The silicone tips are soft without being flimsy; we achieved a good seal.

UrBeats is equipped with an inline microphone and volume control though it’s neither water- not sweat-resistant. It’s compatible with mobile and desktop devices; we had no trouble connecting it to numerous different devices for calls and general audio. And the flat cord stayed untangled no matter what situation we put it in.

Overall sound quality of UrBeats is surprisingly well balanced. High frequencies like vocals and kick drums are about as bright as you’d expect from this type of sound signature, but the bass is actually clean. Bass isn’t exaggerated to the point of muffling and over-powering the rest of the music.

If you love the Beats sound and need a small package then UrBeats is a very good choice.