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How to Use Two Headphones on a PC or Mac (Quick FIX)

How to Use two Headphones

How to Use Two Headphones on a PC or Mac

It is often far better to experience something with someone else. It doesn’t matter if you are watching a video, YouTube or listening to music.  How you set up your computer how to use two headphones on a PC or Mac will be the solution to achieving this experience.

If you’re in public or simply want better sound quality, you may choose to use two headphones on your Mac or PC simultaneously. It is not always easy to use two headphones at once on one device.

Today, very few computers and macs have two headphone jacks. It is because as technology improves and more attention is given to a sleek, lightweight design, some elements will become obsolete. Two headphone jacks would be a great way to connect two headphones to one computer.

There are several ways to use two headphones simultaneously on your computer and one device. These will depend on whether you’re using wired or wireless headphones, or if two Bluetooth headsets are being used, or if one of them is used.

How To Setup Two Pairs Of Headphones On Your Windows Computer

Windows allows you to assign different audio devices to different programs. The setup process for sharing audio via headphones is simple if you don’t need to.

Open Sound settings can be accessed by right-clicking on the speaker icon in your taskbar. You will need to choose App volume and device preferences from the Other sound options section. You will be able to access the Settings box. You can also adjust the audio output preferences for different programs within it. Windows will save your changes automatically, so you don’t have to adjust them each time you open the program.

The following guide will show you how to pair two headphones with a computer to share audio. This applies to both USB headphones and headphones with a 3.0mm jack.

  1. Connect the headphones
  • Connect both headphones to your computer.
  • Click on the Speaker icon
  • Right-click the speaker icon located on the taskbar.

2. Choose Sounds

  • Select the Sounds option. You can also use the Windows search bar to open Sounds manually.

3.  Select Speakers as default

  • Navigate to the Playback tab under Sounds. This list should show all devices connected to your computer. Make sure your speakers are set as default devices.

4.  Disable recording devices

  • Next, click on the Recording tab. Click anywhere in the window to activate Show Disabled Devices. Stereo Mix will be added to the list.

5.  Enable Stereo Mix

  • Right-click Stereo Mix to enable it. Next, click on Stereo Mix and then go to Properties.

6.  Playback via headphones

  • Once you are inside the Stereo Mix Properties window click the Listen tab. Check the box next the Listen to this device option. Next, choose the headphones from the dropdown menu below Playback through the device.

7.  Apply Changes – Finally

  • Click on Apply to save your changes and then click OK to complete the setup process. You should now have two pairs of headphones!

How To Set Up Two Pairs of Headphones on Your Mac Computer

The following will help you to understand how to use two headphones with an Apple computer. This method can be used with both wired headphones and wireless headphones.

Pair of plug-in headphones

You can pair your headphones with your Mac using Bluetooth or connect them through a USB 3.5mm port.

Run Audio MIDI setup

Go to Applications/Utilities and run the Audio MIDI Setup app.

Multi-Output Device

Navigate to Audio Devices once you are there. Click on Create Multi Output Device.

Use device for Output

After creating a Multi Output Device successfully, right-click and select Use This device For Sound Output

Select both headphones

To your right should be a list with available audio devices. You can select the headphones you want by clicking the boxes to their left (Use). For the second pair, tick the Drift Correction box.

Select Master Device

Next, select your preferred master device from the dropdown menu located directly below the Multi Output Device.

Launch Sound Preferences

  • Finally, launch System Preferences to run the Sound preferences pane.
  • Select Multi-Output Devices for each headphone.
  • Move to the Output tab. Select Multi-Output Device to get both pairs of headphones.

How to Use Two Headphones: Conclusion

You can now share your favorite movies and music with family or friends while still maintaining high quality sound. It isn’t easy to pair two headphones with the same device. Now you have all the tools necessary to make it happen.

FAQs How to Use Two Headphones

How can you listen to two Bluetooth headphones at the same time on your PC?

You can connect one pair of Bluetooth headphones to your laptop or computer. The only way around this is to buy a Bluetooth adapter, also known as a Bluetooth dongle. They are also very affordable.

This allows you to connect up to two Bluetooth headsets at once and then use them on your laptop or computer simultaneously.

It’s very easy to use: just plug it into one of the USB ports on your computer and you’re good to go. It’s really that simple!

What are the Alternatives?

It can be exhausting to switch between various methods in order to find the best one. Sometimes you just want that one trick.  A headphone splitter will work for you if you have two wired headphones but are unable to adjust the audio settings. Because it is plug-and-play, there are no workarounds.

There are two types of headphone splitters. A splitter allows you connect two pairs of headphones. While a multi-splitter lets you connect more than two, High-end models have additional features to support microphones and other audio devices.

Headphone splitters can reduce audio delay but may not provide the best quality. You get what you pay, but it is worth doing your research before you make a purchase. A side note: Using a splitter headphone will limit mobility for both you and the person sharing the audio.