How to Turn off AirPod Notifications

How to Turn off AirPod Notifications

How to Turn off AirPod Notifications

Casual users and audiophiles all boil in frustration when Siri randomly hijacks your AirPods to read make an announcement or read your texts aloud an the most inopportune times.  Read on to learn how to turn off AirPod notifications when you desire.

Siri has been designed to leverage your AirPods or Beats to send notifications for iMessages, Reminders, third-party applications (Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.). In addition, the voice activation system allows you to respond to alerts without having to use your hands – which sounds ideal.  In reality, many of us receive dozens of notifications via group chats and Twitter that spans from informational to annoying in a split second.

Interrupting a work call, podcast, music, or quiet moment for these notifications can be stopped in a few easy steps.

AirPods Send Messages

If you’ve ever wondered “How do I disable notifications on my AirPods”, it is probably because they seem interruptive to your music, podcasts, or audiobooks with relative frequency.

Your phone might be able to read what you hear if you have your AirPods in you ears. These are called “announcements”. These are sometimes liked by some, but it is possible to opt out of Airpod notifications.  If you need to adjust the same setting as CarPlay, there is an option to do so.

AirPods Announce Messages

You can disable the feature using your iPad or iPhone. You can manage Siri announcements by going to the Settings menu. However, it is not very easy to access.

How to Turn off Airpod Notifications on iPhone?

  1. Tap on Notifications to open Settings.
  2. Tap on Announce notifications to toggle the feature off.

Once you have done that, your AirPods are ready to go! Siri won’t be able to infiltrate your AirPods and send you tons of messages, reminders and other alerts.

If you do not want the feature to be turned off completely, you can switch off the Headphones setting under Announce when Connected To. Siri will now only notify you via CarPlay if your car supports it. However, you can disable that setting. Here’s how:

  1. In Announce Notifications, tap on CarPlay
  2. Toggle off Announcement Messages

You also have the option of adding a tile to your Control Center. This will allow you to toggle it on and off as desired without having to use the Settings menu. You can add the tile using:

  1. Click on Settings to open Control Center.
  2. Scroll down to see more Controls for Announce Notifications
  3. Click the green plus sign button

It will be added to the Included Controls section. You’ll see the tile when you swipe down to Control Center. To turn it on/off, tap on it.

How to Turn off Siri Reading Texts on iPhone 11

Siri can be disabled if you don’t wish Siri to read your messages aloud.

  • Navigate to Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select Notifications then tap Announce messages with Siri.
  • To prevent Siri reading your text messages, you can turn this off.
  • You can keep Siri’s reading of your messages, but you want to disable it. Follow the steps below.
  • Navigate to Settings, then select Notifications and finally Announce messages using Siri.
  • Select Reply without Confirmation. Siri will respond to your messages as soon as you’ve finished speaking.

Airpods 3 Turn off Notifications

Swipe up to open the Settings panel for your AirPods. Tap Notify When Lost Behind under Notifications. Move the toggle to Off. Tap the Done icon in the upper-right corner

How to Turn off Airpod Notifications on MAC

Connect your AirPods with your Mac. Then, go to System Preferences Bluetooth. For your AirPods select Options. Change ‘Connected to this Mac’ from ‘When Last Connected’.

If you use your Mac, then your AirPods will be automatically switched to another device. “When Last Connected To This Mac” means that your Mac will not participate in automatic switching. It will only connect to AirPods if they are last connected to your Mac.

How To Enable and Customize Announce Notifications

Before we go into how to turn on the feature, let us make sure we have the right devices. These compatible headphones are required in addition to the iPhone and iPad running iOS 15, and iPad OS 15, respectively.

  • AirPods (2nd gen and later)
  • AirPods Pro
  • AirPods Max
  • Beat Fits Pro
  • Beats Pro
  • Powerbeats
  • Powerbeats Pro

Siri announcements can be switched on in the same way as it is turned off. You can skip that step and follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings and tap Notifications.
  2. To turn the feature on, tap Announce notifications.

Siri will now notify you of almost all notifications that come to your iPhone/iPad.

The feature can be enabled to allow for customizations. With CarPlay, Siri can be set to either Announce New Messages or Silence New Messages. You can also choose to remember the previous setting (this will use your last driving experience).

You also have the option of turning on the Reply Without Confirmation function. Siri will respond to your messages if the app supports them. Turn it off if you don’t want to double check your messages before sending them off.

Last but not least, Siri can be controlled over which apps it will notify you from. You will see both native and third party apps that support the feature at the bottom. You can scroll down to select each app and tap it individually to activate the Announce Notifications function.

Conclusion: How to turn off AirPod Notifications

Siri can be turned off completely by many iPhone users, who don’t like its performance. You may find that the assistant does not always correctly use emphasis and pauses, which could sometimes alter the meaning of text messages you receive.

FAQ: How to turn off AirPod Notifications

How do I Disable the Notification about Forgotten Airpods in an iPhone?

1.   Open Find my app on iPhone.  If you don’t see the app on your Home screen, then it might be in an extra/Utilities directory. Spotlight search can also be used to locate it.

2.   Choose the device that you want to disable the notification.  To see all devices associated with your Apple ID, you can swipe up on this list.

3.   To expand the device information panel, swipe up. Next, touch the Notify button in the Notifications section.

4.   To turn off Notify, tap the button to its right.

The button will not be affected by any green shading if this setting is off.

5.  To save your changes, click the Done link at the top right of the screen.

How can I disable Siri Announcing calls?

Follow these steps to stop Siri from calling the caller’s number.

  • Tap your iPhone Setting and choose Phone.
  • Then select Calls.
  • Change Announce to Never.

Alternatively, Siri can be set to only announce calls when your headphones and phone are connected. This is a useful feature that you can use, especially if it’s not your intention to have other people hear the person calling.