How to Make Headphones Louder (7 EASY Steps)

Headphones Louder

How to Make Headphones Louder

There are many options to help make headphones louder and optimize the volume. This can be done by either adjusting your device or App settings, or simply by giving your headset some TLC.

Relaxing on the couch, watching your favorite series, and listening to great thumping tracks after a long day of work can be quite relaxing.

Your headphones aren’t producing sound, or even the minimum. Let’s take a deep, relaxing breath. We have you covered. We’ll show how to make your headphones louder with these simple and effective tips.

7 Easy Steps to Increase Volume

  1. Clean Your Headphones

You don’t have to replace headphones that are broken or damaged. Clear, functioning headphones can be as simple as cleaning them. Due to the production of static electricity, most electrical devices can attract a lot dust.

When headphones are in use, wax and oils can build up on the mesh screen of your headphone and cause sound fade. Regular cleaning of headphones is recommended to prevent such little inconveniences.

If so, you’ll need to:

  • Soapy Water
  • Use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or tech wiping.
  • A soft cloth, or Q-tip
  • Dry toothbrushes or cleaning brushes
  • Paper towels

Cleaning headphones:

  • First, remove the earplugs. You can clean the exterior with a slightly dampened cloth. You can dry your headphones with a paper towel.
  • To clean your ear pads, dampen the cloth with rubbing alcohol. Next, use a q-tip soaked into rubbing alcohol to clean all nooks and difficult-to-reach places.
  • Use alcohol or hydrogen to wipe the mesh. It will kill bacteria and trap any debris.
  • Finally, allow your earpads to air dry before reinstalling them on your headphones.

Cleaning of ear tips and buds:

Eartips are near the skin’s surface, where oils and wax quickly accumulate. Here are some tips to make your headphones louder.

  • First, wash your ears with warm soapy hot water.
  • Use a q tip to clean the inner ear tip. You can clean the tips with hydrogen peroxide. Next, wipe them with damp cloth.
  • Next, clean the mesh portion of your earbuds with hydrogen peroxide
  • Finally, dry them. Once dried, assemble and you are good to go
  • Take care not to soak your headphones in water. Dry them using paper towels.


  1. You can adjust volume settings on the device

Your device’s settings or open-back headphones can be easily changed without your even realizing. This sounds like an easy task, but it’s a common error. First, check your settings to make sure there has not been a change.

Sometimes it’s as easy as changing the volume limit of your device. Be aware that headphones can be connected to your device and have their own volume settings. You should also check the volume setting of the headphones if the volume is too high but still the headphones produce a lot.

Different devices can have different volume settings. Interference from your device, Windows or Mac, can affect the output of your headphones. An iPhone or Android phone can be used to listen to music or videos. It may have a different volume setting to that of a PC.

Here’s how to set these settings, and a step by step guide to get the volume you want.


You can make your iPhone’s headphones more louder with these tips:

  • Navigate to Settings and select Music
  • Scroll down to see the playback header
  • Select the volume level’
  • Set the volume limit to the normal’ or the loud’ option.


How to make your headphones sound louder on Android

  • Go to Settings and select the sound section
  • Tap on the media button to adjust your volume so you can hear what you like.
  • Windows

You can adjust your volume to Windows in many different ways.

The notification bar should be checked if you’re running the latest version Microsoft Windows. Find the symbol of a speaker and select it to adjust your headphones’ volume.

There are also keys on your keyboard that can be used to adjust the volume. Look for a speaker symbol on the keyboard that has an add or reduce sign.

You can adjust the volume for different apps using the Windows control panels. Once you are in the Windows control panel select “hardware and sounds” and then select it to adjust your volume.

  1. Buy a Headphone Amplifier

All headphones are reduced to just speakers. However, all speakers require an amplifier regardless of size. Most devices have this built in. Unfortunately, these devices are not powerful enough to fit your headphones.

External amplifiers are a good option. You can increase the volume and sound quality of your headphones with this amp device. It is important to note, not all amplifiers work with all in-ear headphone models. If you do have headphones that are on-ear, however, the best headphone amplifiers will make your headphones sound louder.

An amplifier’s compatibility with headphones will depend on their size and shape. They can also assist in choosing the right amp for your headphones.

This is not all. It is equally important to select an amplifier that is right for you. You will have trouble carrying it around if the amplifier is too big for your device.

  1. Install a Headphone Booster App

A volume-boosting app can also be used to increase the output of your headphones. You can use volume-boosting applications on Android, Windows, and iPhone to get a louder sound.

Check out these volume-boosting apps that work on every operating system.



Volume Booster by Goodev

Dub Music Player-Audio Player & Music Equalizer

Volume Booster Pro

Equalizer FX



Equalizer Pro Volume Booster

Max Volume Booster.

Boom Music

Equalizer + (Music Player Volume Quality Enhancer)



Equalizer Pro

Breakaway Audio Enhancer

Boom 3D


  1. Volume limitations can be disabled

Many devices have volume limits that are set by manufacturers. Many devices allow users to bypass the volume limit by using a workaround. This is so the user doesn’t overdo it with super loud output sounds that can damage hearing or cause distortion.

Devices such as iPhones have a setting called ‘volume limit’. You can choose how low you would like the volume to be. You can either ‘hut down the volume limiter or use the slider to adjust the output of sound.

Android devices allow you to choose the ‘sounds & vibrations section’. Once it’s selected, tap the ‘media volume limiter’ button in the upper right corner. If the limiter has been turned off, slide the slider next ‘off’ to turn it on.

Once the limiter is on, you can select a custom volume limit to suit your preferences. Follow these simple steps for setting a max limit on Windows devices.

  1. Purchase a Pair Sound Isolation Headphones

If your headphones don’t have this feature, you might need to get them. It doesn’t matter how many times you play with them; you should consider buying a pair of sound-isolating headphones.

These headphones won’t force you to crank the volume up too much, but they will still provide an immersive listening experience. You’ll also have a lower chance of hearing damage with sound-isolating headphones. This is because you won’t be listening too loud or to distorted sounds.

  1. Make a move with the Last Resort: Get new headphones

If none of the above options work, you have one choice: buy new headphones. For most headphones owners, this is the last resort. It is reasonable to purchase newer, better headphones.

Consider asking friends for feedback on loud headphones they have used. Different headphones have different functions so you should choose headphones that best suit your needs.


Final thoughts: How to make your headphones louder

You can use your gaming headsets to play with friends, or you can relax by using ASMR headphones. Everyone needs headphones that can pick out the sounds and vibrations they want to hear.

If your headphones stop working properly, it can lead to frustration and lower productivity. Make sure that you get headphones with a high volume. There are many options to increase the volume of your headphones, from volume-boosting apps to disabling sounds limits.


Headphone Volume FAQs:

What are the steps I can take to make my headphones more powerful?

  1. Clean Your Headphones
  2. Adjust the Volume Settings of Your Device
  3. Buy a Headphone Amplifier
  4. Install a Headphone Booster App
  5. Disable volume limits
  6. Purchase a Pair Sound Isolation Headphones
  7. Make a move with the Last Resort: Get new headphones

How can I boost the volume of my headphone?

Tap on the Settings app on your smartphone and scroll down the section Sound and vibration. To access more options, tap on the Volume option. There will be several sliders for controlling volume for different aspects of the phone.