How to Fix a Broken Charger (Save Money)

How to Fix a Broken Charger

If you are like me, you have probably lost count of how many charger cables you’ve broken over the years. Although they appear thin and fragile, these cords are prone to breaking after prolonged use.

It doesn’t really matter if your phone is an iPhone or Android. No matter which brand you are, the charger cables that come with your products don’t seem like they will last.

Charging cables can easily break because of the weak connection between the charging heads and wires. Additionally, chargers are often misused by people who don’t care about their safety. This causes cracks and breakage that prevents the cable from being charged.

There are some good options for fixing your charger cord. We will be discussing some possible methods.

Reasons a Charger Does Not Work

There are some basic reasons your broken charger may stop working.

* The wall socket may be damaged or missing.

* A damaged charger

* Damage to the power port of the device.


 How To Fix a Broken iPhone Charger

It can be expensive to replace the iPhone’s charger cable with a Lightning Cable. Fixing the cable can help you save money while prolonging the life of the product.

Before you begin to fix the cable, make sure that the cable itself is not the problem. Sometimes, charging problems can occur because of issues other than the cable. Follow these steps before you try to fix the problem.

By plugging another item into your wall socket, you can verify its functionality. If your charger or device doesn’t work, it is possible that you have blown a fuse. In this case, you can replace the fuse and reset your power breaker.

* It is possible that your Apple device is having problems. Use the cable to charge another Apple device. If your second device stops charging, it is likely that the first one has a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

* If the adaptor is not working, you can try another cable. If the adaptor doesn’t work, it could be the problem.

* Make sure that your charger is compatible with the device.

* Look for any obstructions in the charging port, such as fluff or debris from your pockets. To remove any blockages, you can use a pair tweezers.

Now, let’s assume you have followed these steps without any problems with other devices.


Ways to Fix Your Charging Cable

First, use electrical tape for your broken charger. Check the cable for cracks and splits, especially at the point where it connects to the charger port. You can use electrical tape to seal the cut. This may be sufficient to repair the cable, allowing it to work again.

There are two options for permanent solutions if you want to be more secure.

* Use a heat shrink tub and heat gun.

* Rewire the wiring with a soldering gun.


Method 1- Using a heat shrink tube and heat gun

This requires purchasing heat shrink tubing, as well a heat gun. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Buy heat shrink tubes with a ratio greater than 3:1. Tubes that have a 2:1 ratio are often cheaper. These tubes aren’t strong enough to hold an iPhone charger.
  2. Get a heat gun. You want to find one that is small and easy to use, as precision is crucial when you are working on your iPhone cable.
  3. Heat shrink tubing can be cut with scissors to the desired length. To ensure a strong connection, the tube must only cover a small portion of your charging head. The tube should not be able to cover the entire head. This can cause an insecure fit. With enough space, the tube should cover the cable split.
  4. To hold the heat shrink tubing, use pliers. Heat can be applied using your heat gun. Turn the cable to ensure that it shrinks evenly.
  5. Continue shrinking until your cord fits snugly around the charging head.
  6. Allow the cake to cool, then let it set for a couple of minutes.

This will often fix damaged connections similar to electric tape. This method strengthens the weakest point of the cable, making it stronger.


Method 2- Use a Soldering iron to repair the Wiring

You may have a problem with the cable’s connection to the charger head. This would usually mean that you need to replace the cable. If you have a soldering iron, however, it may be possible to solve the problem.

You will need these tools to follow the above method:

* A cutting tool

* A soldering iron

* A soldering wire

* A glue gun

With the necessary tools, do this:

  1. Gently use your knife to cut the casing of the charger head in half. Cut horizontally across the middle section of the head. Be careful not to cut too deep so that the wires in the charger casing are damaged. You want to avoid causing further damage to wires.
  2. The wires are exposed by separating the two halves of the charger’s head. You should do this gently to ensure that you don’t cause any further damage to the charger or wires.
  3. The wire sequence is important. From left to right, you will see the wires as red, white, black, and green. The power wires are red and black, while the data wires are white and green.
  4. Your soldering iron can be used to repair a broken wire or if it is separated from the wire pack inside the charger. The iron can be heated and used together with your soldering wick to repair the connection between broken wires.
  5. To insulate the wires and prevent them from touching each other, use a glue gun.
  6. The cable head should be attached to the other end. You can use heat shrink tubes, electrical tape or your glue gun to attach the two parts of the cable head together.

This technique requires some experience with a soldering tool. This technique will not work if your charging cable has stopped working because of a broken wire.


How do you fix a broken Android Charger

Even though Android charging cables are less generic than Apple Lightning Cables they still work in the same way. The same solutions that were used to fix Apple Lightning cables will also work on Android charging cables. An example of this is the heat shrink tubing or electrical tape. You’re using the solution in both cases to strengthen the wire connection and repair a broken cable.

Similar to an Apple charger, an Android charger can use the same soldering technique. But the main difference lies in the color and design of the wires.

The official Apple cable wires will always be black, white, green, or green. You may find that Android chargers don’t follow the same pattern, particularly if you use a third-party charger. This means that extra care should be taken when soldering.


Contact the Manufacturer if You Still Need Help

You can contact the manufacturer for assistance if the device is not fixed. If your device isn’t under warranty, or costs too much to fix, you might need to replace it.

Now you are able to repair a damaged charger. Perhaps you are wondering what to do when my headphones break?


Headphones Broken Inside

Some headphones may not need to be replaced immediately. Sometimes, it is possible to fix broken headphones with some patience and resourcefulness.


How to Fix a Broken Headset

Wrap it in electrical tape

Many people have electrical tape in the home. If not, they can be easily purchased at any hardware shop. This tape is used to insulate electric wires. For low-voltage electrical wires, black electrical tape is best. You can also use it to fix your headphones wires quickly and easily.

* Prep your wire. Prior to anything, ensure that your wires for headphone are free from oil and clean. This will make the electrical tape stick better to the wire. Use a clean, dry cloth and a little isopropyl Alcohol to clean the area.

* Pre-cut your electric tape. There are many sizes of electrical tapes. You can pre-cut the electrical tape to the desired length before wrapping it around wire.

Wrap it. As tight as possible, wrap the electrical tape around it. This will keep the wire from fraying even more and insulate them.


How to Fix a Broken Cord

A frayed wire refers to a wire whose ends have been cut or exposed by its insulation. Frayed wires have a lower performance risk and can be dangerous if they are not repaired.

Broken cord can happen for many reasons, including:

* Rodents chewing through insulation

* Wires scraping on a sharp metal surface

* Excessive bending of or movement around a certain part of the wire (especially the ends)

If the metal innards of a wire are exposed it can pose a risk to the surrounding environment and the system it is attached to. Insulated wires prevent the current from accidentally coming into contact with any other conductors.

This can cause serious damage. An excess of electricity or power can cause appliances, electronics, and any other type or machinery to overload and short-circuit, frying the electrical components. Some frayed wires could even cause fires if the current runs wild.


Broken AirPods

Apple’s AirPods have the best wire-free headphones on the market. However, their small size makes them susceptible to damage or loss. These are the top ways to fix your AirPods or have them replaced.

There are steps you can take before calling AppleCare to fix a broken set of AirPods.


Troubleshooting AirPods

You are seeing weird lights coming from your charging case, your battery information is not working properly, or your AirPods won’t turn on. These are just a few of the common problems you might run into, and how to resolve them.


Clean your AirPods

It’s an unfortunate fact: Dirty, dust, lint and grime are all constantly getting onto or into your AirPods. Your earbuds may become soiled and cause a loss in sound quality.

Please note: Your AirPods cannot be operated on

Although we would like to offer some guidance on how to fix a defective earbud with your AirPods wireless headphones, it is impossible due to the complexity of Apple’s wireless headphones. iFixit gave AirPods a 0/10 repairability rating — they are almost impossible to fix without completely destroying the case or the earbuds.



The extent of the work involved in fixing your charger cable or headphones will affect how successful you are. The cable can be repaired quickly and inexpensively with heat sink tubing or electric tape. This could extend its life span by several months.



Is soldering a viable alternative?

You can also try liquid electrical tape. Although you would still need to twist the wires with this tape, it can be used with the included brush. If it is stored properly, it can be used for a long period of time.

How can I fix the plug when the metal part is bent.

You can buy a plug at a hardware store. You can verify the plug’s quality before buying it. Next, follow the same plug repairing steps as above.

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