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Review of the Skullcandy Ink D Headphones

The Skullcandy Ink’d 2 is a good choice of earphones if you’re looking for a pair that costs less than $20. Before you buy these earbuds, we break down the good and bad of the Ink D headphones.

Skullcandy offers a wide range of choices for budget-minded buyers when it comes to choosing the right earbuds. However, what makes it stand out from the rest is its focus almost exclusively on headphones and earbuds.

While it is common sense that they should be able and willing to learn, this does not make them perfect.

Skullcandy Ink D Headphones Specifications

  • Name: Skullcandy Ink’d 2
  • Type: In ear headphones
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Dimensions: 1.54 x 1.5 x 1. inches (2.54×3.8 x 2.54cm)
  • Driver size: 11 mm
  • Impedance: 16 Ohms
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20000 Hz


Very few earbuds in this price range are content to deliver an inconspicuous-looking model that just sound good. Sony comes to mind but Sony isn’t a global company that needs to be reminded who it is. Skullcandy does not behave like this.

Ink’d 2, like many other earbuds in its class, has a very attention-grabbing design. The Ink’d 2 is visually striking in flashy colors. Chances are, the Ink’d 2 is available for you in myriad desired colors.

This isn’t necessarily a problem, as there is a lot of demand for flashy design. You can choose the black version if you like Skullcandy’s offerings but prefer a minimalistic design. It’ll still have more than half a dozen of Skullcandy logos on it that can make you feel like a walking-talking-advertisement, but hey, they’re 20 bucks.


Skullcandy Ink’d 2’s construction is almost identical to what you’d expect from budget headphones. It’s made almost entirely out of plastic with some rubberized components. Although this isn’t a criticism of the Skullcandy Ink’d 2, it’s standard practice. But you need to be aware about the potential consequences for durability. You can take care of them and they will last. But, regardless of what you do, they will look worn after only a few months.

While the straight cable is helpful in avoiding tangles to a certain extent, it’s not tangle free due to its thinness. You could praise the cable for having a 3.5 mm gold-plated plug.

The earbuds come with an in-line remote and a push-to talk microphone. You can also use the one button on the remote to pause and play, take calls or operate the mic. It’s not half bad for the price, but it’s still decent. It’s sensitive and does a decent job isolating your voice. While we wish there was a volume control button on the remote to help us understand our voice, we aren’t complaining.

Also, the sound isolation is quite good. We’ve seen worse noise-canceling, though it is passive. The people around you will not be able hear your music as long as there is a good seal.


Ink’D 2 earbuds are made from regular silicone tips. You can also swap between one smaller and one greater pair. While a good seal does not guarantee a product, this is still a bargain compared to some competitors.

If they are properly stuffed, they can be quite snug. They are suitable for sport but be aware of their build as they can’t withstand many falls.

They’re comfortable, can be worn for hours and are easy to use. If you find earbuds uncomfortable, these won’t be for you. They are otherwise quite decent.


First, you should know that these headphones have bass. For what it’s value, the bass isn’t half bad. The dynamic drivers of 11 mm give the bass a lot more power, punch, and oomph. The bass can be a little too loud if it isn’t the heart of your music.

They didn’t seem to get at least two frequencies right. These headphones are not your standard V-sound signature headphones. The mids sound muddy and vocals are subpar. Highs are almost negligible. You’ll also hear the bass frequencies a bit differently in each ear, so you may be hearing it more in one ear.

The best part is the fact that almost no distortion occurs. If you are going to listen at high volumes, and use budget headphones to do so, these earbuds will be a good choice. They are an improvement over the free earbuds with smartphones.

What is 9D earphone?

9D audio is a continuation of 8D stereo. The idea behind 9D audio is to allow listeners to sense the music is ‘moving,’ and even surrounding them. Experts point out that 8D sound simply creates the illusion of 360-degree movement. However, this is not enough which is why 9D was created.

How do I pair my D wireless headphones?

You will need to press both the Volume Up and Power buttons together. You’ll then see alternate blinking blue or red lights. This is the pairing mode.  Now the device is available for you to connect on your phone and laptop!

How do I reset my D wireless headphones?

The volume buttons can be pressed together to flash a blinking blue or red light. This indicates that the earphone has been reset successfully. Now the earphone is easily found.

Why won’t my ink D wireless headphones connect?

During pairing mode, the + and – Buttons should be held together for 3-5 seconds.

How do I check the battery on my Skullcandy Ink D Wireless?

The power button can be pressed even when the product is not in use. This will display the current battery level for the four LEDs. 100% = 4 white lights; 75% = 3 lights; 50% = 2 lights; 25% = 1 light; 5% = 1.

How do I know when my Skullcandy Ink D Wireless headphones are charged?

It charges quickly. Just leave them alone for around 30 minutes and they will charge you again. They keep a charge for a decent amount of time depending on volume and usage. They will turn from red to green when fully charged.

How do I pair my Skullcandy Bluetooth?

 For Skullcandy headphones, or speakers, turn on pairing mode.  Skullcandy headphones with earbuds share the same button for Bluetooth pairing and Power On/Off. Skullcandy wireless speaker models may have different Power and Bluetooth Pairing buttons.

Continue pressing and holding the pairing button for approximately 4-5 seconds depending on your device until the LED light flashes. This indicates that the headphones have entered pairing mode.

Pair your Skullcandy headphones with Smartphone or Laptop

  • Android. Click Settings to turn on Bluetooth. Select Bluetooth and click “Pair new devices”. Once you see your Skullcandy phone in the list, tap it to pair it.
  • iPhone. Navigate to Settings and select Bluetooth. Turn on Bluetooth. To connect, look for your Skullcandy gadget under “OTHER DEVICES”.
  • MacOS. Select Apple menu > System preferences, then click Bluetooth. Next, choose your Skullcandy gadget from the list and click Connect. Click Accept when asked.
  • Windows 10. Click on the Bluetooth button in your toolbar and select “Show Bluetooth devices” to open “Bluetooth & Other Devices” in System Settings. If you have the Bluetooth button hidden, you can find it below the task bar at your bottom (see below).

Once the Add device window opens, click “Bluetooth”. Click on the Skullcandy item in the list to connect. Or, you can search in the Windows search bar for “Bluetooth”. After the Bluetooth and other devices window appears, turn Bluetooth on. Next, click “Add Bluetooth or another device” and choose your device.

Confirm successful pairing.  After successfully pairing your Skullcandy headphones/speaker with your phone or laptop the LED on your JBL device should stop blinking.

Where is the power button on Skullcandy wireless headphones?

Power On – Press and hold the MFB to activate the power button. When the LED lights up blue, the ascending tone is heard through the headphones.

Power Off – Press and hold the MFB to turn the LED RED, and then the headphones will play a descending tone.

How long do Skullcandy headphones take to charge?

The short answer is about 1 hour to charge your Skullcandy Ink D Headphones. Note: This product features Rapid Charge. Rapid Charge means you can charge your headphones for 10 minutes to get two hours of use time

How long do Skullcandy headphones stay charged?

With the ANC/BT activated, Venue will last for up to 24 hours. For a longer battery life, you can plug in your headphones to enjoy wired ANC, which should last about 40 hours. You should keep your headphones charged for at least 3 years, even if you don’t use them often.

Does Skullcandy Ink D Wireless have a microphone?

The Ink’D headphones have a built-in remote and a microphone.  In fact, you can use these Bluetooth earbuds to manage your calls and music. The Bluetooth buds have a built-in microphone and remote with call, track, volume and call control. It’s easy to use Bluetooth for 30 feet without needing your phone.

Is Skullcandy Ink D Headphones waterproof?

This particular model isn’t waterproof/sweatproof. They can handle light rain, sweat, and some light rain but are not made to be waterproof. If they are affected by rain or sweat, they will not be covered.

Are Skullcandy headphones any good?

Skullcandy headphones have great sound quality. They are durable, stylish, long-lasting, easy to connect, and look great. Skullcandy headphones are also distinguished by their sound technology.

Which Bluetooth version Does the Ink’D 2 Contain?

* Bluetooth(r), Version 5.0

Can I use Siri, Google, Alexa, Google Assistant with my method active?

* Yes, double tap the on/off key.

Conclusion: Ink D Headphones

Skullcandy makes fashion-forward headphones. There are many options for headphones, including those that are suitable for sports, gaming and casual listening. But they don’t have a specific selection that is suited to critical listening.

These headphones aren’t the right brand for anyone looking for a more neutral frequency response, as they favor a bass-heavy sound. These headphones are not as robust or durable as others in the price range but still not unaffordable.


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