Convert AirPods into Speakers (EASY Hack)

AirPod Speaker Hack

How to Convert AirPods into Speakers

We will be exploring the truth behind this viral hack, which claims to convert AirPods into speakers in a few simply steps.

The viral AirPod speaker hack has been seen almost 5 million times by TikTok users in just three months. This inspired several others to try the same.

Cam Casey, the SnapChat and TikTok star, famously attempted this hack in one his videos. This caused curiosity and skepticism to his followers.

You don’t have to be skeptical if this really works. To save you time, we have tested the method ourselves. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you transform your AirPods from headphones to speakers.

How to Hack Viral AirPod Speakers

There have been several videos going viral that show you how to convert your AirPod earbuds from a speaker using the case they came in. These videos may seem simple but the methods used can sometimes contradict each other.

We found that among all the methods we tried, the one shown by TikTok user Shanrizwan was the most practical and possibly the most effective.

We also tried out the AirPod speaker hack from TikTok user Tiktok user teckhackguy. This hack is also known as “AirPod tripod hack”. We couldn’t make our AirPods (both AirPods Gen 2 or AirPods Pro) stand as well after many failed attempts and frustrations. We will save you all the trouble.

It’s simple enough to do at home. If you want to fully experience the benefits of this method, we encourage to you to follow our instructions!

Your AirPods should be taken out of the case.

Place each AirPod in its respective slot. Left Airpod goes into the right slot; Right Airpod goes into the left.

AirPods can be placed in reverse

Connect your AirPod lightning charging cable, adjust the volume to max and hit play.

Plugging in the AirPods case

The AirPod Speaker Hack Does It Work?

Technically, the AirPod speaker hack does work. However, it is not as effective as some influencers suggest.

Although you can get your AirPods to play loud music with this trick, the sound will be muffled, tinny and not as clear as the videos.

For exaggerated effects, some influencers might be actually using the sound from their phones’ speakers. You would be better off using the built-in speakers on your phone.

How to convert AirPods into actual speakers

Although the above-mentioned method might not work as well, there are still two options to convert your AirPods into speakers.

You will have to invest more time and resources into this speaker trick than the one previously mentioned. You should not try this trick on an older pair of AirPods.

How to temporarily transform AirPods in speakers

Here’s a simple and non-invasive way to temporarily convert your AirPods from headphones into speakers. You can use this method with any pair earbuds.

This works by increasing the area of the AirPods’ speakers with the base of a paper cup. This simulates a larger speaker diameter, so the cup’s taut will vibrate when the sound waves are coming from the AirPods.

This is what you’ll need:

  • Scotch tape
  • Two styro cups
  • Paper clips
  • Your AirPods

Make your AirPods a speaker by using these tips:

  1. Place one AirPod in each cup. Tape it to the bottom of the cup so that the speaker is against the paper.
  2. AirPods can be placed in the bottom of a paper cup
  3. The paper clips can be attached to the cup base’s outer rim and used to stand the makeshift speakers.
  4. Angling paper cups
  5. Turn the volume up and then press play.

This will allow you to achieve maximum volume. To do this, turn off your AirPods’ volume limits and ear detect. You can also adjust equalization (EQ), to increase the volume.

Convert AirPods into Speakers: Conclusion

If you are an AirPod user who wants to get more bang, this article should help you understand the variety of videos that can be found on this speaker hack.