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How to Connect Beats Headphones to Laptop (EASY Pairing)

How to connect Beats Headphones to Laptop

How to Connect Beats Headphones to Laptop

It is a thrilling moment to receive your first pair Wireless Beats headphones. You may be disappointed to discover that it is not as simple as you expected to connect your wireless Beats headphones with your other devices.

Here’s the tricky part: every model has a unique setup procedure.

This is why it can be time-consuming and frustrating to have to read the instructions or determine if they are being set up correctly. It’s not a good idea to try and do it your way or risk damaging your Beats.

We have created an easy-to follow guide that will help you connect Beats headphones on your iPhone, Android, Mac or Windows PC.

How To Pair Wireless Beats Headphones in Pairing Mode

Beats has been developing as many as 8 models of headphones. Each model comes equipped with its own set activate instructions.

If it is your first time using them, the Beats headphones will automatically switch to pairing mode. If the pairing mode is not activated, depending on which model you have, you can manually activate it.

If you’re not sure where the power button should be, refer to your headphones’ quick start guide. If you don’t know where the power button is, this guide will help you pair Beats earbuds with your device.

Different Types of Beats Headphones & Solutions

Below is a list of steps to pair Beats with different models.

  • Beats:Press and keep the power button down until the indicator lights flash.
  • Powerbeats :Press down on the left earbud and wait for the indicator light to flash.
  • Powerbeats Pro, Beats Fit Pro & Beats Studio Buds – Place the earbuds into their case. Then, press and hold the button in the case until it blinks.
  • Solo Pro Press and hold the “mode” button on your left earcup. This button is also used to turn on or off the noise cancelling.
  • Beats Studio 3 Wireless & Beats Solo 3 Wireless: Hold down the power button for between 1 and 5 seconds, until the Fuel Gauge’s light blinks.

 How to Connect Beats Wireless and Windows PC

There is no shortcut for connecting Beats Studio headphones to your PC. It’s best to manually pair them using the System Settings. Although it takes more time, it is worth it.

  • To connect Beats Wireless headphones and a Windows 10 Computer:
  • Select the Windows icon and choose All Options
  • In the Windows Settings search area, start typing Bluetooth. Select Bluetooth to view other settings.
  • Select Add Bluetooth and confirm that the Bluetooth toggle has been placed in the On position.
  • In the Select a device screen select Bluetooth.
  • Once all Bluetooth-enabled devices are connected, you can choose Beats Wireless.

 How do I connect Beats to Mac?

Similar to Windows laptops/PCs (or Windows PCs), there’s no shortcut to how to pair Beats Solo 3 with Mac laptops or devices. Both devices will have to be linked manually via Bluetooth.

Fret not. The steps are easy and relatively painless.

Here’s how to connect Beats Studio buds with your Mac laptop.

  1. Click on the Bluetooth logo to select Bluetooth preferences.
  2. If Bluetooth has not been turned on, turn it on. Your Beats should appear under the Devices tab. You can pair Beats headphones by clicking Connect.
  3. When successfully paired with Mac, Beats should indicate “connected”.

What to do if your Wireless Beats headphones don’t connect?

You are still having problems connecting your Beats even after following our instructions. Connection issues can be caused by many factors, including the settings and battery. Others may not seem obvious.

The following suggestions can help you determine if your Beats are broken and repair them.

Charge your Beats headphones properly

It’s possible that my beats are not connecting to my computer. This could be caused by weak connections due to a low battery. Make sure that your Beats headphones have been charged for at least 20 minutes before you attempt to pair them again with your device.

Power cycle your Beats headphones & devices

 Power Cycling – This is the act that turns off electrical devices using the main switch and turns it back on again. Although it is often overlooked, it has proven to be a great way to resolve connectivity issues.

Turn off every device (laptops, smartphones, beats, etc.). Simply turn off each device (Beats, laptops, smartphones, etc.) and then turn them back on.

Reset your Beats headphones

Any technical glitch can be fixed with a factory reset. However, it is important to note that you will lose all of your previously saved data and you will also need to manually re-pair Beats one at a time.

Check out Settings issues

It is normal to experience problems with the device that you’re pairing. You can expect issues with your Mac/PC as it is a complex device that uses multiple software and hardware.

What do you do if Windows doesn’t recognize your Beats wireless device?

These are the solutions for your problem if your computer can’t locate your Beats wireless. They don’t all have to work for you. You can just go through the list until the one you like the most.

Method 1. Turn off Bluetooth on every Beats wireless device that has been connected to

You can turn on Beats wireless headphones/earphones and they will automatically reconnect to the device that you last used them with. If your Beats have been connected to another device since their last connection, you can turn Bluetooth off on all devices they have connected to.

Method 2: For a longer time, hold down the power button on your Beats.

You can hold down on the power button longer to enable your Beats wireless to connect to Windows 10. In some cases, this could take as long as 10 seconds. This worked well for many who were having trouble connecting their Bluetooth audio device to the computer.

Method 3: Enable your Bluetooth driver via Device Manager

A Bluetooth driver that is not enabled by the Bluetooth device manager may cause problems when connecting Bluetooth headphones to a PC. This issue can be resolved by manually activating Bluetooth driver via Device Manager

  • On your computer, click the start button and then choose device manager.
  • Expand the Bluetooth Entry, or Audio, video, and game controllers to find your Beats.
  • If there is a down arrow icon marked on your Beats you can right-click and select Enable device
  • You can then repeat the steps from How to pair Beats Wireless with Windows 10 to fix the problem.

Method 4: Update your Bluetooth driver

You may have a missing or obsolete Bluetooth driver that prevents your computer from detecting Beats wireless. It is recommended that you update your Bluetooth driver in order to resolve the problem.

You can update your Bluetooth driver automatically using Driver Easy if you don’t have time or patience. You don’t have to know what your computer’s operating system is, so you don’t need risk installing the wrong driver. Driver Easy does it all.

Download, and install Driver Easy.

Start Driver Easy. Then click Scanning Now. Driver Easy will then scan and find any driver problems on your computer.

Click update next any flagged devices. This will automatically download the correct drivers. You can then manually install them. You can also click All to download all drivers and then install them automatically. (This will require the Pro. If you click Update, you will be prompted for an upgrade. You will receive support for all aspects of your order and a 30-day refund guarantee.

How to Connect Beats Headphones: Conclusion

It’s likely that you have a seamless connection between your wireless Beats headphones and your preferred device. You can now relax and enjoy the amazing audio quality as you listen to your favorite tracks or discover new music over the weekend.

We hope these suggestions have helped you to connect your Beats headphones easily.

How to Connect Beats Headphones to Laptop: FAQ’s

How do I connect Beats with my PS4?

Navigate to settingsBluetooth DevicesBluetooth Equipment on your PS4. You should make sure that your Beats are in pairing mode. You can connect headphones to your PS4 with a dongle if the PS4 does not recognize them.

How to connect Beats and Chromebook

Tap the time button in the lower-right corner. Your Chromebook will work with Bluetooth if it displays a Bluetooth icon. Tap the Bluetooth symbol > Bluetooth > Select your Beats and then follow the prompts for connection.

How to connect Beats to my Peloton?

Select Settings Bluetooth Audio on the Peloton screen. Next, ensure that your Beats are connected and in pairing mode. Next, locate your headphones and tap Connect.