Charging AirPods without Case (FULL Guide)

Charging AirPods without Case

Easy Steps on Charging AirPods without a Case

Owning a pair of AirPods can be a great experience. They are sleek, wireless, and offer better music than many larger earbuds. The charging case can make your excitement go out the window if it gets lost.  Charging AirPods without case is an easy solution with the right direction.

Many AirPods owners who have lost their case experience problems with charging their AirPods. You will learn if you can charge your AirPods with or without the AirPods Case in this article.

Can you charge your AirPods with the AirPods Case?

The Tried and Tested Solution to Charge AirPods with No Case

There are many options to charge AirPods with an online case. But, here’s what we think. The case is essential to charge your AirPods. Here’s what to do if you lose your AirPods charging cover or drop your AirPods and charging cases in water.

Get a new wireless charging case

To resolve the issue quickly, we recommend that you purchase a replacement case if your original Apple AirPods cover has been lost. It is your only option. You have two choices when it comes time to buy a new wireless charging case.

Original Apple Wireless Charging Case

Apple support can help you get a unique Apple wireless charging bag.

These are the details you will need to contact customer service:

Apple AirPods model

Number of the charging box you lost (to make sure they send you the right case replacement)

The “My Devices” page on Apple.com can help you find the serial number. For a quick fix, you can take your AirPods to your nearest Apple Store if you are still having trouble finding the serial number.

Once Apple Support has all the details, they’ll charge a fee of about $100 to ship the replacement Airpods charging case.

Although Apple AirPods were not initially compatible with wireless charging, they can now be charged wirelessly using a wireless charging bag.

AirPods Replacement Case by Other Brands

There are some great news for AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro owners. If you are unable or unwilling to purchase the original AirPods charger for any reason, you can buy an AirPods Pro Case or AirPods Case by other brands. Multiple cases can be found online for each AirPods model.

Alternate charging cases may not be quite as fast or reliable as the AirPods charging box. These alternative charging cases may not include all of the functionality and features found in the original AirPods charger.

These cases can be used to charge your AirPods or connect them to another charging case.

  • Use of third-party apps
  • Pin-mouth chargers
  • AirPods wirelessly charging

These statements may seem true but they aren’t.

How do you charge your AirPods if you lose the AirPods case?


Use the AirPods case to charge your AirPods.

If your original AirPod case is lost, you will need to purchase a replacement. You can either purchase a new AirPods bag or borrow one from a friend.

If you own more than one pair AirPods, it is best to use the AirPod case.

AirPods Charging Without a Case – The Misinformation – Why they Won’t Work

Some sites claim that you can charge your AirPods from an internet browser without the AirPods box.

These platforms do not allow you to charge your AirPods with any of these tweaks.

These AirPods alternative cases can be charged by:

  • QI certified charging mat
  • A lightning cable

How to Charge AirPods with an Alternative Wireless Charging Box and a Qi Certified Charging Mat?

You can charge your AirPods using the Alternative Wireless Charging Case, and a Qi Certified Charge Mat

These steps will allow you to charge your AirPods first, second, and third generation AirPods using an alternative charging case or QI certified charging pad.

Place the wireless charging bag on the charging mat, with or without AirPods.

For approximately 8 seconds, the status light will blink to show the charging status of the case. If the light is on, it will turn amber (if the battery is charged) and green (if the battery has been fully charged).

If you don’t see the status indicator soon after placing the charging case on the mat, you can reposition it.

How to Charge AirPods with the Alternative Wireless Charging Case & Lightning Cable

You can charge AirPods with the Alternative Wireless Charging Case or Lightning Cable

Follow these steps for charging your AirPods first, second, and third generation AirPods using an alternative charging case or a lightning cable.

  • Use a USB C-to Lightning cable or a USB-2 to Lightning Cable
  • Plug the Lightning Cable into the Lightning Connector on your case
  • The other end of your cable should be plugged into a USB port or charger

It is important to remember that charging your iPhone or iPad with a USB charger or lightning cable will be the fastest and most efficient.

You should also note that the location and orientation of the status lights may differ from one wireless charging case to the next.

Avoid Experimenting based on Myths

As we have already stated, your AirPods and AirPods Pro can only be charged with their charging cases. The following myths are not to be believed.

Myth 1 – You can use a narrow pin charger to charge your AirPods

A narrow pin charger is not allowed to charge your AirPods. Your AirPods could be damaged if you use a narrow pin charger.

This method requires that you insert your pin into the AirPods directly for a couple of seconds. This method was unsuccessful in pairing the AirPods. You should not try this and instead use a wireless charging bag.

Many of our readers tried to charge AirPods Pro or AirPods Pro using the Nokia 1110’s narrow pin charging port. But, just like us, it caused more damage than actually charging them. Don’t forget to provide the right voltage for charging. You’ll ruin your AirPods.

Myth 2 – You can use a mobile app to replace your AirPods battery

Another common myth is that AirPods can be charged using mobile apps. It’s impossible. This is not a reliable way to charge your AirPods. We tried many different apps that claimed to charge AirPods. None of them worked. Avoid the mobile app option. AirPods can only be charged wirelessly.

How long does it take for AirPods to charge?

Apple support states that second generation AirPods can be charged for up to three hours in their cases, and you can talk up to two hours if you keep them charged for 15 minutes.

You can charge third-generation AirPods for 5 mins in their cases and get up to one hour of listening or talk time.

AirPods Pro can be charged up to one hour of audio or talk time if you leave them in their case for five minutes.

How can you tell if your AirPods are charging?

The charging status of your AirPods can be checked on Apple devices such as your iPhone and Mac.

How can I determine the battery status for my AirPods?

These are the steps you need to determine the battery status for your AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro on Mac.

  • Remove the AirPods from the case by opening its lid
  • Open Bluetooth in the menu
  • Move the cursor to the right of your AirPods and you will see the status.
  • How to determine the Battery Status on Your AirPods On iPhone, iPod Touch, And iPad
  • Two ways can you check the status of your AirPods’ battery using an Apple device:
  • Place the Open Charging Cover near Your Apple Device
  • Take off the cover of the AirPods charging bag
  • Keep the case open near your Apple device
  • Allow the charging status to display for a while.
  • Silicone covers can interfere with this activity. If the charging status doesn’t show up, take off the silicone cover.
  • The Battery Widget can be used on your Apple device

This process is very simple. You can view the status information of your AirPods by opening the battery widget in your Apple device. When you inspect the battery via the Battery Widget make sure that at least one AirPod is in the wireless charging case

Why doesn’t my AirPods Case Charge?

These are some things you can check if you have questions about why your AirPods Case isn’t charging.

Are there connections in place?

If your AirPods Pro, or AirPods Pro are charging on a mat, ensure that it is correctly placed and that the charging mat’s connection is working properly.

Similar to above, ensure that your AirPods’ charging cases or Apple’s wireless headphones AirPods Max charge using a lightning cable. Also, ensure that the power adapter and cable are correctly connected to the outlet.

Is the case worth resetting?

The “Reset” function can be used to reset your AirPods case if they are not charging. Here’s how to reset your AirPods’ wireless charging box:

  • Look for the setup button on the backside of the case
  • You will see blinking amber light and white light when you press it.
  • That’s all. Now the charging case can be reset.
  • Do the Charge Ports for the Case Require Cleaning
  • Clean Your AirPods Case If It Isn’t Charging
  • If your AirPods case is not charging, clean it

If you have trouble connecting the charger and resetting the case does not help, it’s time for the charger port to be cleaned, especially the silver part.

Here’s how to clean the charging port on your charging case

  • Put a toothpick, or a static brush, in the charging port
  • Be gentle when removing dirt
  • Try again by connecting the lightning cable back to the charger

Is there a problem with the charging cable?

Sometimes, the charging cable may be the problem, even if the AirPods case isn’t charging. An alternative to the “original” lightning cables is available if you are not able to afford it. But, be sure that it is MFi certified.

Do the AirPods’ Firmware Need an Update?

  • Check If Your AirPods Require a Firmware Update
  • Your AirPods may have a pending firmware update that is causing the charging problem. If the above solutions don’t work, please update your firmware and try again. This is our final solution.
  • We recommend that you go to your local Apple store to get the AirPods’ or AirPods’ case checked if none of the above solutions are effective.

How to connect Airpods with no case?

You can connect AirPods with or without the case. Your case is required to pair your AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro with an Apple iPhone.

These are the steps to connect AirPods and not needing a case

  • Open the “Control Center”.
  • Hold the “Audio Cards” button and press it.
  • Once the complete Audio Card is displayed, click on the AirPlay icon
  • Click the Airplay icon to display the AirPods list.
  • That’s it. Now you can pair your AirPods and your iPhone.

AirPods not appearing on the list mean they are not charged, or that they have never been connected to an iPhone before.

How to turn off your Airpods case

You can’t turn off your AirPods’ charging case, unfortunately. Apple AirPods and the wireless charging case for them are designed to be always ready for use. You can use them as soon as you remove the cover.

The button on your AirPods’ case does not have an ON/BUTTON. It’s used to set up or reset the AirPods/the case, if necessary.

Do Airpods Come Charged?

Yes, Apple AirPods Pro or Apple AirPods are usually fully charged when they arrive. They can be used right out of the packaging.

Can I charge my iPhone with my Airpods Charger?

AirPods come without a charger. They can only be charged using the charging case. To charge your iPhone, you can use the Lightning Cable that comes with the charging bag.

Charging AirPods without a Case: Conclusion

As you can see, your AirPods Pro or standard AirPods cannot be charged without their charging cases. It’s not possible. The only option that is truly viable is to purchase a replacement case.

Even though it may be a bit more expensive, you should make sure that the replacement case you purchase is reliable and high-quality. Poor quality cases can cause your AirPods to not play their audio. You can find quick solutions for finding your AirPods charger case if you have lost it.

We hope that you find our article on charging AirPods without a case helpful. Post any questions or suggestions below. If you borrow a charging bag from a friend you must reset it each time you use it.  A new charging case can be replaced by one.

Set up your AirPod Case

  • Open the Settings app for your iOS device.
  • Bluetooth
  • Tap the Information icon next to your AirPods Name.
  • Select forget this device
  • Tap Forget device again for confirmation.
  • Keep your AirPods charged in their case.
  • Close the lid of your charging case. The status light should flash amber.
  • Hold down the button to set the case up.
  • Press the button until the status light blinks white.
  • Navigate to the Home Screen of your device.
  • Keep the case close to your device, with the lid up and the AirPods inside.
  • Tap Connect at the prompt that appears on your device.
  • Tap Done
  • The new AirPod Case is now set up and ready for use.

Charging AirPods without Case: FAQs

AirPods Charged with a Different Case

You can charge your AirPods using a different case.

If your AirPods are lost, you can charge them with an AirPods friend’s case. You can also purchase a replacement at the Apple Store.

Can an AirPod case be charged without using earbuds?

AirPods cases can be charged with just one pair of headphones. AirPods are powered by different batteries. The AirPod case and earbuds have different batteries. They can both charge independently.

If you charge the AirPod Case without the earbuds it will store the charge in the AirPod Battery until you recharge them.