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CCA CKX Tips (Pros and Cons)



CCA products are well-known by anyone who has used them. The CKX is still packaged in the same way as the original. The headphone kit includes a set of 3 CCA CKX tips, a cable, and a manual. The kit does not come with a case or a tie for the cable, which is a shame as many other products at this price offer them at least.

CCA CKX Technical Specifications

  • Drivers – 6BA + 1DD Per IEM – (3) 30017 balanced midrange armatures, (3) 30095 high frequency balanced armatures, (1) 10mm composite dynamic driver, for midrange and low frequencies
  • Impedance: 22 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB/mW
  • Frequency Response Range: 20Hz – 40kHz
  • Noise Isolation: Passive
  • Style: In ear, with ear hook cables
  • Color: Silver, black
  • Connector – Recessed 2-pin 0.75mm (gold-plated).
  • Plug Type: Right-angle right-angle plug made of 3.5mm gold-plated.
  • Cable Type and Length of the Cable: 1.25m (4ft). OFC (oxygen-free Copper) interchangeable cable with preshaped hooks. Optional inline mic cable available.

CKX Packaging

A thin plastic film covering the box is all that’s used. Theoretically this means that the consumer pays less for wrapping and more money for the product.

At this price, I expect better accessories to the CKX. They should include a case or storage pouch, more eartips, and a cable of higher quality or differentiated quality.

In the box:

  • 1 braided 0.75mm 2-pin Standard 100-core Silver-plated Detachable OFC Cable
  • 4 pairs (total), of white silicone tips for ear (S, 2, M, and L).
  • A printed instruction pamphlet and information booklet that contains basic and minimal information.

CKX Cable

The cable is nearly identical to that provided with CKX C10 Pro, CS16. It’s a flexible, lightweight 100-core silver-plated OFC which performs well, except for the possibility of tangling. The plug’s plastic housing and translucent plastic wishbone splitter have slight differences. There is no sliding pin. It features a 90deg design for earplugs and a plug with a 3.5mm-gold-plated tip.

The cable looks great and matches the CKX. The cable’s color changes from white to silver in different lighting conditions. The braiding is uniform and transmits no noise/microphonics. The ear hooks are comfortable and fit snugly around the ear, so it is easy to forget they are there.

CXK Design

The CKX shells of zinc alloy are available in either silver or black and are both attractive and well made. The body is teardrop-shaped and is composed of three pieces: the faceplate (or main body cavity), the nozzle, and the main body cavity. The nozzles attach securely on the body using a collar that holds the eartips in place without any worries of them slipping.

The CKX can be customized with professional CNC engraving, hand-grinding and polishing. They fit together tight and are precisely aligned. The main body is fitted with two small holes to relieve any pressure buildup in the cavity. They feel dense and solid without feeling heavy in your ears. They are durable because of the quality of their materials, finishes, and build.

CKX Comfort

The small shells of zinc alloy metal are slim and do not protrude beyond the ears. They are also perfectly smoothed, neat and tidy. The CKX is ergonomic, fits in the ear well and is very comfortable for long periods of time.

There are no pressure points or hot spots in my ears. The insertion angles and the depth of the nozzles are excellent. I am able to pay more attention to sound than the objects around my ears.  In short: they are an absolute pleasure to wear.

When viewed through a macro lens, you can see that the cloudy white tips of the ear are slightly grooved at their top. They are made of flexible silicone, which is grippy and fits well.

CKX Internals

The CKX’s small, zinc alloy metal shells can house 7 drivers per IEM: 6 balanced armatures as well as 1 dynamic driver. There are three balanced 30017 armatures that operate at midrange frequencies and three balanced 30095 armatures that operate at high frequencies. One 10mm coaxial composite dynamic driving driver powers the midrange.


They are well-balanced, coherent IEMs with no heavy-handed boosting detected at any frequency. These IEMs have a gentle U-shaped sound signature with a slightly warmer sound signature.

Transitions across the frequency spectrum are smooth. The CKX’s delivery is much more straightforward than other hybrids under $100.  They lack any crossover problems, gaps, or poor handoffs without any detectable sibilance. The drivers are well-tuned and integrate seamlessly.  These IEMs have a high sensitivity of 115db, and a low impedance at 22 ohms. They can be driven with any source. Properly-fitted eartips can provide passive sound isolation. IEMs of this price range have a slightly better channel separation, soundstage, or dynamics than the average.

The CKX IEMs are versatile and adaptable for those who love a wide range of music and sound. They can handle all genres. The low end is strong enough to be used for mobile gaming, EDM drum & Bass, hip-hop, and mobile gaming. Highs are rich enough to listen to classical music, jazz, or soprano voice. The middle is where presence and smoothness rule the day.

Overall, the CKX did a good job and didn’t seem to be affected by pressure. Although the midrange was a little congested and lost some details in the middle of the track it still performed well. The bass guitar’s presence was clearly discernible and the song was played at a high speed.

CKX Bass

The bass is pleasing – it’s both well-represented and well-mannered. The sub-bass is not more prominent than the mid-bass, and both are medium-full bodied. These are two qualities that I like: they are slightly elevated and appropriate for the source. A dedicated, dynamic driver is essential to this job. He can keep up with the most demanding demands.

Listening to ‘Looking for the Rain’ by James Lavelle and the ambient sounds and beat are quite clear.  The CKX stands for authority and has a distinctive bass sound I can hear easily. The CKX bass is heavy and resonant, but with enough control to allow for EDM. This track and this genre sounded the best in the CKX’s sonic sweet spot.

CKX Midrange

The midrange is not visible or absent, but it is slightly less prominent in overall tuning and presentation. Midrange frequencies perform well when they are the main focus of a recording and confirm the balance of the armatures’ tuning.

CKX Treble

The Glorious Few’s song Honest Man is an upbeat rock song that is well engineered.  I understand the style may not be for everyone, but it has a lot of technicality and sharp detail that can be heard.

The CKX was able to keep up. The CKX did a great job keeping up with the pace. Cymbal crashes and rider crashes are beautiful and stand out in the mix.  Treble is slightly elevated, with decent extension. This allows for enough detail and clarity without becoming too sharp and peaky.


Do Foam Tips improve sound?

These devices are well-known for providing excellent isolation from external sounds and a tight seal. Head-Fi users often report an increase in bass and decreased highs, due to a funneling effect that is absorbed into the ear canal.

Do Comply foam tips work?

Comply Foam memory foam tips can be a great accessory to your headphones. They are quick, inexpensive, and simple. These are a cost-effective way to get the most out of your existing headphones and block out any outside noise.

Do Comply foam tips last?

Comply Ultra Foam tips typically last about 3-4months. How long your tips last will depend on how well you store them, what oils and earwax you use, and what environment they are stored in. Make sure you always prep the tip in order to make your tips last longer.

What size Comply Foam Tips should I get?

We recommend that customers use the same size Comply tip than they do with silicone tips. It is important to consider the size of your Comply tip. This will affect noise reduction and retention. Our foam tips are easy to insert into the ear and expand within your ear. We found that the medium size is comfortable for most users.

Which is better silicone or foam ear tips?

Silicone Earbuds

  • Comfort: Long-term discomfort can be a problem.
  • Exercise: They should not be used for excessive sweating, as they could easily be damaged by sweat.
  • Safety: Safer choice for runners or anyone in danger
  • Rarely can it cause ear irritation.
  • Cleaning: Simpler to clean, more sanitary, and lasts longer.
  • Ear seals: Available in three flange options: Single-, double- or triple-flange. They are available in many shapes to best suit your ear.
  • You don’t need any skills to apply.
  • Effectiveness: Medium
  • Occlusion effect: Medium-high

Foam Earbuds

  • Very comfortable choice.
  • Exercise: It’s possible to be fitter even if it is hard.
  • Safety: Foam can be used in dangerous environments and outdoors because it is more sound-isolated.
  • Ear irritation: The foam tips of the earbuds dramatically reduce ear fatigue.
  • Cleaning: Use soap and water.
  • Ear seals: This seal is known for its ability create a seal. It can adapt to any ear.
  • Skills Required: The practice might be required to ensure optimal fit.
  • Effectiveness: High
  • Occlusion effect: Low

Do foam tips reduce bass?

The common perception about foam eartips is that they can affect the playback frequency response. A good seal can improve bass response, but it is often accompanied by a decreased treble response.

CCA CKX Tips Conclusion

Although I’ve only had the opportunity to review three CCA models, my impressions of previous CCA models were not positive. I feel more confident in CCA’s ability produce high-quality, well-made IEMs. They can also compete in a rapidly changing global market.

They are a good choice for a low-cost daily driver that is comfortable and alloy constructed. They will probably last for many years without any indications of being fragile or prone to breaking if they are handled well. The cable is good quality and the accessories are small. Consider upgrading your equipment with your budget.

FAQs about CCA CKX Tips:

Do foam tips wash easily?

If you are a couple, you might be interested in the answer. Yes, You can.  You can gently clean the ear tips with a piece from the cotton washcloth. They can be dried in the sun.

You should not wash them with soap or an alcohol-based cleaner, as this can cause the foams to become brittle. Your foam eartips will eventually become worn and need to replace.

How can you clean foam earbuds?

How to Clean Foam Earbuds – A Step-By – Step Guide

  • Discard the foam tip.
  • Wash the foam tips with soap water.
  • Clean the grill.

Use a cotton pad to wipe the area. Then, use rubbing alcohol.

Use cleaning gel to get rid of any dirt.

* Test and reassemble.

Which foam tips are better?

Foam eartips offer the best comfort because they fit perfectly within the ear canal. They are well-known because they seal the ear, keeping out outside sounds.

What can I do to make my earbuds feel more comfortable?

You can help the tip to settle into a comfortable position by gently pulling on the outer edge. The ambient noise level should decrease when the tip has been properly seated. If the tip is properly seated you will also feel a decrease in ambient noise, particularly bass.