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NXears Opera and Sonata IEMS

NXears Opera and Sonata IEMS What is NXEars? NXEars Opera and Sonata IEMS is made by NXEars.  The company is a boutique audio company founded by Casey Ng who is an industry veteran and formerly worked at Knowles.  Casey is a next-level designer and engineer behind Nuforce’s

HD58x Headphones

Jubilee HD58X Headphones The HD58X stands for the open-back headphones, also known as Massdrop x Sennheiser HD58X. These headphones were inspired by the HD 580 Precision design of 1991. It eventually led to the HD 600, HD 650 and HD 600. Sennheiser kept the original design intact

Acmee MF01 Audio Player Review (Powerful DAP)

Acmee MF01 Audio Player Review It’s been a while since I reviewed a complete DAP. This is because there are so many headphones/earphones I can test. The Acmee FM01 is now my go-to portable player. It’s great for both on the road and at home. It’s made it so

Swimbuds Sport Review

There is good reason to why Swimbuds by Underwater Audio is one of the most popular brands for waterproof headphones. The Swimbuds Sport is an outstanding pair of underwater headphones, and has been ranked #1 in our Best Waterproof Headphones guide. The Swimbuds Sport are designed for

LG Tone Plus Review (HBS-730)

Korean company LG, formerly named GoldStar, is a pioneer in the consumer electronics industry. Since its creation in 1958, LG has consistently been first to deliver many technologically advanced devices to consumers. This commitment to innovation continues to be apparent in its new offerings so it comes

Sony MDR-ZX100 Review

  When we first looked at the MDR-ZX100 it was obvious that they were Sony’s response to Beats by Dre. They feature the same simple over-the-head over-ear design, glossy finish, and large logo as Dre’s headphones. But at less than half of the price of their high-end

JLab GO Review

JLab is fairly new to the personal audio electronics game, forming just under a decade ago promising to “keep it real with affordable prices” and offering an ”original spin on portable audio.” Indeed, the JLab GO is one of the more affordable Bluetooth headphones on the market

Kinivo BTH240 Review

The Kinivo BTH240 doesn’t look like your typical Bluetooth headset. Rather than being a small in-ear headset, it offers the sound power of larger on-ear headphones. Having said that, the first thing we notice when we unbox the Kinivo BTH240 is their lightweight and rather small size to