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What Outputs are for Headphones on the Apollo 8P

What Outputs are for Headphones on the Apollo 8P Do you know what outputs are for headphones on the Apollo 8P?  Apollo’s Console app allows you to quickly set up a cue mix for a performer and then send it to a performer instantly.  First, you can


Impedance Basics The basic specification of almost all headphones is impedance.  In fact, most audio sources such as a DAP, phones or amplifiers also relies heavily on the concept of impedance.  Even though most have seen the term on headphones and other devices, it is not well

Red Headphones

Red Headphones We answer the top questions related to red headphones lights and other various notifications you may see on your headphones or earbuds.  To help you troubleshoot, please skip to the section that pertains most to you in an effort to quickly get back to your

Blue Tooth Ratings

Blue Tooth Ratings Tooth Ratings, or more common Bluetooth, headphones allow you to stream your favorite music without the need for an audio jack. Wireless headphones have some drawbacks, including the need to monitor battery level and lip-sync issues during videos. However, wireless headphones are worth it

Podcast Headphones

Podcast Headphones You should all use headphones on your podcast. There are a multitude of reasons why you should incorporate a quality pair of headphones for you and your podcast guests.  Here’s why: During COVID-19, you might not have had a choice but today you do.  Using

How to Make Your Music Sound Better

How to Make Your Music Sound Better This list contains tips and tricks to make your music sound better, clearer and more crisp. These ideas are specifically for beginners to the hobby, such as those interested in listening critically, using headphones, evaluation, or other aspects of audiophile.

Required Tech for Sound Engineers (and Audiophiles)

Required Tech for Sound Engineers You can be a FOH, Monitor Engineer, System Engineer on the road, a freelancer working at corporate events, a house tech at a bar, or AV tech setting-up breakout rooms. There are tools, supplies, gadgets and tech that can make your life

What are the Types of Headphones

Types of Headphones to Consider Buying You can find so many inspiring songs, podcasts, and videos all over the internet. To consume all this content, you need good, quality headphones.  To help you decipher what is best for you, we have put together a complete guide to

What is Sibilance (and how to AVOID)

What is Sibilance? Listening to enough music will eventually lead you to situations where your vocals are a bit off. It could be like someone put an agitated serpent in the track recordings. Did you notice that some songs, headphones, and speakers produce a loud, high-frequency hiss? It

Headphones vs Earbuds (FULL Comparison)

Headphones vs Earbuds You may be wondering which type of listening devices are best to suit your needs: headphones vs earbuds. What’s the difference between headphones and earbuds? Some people would say they serve the same purpose. Headphones, earbuds and earphones have different designs. Earbuds, on the other