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15 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Under $100 in 2022

Whether you’re a commuter on a packed morning bus, a plane passenger geared up for a 15-hour flight, or a busy worker in a crowded office space, a reliable pair of noise-cancelling headphones will help you focus more on your music rather than the ambient noise. While

15 Best Headphones Under $200 in 2022 – An Audiophile’s Guide

The tricky thing about shopping for headphones is that the market is simply too full of options. You probably ran into this little conundrum, which led you to this guide. Headphones are a serious investment, and some are quite pricey, too. Naturally, before you spend you hard

15 Best Headphones for Airplane Travel 2021 – Complete Guide

Whether you’re in First Class, Business Class or Economy, the roar of the airplane’s engines are audible everywhere in the cabin. On top of the engine hum, you also have the constant ding! of the seatbelt sign; the chitter chatter of passengers and the crashing of the

Sennheiser vs. Bose 2021: Who Is the Winner?

So many good audio brands exist that it can be difficult to choose just one pair of headphones out of them all. Unfortunately, you can’t buy them all, but your choice does become easier when you concentrate only on a couple brands at a time. If you’ve

Best Headphones for Kids 2021

Children today have access to a variety of electronic devices. Most of these gadgets are geared towards portable entertainment. Oftentimes, parents or the people around the child are not interested in hearing or experiencing the sounds coming from the device keeping the child entertained. Headphones become an almost

6 Best Foldable Headphones 2021

There isn’t much point spending a small fortune on the most expensive headphones if all you need is basic sound quality to listen to music but if your headphones only cost a few dollars you can’t really expect them to produce quality sound or to last for

Best Motorcycle Helmet Headphones 2021

What could make riding a motorcycle more fun than it already is? Cranking up your favorite music while you ride! But how are going to fit a pair of headphones underneath a motorcycle helmet? It’s easier than you might think. There are a wide variety of specially

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping 2021

For many people, it’s important that they have noise-cancelling headphones for sleeping. Whether they have trouble resting when they hear other sounds or merely enjoy hearing something specific as they drift off, it’s important for many people to not only have the ability to listen all night,