Can Headphones Dent Your Head?

Can headphones dent your head?

Can Headphones Dent Your Head Permanently

Many people who spend hours listening to music and headphones have a unique perception of when they need to take them off. This perception can be described as a sensation that the headband is rubbing against the hair.

Can Headphones Dent My Head?

It is not possible, at least, not because of the headphones. The indentation only appears in the hair, not in the skull. The dents on the scalp are caused by a medical condition that needs immediate attention.

Many people might believe that headphones cause the dent. This article will cover everything you need to know about headphones and how they can cause head dents.

Can a Headphone Dent Your Head?

Earphones and headphones are often cited as the main cause of hearing loss and ear infection. You won’t be able to permanently damage your head with headphones if it is causing you concern.

While a temporary dent or fold on your head may raise eyebrows, this is only temporary. Permanent indentation of the skull can not be caused by headphones. When headphones are tightened, pressure is put on the skull which can lead to what appears like a dent. These superficial impressions will fade over time in virtually every reported case.

Headset Dent

The skull is a very sturdy bone. Headphones should not permanently damage it. Any indent on top of head or dent in the forehead that lasts more than a few days would indicate an underlying disease or problem.

How to Get Rid of Headphone Dents

Here are some suggestions to help you get rid of this annoying dented head or skin indentation.

  • Loosen the fitting of your headphones to relieve some pressure. To do this, place the headphones behind your head and closer to your neck. A cap or hat can be worn to create a layer between the headphones and your head. This would make it less likely for your headphones to get dented after use.
  • Reduce the time you listen to your headphones. This would allow your skull to recover more quickly and decrease the pressure on the bone.
  • You can also buy a brand new pair of headphones if you are not satisfied. These headphones can be bought with the intention of improving your comfort.
  • You can find the best fit for your head and more padding or cushioning to protect your head.

Main Reasons to Have a Dented Head?

Let’s now look at the main medical reasons people might have a dent in forehead or dent on their head.


This type of dent is common in athletes and people who are involved in traffic accidents. There are many cases where people sustain head injuries that they don’t realize they have or only discover later.

These injuries are serious skull fractures and must be treated quickly. This is because the bone that is sticking into the skull is sharp.  Another possibility is a head injury from a hard blow to cause a dent in the forehead.

Gorham’s Disease

This condition is also known by the names Phantom bone disease and Gorham’s Disease. This disease is very rare.  Doctors diagnose this condition when they find a missing part of the skull that causes the dent on head. This disease causes the body’s replacement of bone with soft spongy tissues.

A skull dent can be caused by bone cancer. This type of cancer is caused by cells growing uncontrollably and disproportionately.  Although rare, this type of cancer can cause serious skull damage.

Congenital Cranial Clefting

This condition is most common in infants and fetuses. All babies have flexible, fibrous joints called sutures.  The sutures allow the brain to grow as the baby grows. When the sutures are too close, it is called congenital crania.

This causes serious problems in the growth and development of the skull, brain, and other parts. This causes the head to appear irregular and dented. Another reason that the baby’s head may appear dented is due to birthing.

Paget’s Disease of The Bone

Paget’s bone disease can cause the skull to look abnormal or deformed. Paget’s disease results in disruption of the body’s normal recovery process where new bone replaces older bone.

Paget’s Disease is characterized by an overgrowth in the skull bone. This is a more common condition in people older than 50.

Can Headphones Dent Your Head: Conclusion 

Our conclusion is that headphones cannot damage your head. Let’s say you notice a mark on your head. To rule out any serious problems, it is best to immediately see a doctor.

Headphone Dent FAQ:

How to Avoid Dent Heads from Headphones

1.      Position the Headband From The Top to The Back of The Headset

The headband can be moved to avoid causing a ding in the hair or putting pressure on the scalp.

2.    Put a cap on your head before you put on the headphones.

By wearing a cap, you can help cushion the impact of the headphones on your head. A cap can also be used as an extra cushion.

3.    Measure The Tightening Force of the Headphones

Over tightening the straps can put pressure on your head. You may experience a sensation such as hair thinning, denting, or intense headaches.

4.    Add more ear cushions to the headphone

An alternative to using a headband is to put a cushion on the top. You will be amazed at how much this can improve the comfort.