6 Best Wireless Headphones Under $100 of 2022

When wireless headphones first appeared on the market they tended to be bulky and expensive. As interest and demand in them increased manufacturers learned innovative designs and were able to drop prices. Now, consumers have a wider variety than ever at an affordable cost. Here, we’ll look at the best wireless headphones under $100.

This complete buying guide will help you decide which sets of moderately-priced wireless headphones a worth your buying power. We’ll cover things to consider ahead of time, show you several suitable examples, and thoroughly review the three we think are most awesome. We’re positive you’ll easily find a pair that satisfies your needs.

Consider the Following

  • Recharging. These wireless models, unlike regular headphones that plug into your device, require their own power source. Sometimes it comes from a replaceable battery pack; other times the entire unit is USB compatible. Either way, the power source is limited.

How often you have to recharge will depend on several factors including your usage, and other connected devices. Each set of wireless headphones will last a different amount of time between charges.

If you’re prone to forgetting to recharge things you may consider a hybrid set that includes an optional cord. These can be used plugged in or wirelessly. Additionally, using the cord generally saves your headphones’ batteries.

  • Range. Wireless connectivity doesn’t mean infinite range. Your audio source and headphones will need to be somewhat near each other in order to work properly. Ranges vary but you’re usually good for several yards. Though be aware that obstacles such as walls or large household electronics can interfere with that reception.

When you move beyond the recommend range you’ll notice sound quality diminish. Some units will develop static, others may start to hiss and crack.

  • Paring. All wireless headphones have to be paired to their audio source. This is usually a one-time set-up function; your source will save paired sets of headphones as possible listening options.

It’s worth mentioning that your headphones can be set-up to be used with any number of audio sources. Of course you can’t use them all at the same time; but you can switch between your mp3 player, laptop, or other device.

Top 6 Wireless Headphones Under $100 Comparison

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Top 3 Best Wireless Headphones Under $100 Reviews

1. Samsung EO-BN920CFEGUS

Samsung’s Level U Pro aims to combine luxury style with easy usability.

At first glance the Level U Pro resembles LG’s Tone wrap-around neck design. Samsung earns style points though for giving Level U a bronze color and equipping the neck piece with hinges. The hinges add to the units durability allowing it to flex in those joints. They also allow Level U to fit around clothing so that it’s virtually invisible. The urethane housing is light and unobtrusive.

Using Level U Pro was an easy task. The 3-button controls are located on the underside of the right front side of the neckband. Additionally, you’re able to control music and calls by connecting or detaching the magnetized earbuds. We got about 9 hours of heavy use.

Sound quality of music and calls was on par with much more expensive headphones. Audio output was clear enough that callers couldn’t tell we were using a headset. If you download Samsung’s Level U app you’ll unlock additional features such as 25 different sound effects, volume control, and text to speech.

Samsung really hit the mark with Level U Pro. It’s stylish, comfortable, and is great to listen to.

2. Diskin DH1

Diskin is likely the best brand of headphones you’ve never heard of. They don’t have the large marketing budget of other major companies but they’ve amassed a very large online following.

The DH1 is boldly constructed of a brushed metal housing and leatherette coverings. The modern styling is a statement piece.

Diskin’s sound signature is bold as well; warm with heavy bass concentration. Treble is expertly balanced. If you like listening to Beats then you’ll definitely like listening to the DH1.

Being new to the market has not hindered Diskin’s success. We look forward to trying out more of their products in the future.

3. Sony MDRZX770BT/L

Sony’s MDRZX770BT rounds out the best wireless headphones under $100 because of its simplicity.

These Sonys feature a rigid flat housing and ample padding on the earcups. The controls, located on the left side, are super easy to use. Its built-in rechargeable battery lasts about three days of moderate use.

The around-the-ear cups make these extremely comfortable to wear, and do a good job of keeping out environmental noise. Overall, the sound quality is more than acceptable. You have the option of choosing your level of quality, which incidentally also saves battery life.

These Sony are a good buy- comfortable and remarkably easy to use.