6 Best VoIP Headsets 2022

If you already have the right VoIP phone and you need to know which is the best VoIP headset to use with it, then you’ll want to have a look at our suggestions below.

Anyone who works in a call center or who spends numerous hours on the phone knows that a good headset is a crucial piece of gear to get you through the workday, but you certainly have many choices and not all headsets may be compatible with the phone or calling system you use.

We’ll help you understand the differences and find the right one for your VoIP system.

Wired/ Wireless

Decide if you prefer a wired or wireless headset.

  • Wireless. Wireless headsets are very convenient for anyone who needs the freedom to move around. Whether you are using Bluetooth technology or USB receiver, you will appreciate a headset that DECT technology (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony), such as number one on our list below. This will allow radios to transmit a signal to a large number of users in a small area.

While they are very convenient, radio frequency signals can interfere and they might not be the most reliable choice for certain jobs.

  • Wired. These connect directly to your computer with a USB cable. They may restrict you to your desk or area, but they definitely provide you with a more reliable signal than wireless headsets. These are best for call centers who make and receive a high volume of calls, or anyone who cannot afford to risk losing calls due to signal interference.

Top 6 VoIP Headsets Overview

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Not everyone needs or wants a headset with two earpieces.

If you need to pay attention to the things going on around you in the workplace or in places with little background noise, such as your home office, then you can get a headset with just one earpiece.

Two earpieces are better for areas with a lot of background noise or where you need to dedicate 100% of your attention to the call. These are perfect for anyone who works in a call center.

Call Protection

If you need to ensure that your business or personal calls remain private, then look for a headset with security features, such as the Plantronics headsets below.

Top 3 Best VoIP Headsets Reviews

1. Plantronics CS510

This wireless headset from Plantronics is perfect for any VoIP system.

It features noise-cancelling technology and enhanced Digital Signal Processing that will provide you with crisp, clear sound (no echo). You can manage your calls even up to 350 feet away from the charging base and use it for up to nine hours of talk time.

With a comfortable fit and one-touch controls, this headset will make your workday much more manageable.

For added security, this headset also features a 64-bit encryption system to keep calls confidential and private.

2. Plantronics CS530

If you prefer something with a slimmer, lighter fit try the Plantronics CS530 model.

It features the same great 6.0 DECT technology as the previous model, 350-foot communication range and long battery life, but this model has an extended microphone boom that improves voice quality and reduces background noise significantly.

This fits over one ear and doesn’t have a headband, so if you are typically sensitive to headphones or pressure on your head and face, this is a great alternative.

Plantronics makes some of the best VoIP headsets for businesses, whether you work in a large office or your home office. Just take our word, or the word of the thousands of other people who enjoy using them on a daily basis!

3. Sennheiser PC 36 Call Control

Prefer a headset that you can plug into the computer and that offers you a secure, solid connection? Sennheiser has one for you.

This USB plug headset offers you Sennheiser’s quality sound with noise-cancelling clarity, a comfortable double-sided headband and 3-in-1 control that lets you fully adjust the volume or mute directly from the headset.

This is great for anyone who needs a versatile headset, ideal for anyone who works in a home office. Use it for work calls on the computer (Skype), on your phone (Facetime) or listen to music when the workday is done.

While this isn’t suitable for call centers or places with a high call volume, it’s a budget-friendly option for those who don’t want a wireless headset.