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15 Best PS4 Headsets 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Finding a decent PS4 headset can be a real pain, we know. You need to spend many hours researching just to single out the top three or five products in a market full of pretenders. If you don’t know where to look, you can easily end up with a supposedly awesome product that turns out to be a huge disappointment.

Forget about spending countless hours researching, because we’ve already done that.

We carefully selected, tested and reviewed 15 of the best PS4 headset models (and it was awesome).

Only a handful received the top ratings from our experts, so read on to see if the headset you are thinking of buying is worth the purchase after all.

Top PS4 Headsets Comparison Table

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Shopping Tips from Our PS4 Gaming Experts

Should you get a wired or wireless headset? What do you need to know about noise-cancelling technology, the surround sound and whether or not they are closed back or open back headphones?

In the following sections, we’ll break down the shopping process into different sections so that choosing the best gaming headset for PS4 platforms is quick and painless.

Wired Or Wireless

This should be the first thing that you need to take into account when shopping for the best headset for PS4: Wired or wireless? Both have advantages and disadvantages. Usually, it comes down to preferences when choosing which type to buy.

  • Wired  A wired headset is cheaper, first and foremost. It doesn’t suffer from lags and signal interferences, assuring you of an uninterrupted gaming session. The biggest downside of a wired headset is that cables are really annoying to deal with. Just take your eyes off them for a minute or two and they will inexplicably get tangled up into a mess.
  • Wireless  A wireless headset is more expensive due to the wireless technology installed. Obviously, having a wireless headset means you won’t ever have to deal with messy cables. You have total movement freedom on your couch. No need to worry about the cables getting tangled for the 20th time in less than 30 minutes of action.

The downside of a wireless headset is that it can suffer from signal interference and even disconnection. The latter can mess up your gameplay, especially in online multiplayer where team communication is vital. Nobody will buy your excuse that your headset got disconnected when you fail to relay an important instruction.

There’s also the issue with batteries when it comes to a wireless headset. You will need to constantly charge it. If you regularly play games for long stretches, like 15 or more hours per day, you might want to stick with a wired headset.

7.1 Surround Sound

Companies love to market their gaming headsets as capable of producing surround sound. But they’re not entirely being honest in the technical sense. Typically, when 7.1 surround sound is featured on a gaming headset, it actually means virtual surround sound. It is merely a digital simulation of true surround sound.

Long story short, don’t get too caught up with “7.1 surround sound.” In many cases, stereo mode sounds even better on a gaming headset, with the surround sound barely making any difference. Plus, there’s also the issue with most 7.1 surround sound gaming headsets not being compatible with PS4. They are usually tailored for PC.

Closed Back or Open Back

This pertains to the type of ear cups the gaming headset features.

  • Closed Back  A closed-back headset offers a more immersive sound quality courtesy of, well, a closed back. It ensures that all the sound is contained within the ear cup and only for you to enjoy.
  • Open Back  An open-back headset is the opposite, of course. It doesn’t do a good job at containing the sound. Others around the room will have no trouble hearing the sound leaking out of an open-back headset when at max volume. The upside is that it offers more ventilation, allowing your ears to have more breathing room. Translation: less sweating.

If you sweat a lot, we recommend sticking with an open-back headset for better comfort. Wiping the sweat off your head and ears every few minutes is definitely not a picture of comfort. Besides, the sound leaking from an open-back headset only really matters if you play games in a shared room where other people are always around.

Comfort Level & Build Quality

Needless to say, you will want a gaming headset that can sit on your head for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. The padding on both the ear cups and headband should be soft and pleasant. Good thing most gaming headsets are specifically built with extended gaming sessions in mind.

The overall setup shouldn’t feel too tight; otherwise, it will undoubtedly accumulate more heat, which leads to sweating. The headset should feel natural and light, with the right amount of pressure to keep it in place.

In terms of build quality, most gaming headsets are made of plastic. Companies opt for plastic typically to cut costs, allowing them to roll out the product with a friendlier price tag. Plastic headsets are very light but also more vulnerable to breakage.

There are gaming headsets that are more fortified, courtesy of a steel or aluminum base.

Noise Canceling Technology

This is another thing that companies like to say when marketing their headsets. Almost all gaming headsets only come with passive noise canceling technology. This refers to the large, over-ear cups that help, but totally not drown out, background noises like passing vehicles or loud voices around the house. A closed back headset also counts as passive noise canceling.

By covering the ears completely, over-ear cups keep unwanted noise to a minimum. There are headsets that come with active noise canceling technology and are really built to shut out everything around you. But they’re not tailor-made for gaming and typically come with way too expensive price tags.

So when a gaming headset is being marketed as “noise canceling,” that means PASSIVE noise canceling. Don’t be fooled.

Microphone Quality (or Lack Thereof)

Built-in mics on gaming headsets, to be blunt, aren’t really that great in general. Some feature excellent mics that provide clear communication lines between teammates in online multiplayer games. There are not many such products in the market, though.

If you mainly play single-player, then there’s no point weighing in whether a gaming headset has a good mic or not. The same thing applies if you’re buying a gaming headset strictly for YouTube or Twitch streaming. Trust us, you will be much better off with a standalone, dedicated gaming mic for that.

Some built-in mics also come with several features. Most notably, mic monitoring and noise canceling. The former helps in preventing you from shouting all the time. Mic monitoring allows you to hear your own voice. Noise canceling, on the other hand, is exactly what it is: a feature that gives way to clearer communication.

Battery Life (Wirelessly Only)

Obviously, if you’re going for a wireless headset, battery life is part of the criteria. You will need something that has enough juice to be able to keep up with your weekend gaming marathons. Most wireless headsets have around 12-15 hours of battery. That range should be good enough unless you regularly engage in 24-hour gaming sessions.

The good news is, many wireless headsets also come with an extra 3.5mm cable for emergencies. This allows you to quickly plug in a low-battery headset into the PS4 controller, which ensures your gameplay doesn’t get interrupted.

It is also worth noting that batteries inside wireless headsets are lithium-ion. Meaning, you don’t have to fully drain them before charging. It’s okay to charge them even when at 50 percent. It won’t harm the batteries. Actually, fully draining the batteries is the totally bad thing to do. Doing so will shorten their overall lifespan.

Top 15 Best PS4 Headset Reviews

1. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free Gaming Headset

There are a number of good wireless gaming headsets out in the market, but in our opinion, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 is the cream of the crop. Featuring an all-business look, the Arctis 7 has large over-ear cups with breathable cushions for maximum comfort. It helps in keeping your ears from accumulating too much heat during long gaming sessions.

The headband isn’t padded, unlike other gaming headsets. Instead, it comes with a ski goggle suspension band that keeps the steel headband above your head. You can easily adjust it to fit your head, thanks to the Velcro. The design, while unorthodox, is a big part why the Arctis 7 is so comfortable to wear – it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

The sound quality of the Arctis 7 is superb and well worth its rather expensive price tag. The bass sounds great, though not as powerful as other gaming headsets. You can count on it to pick up all the small audio details in any PS4 game. The built-in retractable mic produces a clean sound and comes with noise cancellation, which is great for team communication. The LED on the mic can be rather distracting, though.

All controls can be found on both ear cups. The left ear cup houses the volume control, mute button, and two ports: micro USB and 3.5mm. Yes, you can also use it in wired mode. While the right ear cup is home to the power button and game/chat balance control. Sadly, the latter isn’t compatible with PS4. If you mainly play single-player games, this shouldn’t bother you.

The on-cup controls allow you to easily customize your gaming experience on the fly, even when you’re in wired mode. You don’t need to fumble around with in-line controls, especially in the dark. This is really helpful in PS4 multiplayer games where everything happens in real-time. Spending three seconds to adjust the volume could easily mean death.

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery can last up to 15 hours. That is more than enough juice to power you through weekend gaming marathons. One of the coolest things about the Arctis 7 is that you can swap out parts. You can get a new pair of ear cushions or a ski goggle band with a different design. Of course, you will need to buy them separately.


The Arctis 7 may be on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth every penny. It offers a solid build quality, great sound, and incredible comfort. And the ability to go wired and wireless is a huge plus, too. We definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a premium PS4 gaming headset that doesn’t come with an outrageous price tag.

  • Excellent sound and build quality
  • Can go wired or wireless
  • Great battery life
  • Supremely comfortable to wear
  • Game/chat control not PS4 compatible
  • Mic LED light can be irritating
  • Virtual surround doesn’t work on PS4

2. HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

For a long time, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II has been one of the best and most popular headsets for gaming on any platform. Considering all its features, you can’t really argue with that distinction.

Let’s start with how marvelously comfortable it is to wear. The Cloud II has very large ear cups that easily covers your ears. The memory foam pads are really soft on the ears, keeping discomfort at bay during 12-hour gaming sessions. If memory foam pads aren’t your thing, you can swap it out with the included extra velour ear pads.

The Cloud II doesn’t feel tight on the head, saving you a lot of uncomfortable moments while gaming. It doesn’t come with active noise canceling technology often seen in more expensive gaming headsets. But the large ear cups help in minimizing background noise – passive noise canceling, in other words. Meaning, you can’t expect it to totally drown out all unwanted noise.

The design isn’t particularly fancy like Astro or Razer gaming headsets. It has a smooth black or white finish with a few subtle red, pink, or gunmetal highlights. It is very apparent that Kingston prioritized function instead of cosmetics when they created the Cloud II.

Now, let’s dive into the more technical details. Featuring large 53mm drivers, the Cloud II offers one of the best sound experiences in its price range. Every explosion in an action-packed game like Battlefield 1 or Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare can be heard with excruciating detail. And all the quiet sound effects in Horizon: Zero Dawn are brought out.

The mic is what you would expect from most built-in mics: good but not exactly comparable to dedicated gaming mics. You can easily detach it if you don’t play multiplayer games or prefer to stay quiet during matches. Just be sure to store it in a safe place when not in use.

Like the SteelSeries Arctis 7, not all features on the Cloud II is compatible with consoles. The non-detachable cable can be connected to a USB in-line sound card. The volume, mute, and surround sound controls are all located on the sound card. However, not all of them work when connected to a PS4.

The volume can only be adjusted through the PS4. While the 7.1 virtual surround sound feature only works when the headset is connected via USB. Meaning, if you connect the headset using the default 3.5mm cable to a PS4 controller, your sound options are basically non-existent. If these are deal-breakers for you, we suggest looking down our list for other options.


Despite its aforementioned “problems,” the Cloud II is still one of the best PS4 gaming headsets in the market. Frankly speaking, it’s a steal considering its affordable price tag. The amazing comfort and excellent sound quality it offers is on par with gaming headsets twice its price. It also comes with a free airplane adapter and carrying pouch, which is icing on the cake.
  • Great sound, even without surround sound
  • Incredibly comfortable on the head
  • Large ear cups for passive noise canceling
  • Fair price
  • Extra included accessories
  • In-line sound card not fully PS4 compatible
  • Cable not detachable

3. PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset

If you’re a true-blue PlayStation fan, then the Sony PlayStation Gold is the best PS4 headset for you. Featuring the familiar PlayStation colors, this official headset is the perfect companion for your PS4.

The PlayStation Gold has a stylish design that will make your head stand out should you decide to use it for other non-PS4 outdoor activities. The headband exterior and the ear cups are jet black, while the headband interior is blue. With its minimalistic design, the headset is a picture of class.

The ear cups are equipped with leather padding and are comfortable on the head. They are large enough to go around your ears, which is perfect when the 7.1 virtual surround sound is turned on (more on this later). The headband itself can be folded, allowing you to easily store it for travel. A carrying pouch is also included.

The left ear cup is where all the controls are located. It houses the power, mute, and volume buttons, along with a button that allows you to turn on the 7.1 virtual surround sound. The mic is also hidden in the ear cup, which is a cool design choice. The power button doubles as a switch between two customized audio profiles, which you can tinker with using the companion app.

A couple of buttons for game/chat audio is also available. The pair allows you to adjust the game audio and multiplayer voices anytime. If you’re teamed with particularly toxic teammates who love to scream every two minutes or so, you can take them out of the picture without sacrificing game audio.

The sound quality of the PlayStation Gold is great for its price. But it gets more amazing when the 7.1 virtual surround sound is on. With it, everything feels more immersive and alive. You can also customize the sound using the companion app, which you can assign to an audio profile. If you’re all about bass, we recommended adjusting it as the default setting is rather stingy with it.

The battery isn’t as impressive as other wireless gaming headsets, though. It can last up to eight hours of use. That’s seven hours less than the SteelSeries Arctis 7, our top pick for the best PS4 gaming headset. But thankfully, you can also use the headset using a 3.5mm connection, allowing you to continue your gaming session past its battery life.


The PlayStation Gold offers excellent value. For a decent price, you get access to an official Sony product that boasts a rich surround sound experience, an easy setup out of the box, a top-notch build quality, and a classy design. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a non-budget gaming headset that gets the job done for a reasonable price.
  • Awesome minimalistic design
  • Made-for-PlayStation 7.1 virtual surround sound
  • Adjustable game/chat audio
  • Audio customization via companion app
  • Battery life isn’t built for gaming marathons
  • Adjusting sound settings can be a hassle
  • Unimpressive choices on companion app

4. Razer Kraken Pro V2 Analog Gaming Headset

Razer is one of the most easily recognizable brands when it comes to gaming peripherals. Many of their products are overpriced, though. Which makes it a bit surprising that the Razer Kraken Pro V2 doesn’t come with a ridiculous price that would make you go, “Are you kidding me?”

The Kraken Pro V2 is a solid choice if you’re looking for a wired gaming headset that excels in both form and function – but without breaking the bank for it. The headset comes with a padded headband and ear cups, which provides great comfort during intense Overwatch sessions.

The ear cups, however, aren’t as well ventilated as other gaming headsets. The head grip is a bit loose too, which is either good news or bad news, depending on how you like your headset. Some gamers love headsets that stay put even when dancing around (for whatever reason). While others like headsets that give their heads more breathing room.

The Kraken Pro V2 has a built-in retractable mic on the left earcup. Gaming headsets aren’t particularly known for their mics. But the Kraken Pro V2 has a surprisingly great-sounding mic that can consistently produce a crystal clear audio quality. You will never run into communication problems with it. You can relay critical team instructions without worrying about them getting lost in translation.

The headset sounds great when watching movies downloaded from PSN. But obviously, it’s best deployed for gaming. It offers an impressive bass, which doesn’t feel flat and lacking, turning action-heavy PS4 games into an audio treat. If you play games where explosions are pretty common (see: shooter games), you’re going to love the Kraken Pro V2.

The volume control can be found on the cable. It’s rather small, so make sure to pause your game when adjusting the volume, especially in the dark. You might want to avoid bringing the volume to max when there are other people in your room, though. Because the sound easily leaks from the ear cups, which translates to less privacy.

It also comes in a different version called Kraken 7.1 Chroma V2 which, as its name suggests, features 7.1 virtual surround sound. But if you’re looking for a PS4 gaming headset with surround sound, we recommend the Sony PlayStation Gold instead.


You can’t go wrong with the Kraken Pro V2. It has a top-quality build, which is expected from a Razer product, a great sound quality with an impressive bass, a mic that truly delivers, and an affordable price tag. Really, though, that accessible price tag is a big deal for a Razer product. There are other better gaming headsets out there. But if you want something from a really popular brand, we recommend picking up the Kraken Pro V2.
  • Comfortable to wear for extended periods
  • An excellent bass
  • Mic is surprisingly good
  • An eye-catching design
  • Reasonably priced for a Razer product
  • Head grip isn’t as tight
  • Sound easily leaks from the ear cups

5. Sennheiser GAME ONE Gaming Headset

The competition is tough in the gaming headset manufacturing business. So you can’t blame companies for adding extra features to their products to make them stand out. Sennheiser, however, took the opposite approach with the GAME One, getting right down to business and leaving nothing but the most basic features.

The GAME One has large over-ear cups with super-soft velour padding on both the cups and the headband. It doesn’t feel tight on the head, and though it looks a bit bulky, it doesn’t feel heavy at all. Further adding to the comfort is the open-back design, which provides ventilation for your ears. Thanks to its overall comfort level, the GAME One allows you to play for hours without needing to remove it. Except for bathroom breaks, of course.

Compared to the first four products in this list, the GAME One is thin on features. The mic, which is equipped with noise-canceling, is on the left ear cup. It’s non-removable, though, so you’re stuck with it. However, you can swivel it upward when not in use, which mutes it. Pretty cool, right? The right ear cup houses the volume wheel, allowing you to adjust the volume on-the-fly.

And that’s it for its features. No game and chat volume control. No surround sound switch. It doesn’t even have a power button because it’s a wired headset. If you’re looking for a gaming headset that comes with a bit more features, we suggest looking into the other products in this list.

Another thing that could make you balk at the GAME One is that it comes with an eye-popping price tag. Considering it doesn’t have a lot of features, the price is simply ridiculous. However, it does have an undeniably excellent sound quality that makes it well worth the price. Yes, it’s that good.

It has the right amount of bass and can easily pick up small details in the game. Playing Battlefield 1 or other action-packed games with the GAME One is simply an audio treat. The sound doesn’t crack during explosions and gunfire, allowing you to feel the full intensity of all the action.


The GAME One is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand, it has an amazing sound quality that’s definitely right up there with other high-end gaming headsets. It has a cool and comfortable design as well. On the other hand, the price tag is really head-turning for the wrong reason. If you’re looking for a minimalist headset and money isn’t an issue with you, the GAME One is a good pick up.
  • Great sound quality
  • Crystal-clear mic with noise canceling
  • Very comfortable design
  • Lightweight and has good ear ventilation
  • Expensive
  • Mic and wire don’t come off
  • Not ideal for travel

6. HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

If you’re looking for an excellent gaming headset in the mid-price range, there’s not many that can top the Kingston HyperX Cloud Stinger. It comes with great value and quality and does an incredible job at bringing out all the audio goodness in PS4 games. You can think of it as the baby brother of the HyperX Cloud II detailed above.

The Cloud Stinger is made completely out of plastic, which explains its very friendly price tag. That may sound like a bad thing, but it’s not. The build quality is solid and doesn’t look and feel cheaply made. Actually, it can easily pass off as a more expensive gaming. It has an all-black professional finish with zero hints of flashiness.

It has a noise-canceling mic attached on the left ear cup. You can easily swivel it upward to mute it when your game doesn’t call for voice input. Similar to the Sennheiser GAME One, the mic doesn’t come off. The volume control is found on the right ear cup, easily adjustable without pausing the game. Both ear cups can rotate up to 90 degrees, allowing the headset to lay flat for easy drawer storage.

The mic won’t blow you away with its quality, but it’s good enough to allow clear communication during online cooperative multiplayer matches. If you’re into YouTube or Twitch streaming, we recommend that you buy a standalone dedicated gaming mic instead.

The Cloud Stinger is equipped with Kingston’s signature memory foam cushions. If you owned a Kingston gaming headset before, then you already know how soft and comfortable the cushions are. You might feel a bit of tightness during the first few hours of use. But after that, total comfort awaits you.

Since it is made of plastic, the Cloud Stinger is very light on the head. You will never need to constantly remove it every hour to let your head breathe. With uber-soft cushions and rotating ear cups that allow it to easily fit into your ears, this headset is undeniably geared for comfort. You won’t feel any discomfort wearing it during 12-hour live-streaming marathons.

The price tag might fool you into thinking that the Cloud Stinger only comes with a good but not great sound quality. It’s actually the contrary. It is one of the best-sounding gaming headsets in its price range. The sound doesn’t feel flat and lacking. And the bass is solid, providing the right amount of weight that allows you to hear all the action in the way developers intended it to.


If you’re looking for a gaming headset for PS4 that comes with a great sound quality, top-notch build, and unmistakable comfort, the Cloud Stinger delivers on all fronts. And with that criminally affordable price tag, it’s a total steal. It’s a truly excellent gaming headset overall, one that gets the job done for a price that can put other higher-end products to shame.
  • Great sound quality with the right amount of bass
  • Solid and dependable mic
  • Super comfortable
  • Offers great value for a friendly price
  • The mic doesn’t come off
  • Non-existent sound customizations on PS4

7. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset

Much like Razer and Kingston, Logitech is a well-known manufacturer of gaming peripherals. The company offers an excellent stable of gaming headsets that range from budget to high-end. The Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum is one of the better ones in the lineup. It is a wireless headset primarily marketed for PC but also works great on PS4.

The G933 is a fancy-looking headset with an equally fancy price tag. Wireless headsets are typically more expensive, so this isn’t exactly surprising. It has a head-turning stylish design that makes it look like it was plucked from a sci-fi movie. If you care about looking good while gaming, the G933 has you covered.

The G933 features large ear cups that will have no problem covering your ears. The largeness of the ear cups effectively gives the headset passive noise canceling, but don’t rely on it to completely shut out outside noises. The mic, which doesn’t really look like a mic, is found on the left ear cup. You can easily fold it into the cup when unneeded.

The sound quality of the mic isn’t really that impressive, which is disappointing considering the G933 comes with an expensive price tag. But it’s not a deal-breaker. If you rarely go online for multiplayer, don’t worry too much about it.

Included in the package is a USB dongle that needs to be connected to the PS4 for wireless connection. Logitech promises up to 12 hours of battery life when in wireless mode – eight hours if the headset lighting is on. Once the juice runs out, you can simply use the headset via a 3.5mm connection. The necessary cable is already included, so you don’t need to buy a separate one.

The sound quality of the G933 is just about what you would expect from a gaming headset in this price range: clean and detailed, with a punchy bass that is neither overwhelming nor lacking. The bad news is that the advertised 7.1 surround sound isn’t compatible on PS4. It only works on PC and you can’t tinker with the equalizer settings, either. In other words, customization is out of the picture for PS4 owners.

There are several controls on the left earcup. But the power and mute buttons and the volume control are the only ones that you need to worry about. The three programmable buttons also only work on PC. This is exactly what we were talking about when discussing the Sennheiser GAME One’s lack of features: too many things going on.


In summary, the G933 Artemis Spectrum might seem loaded with features at first glance. But not all of them are compatible with PS4. Still, it’s hard to ignore the other great qualities the headset comes with. It has superb sound quality, provides amazing comfort for long stretches, and has good battery life in wireless mode. If you really want a wireless headset that’s tailored for the PS4, you can scroll back up and give the PlayStation Gold another look.

  • Excellent, well-detailed sound
  • Good battery life
  • Easy to setup on PS4
  • A bit too pricey
  • 7.1 surround sound feature isn’t compatible with PS4

8. Sades SA930 Professional Computer Gaming Headset

You don’t necessarily need to buy an expensive gaming headset if you want to upgrade your audio experience in PS4 games. There are really good cheap ones hiding out there, overshadowed by big-name gaming headsets that are oftentimes overpriced. One such product is the Sades SA930, a gaming headset that you probably haven’t heard of prior to reading this buyer’s guide.

The SA930 is a gaming headset that doesn’t really have many features, but unlike similar products (we’re looking at you, Sennheiser GAME One), it has an incredibly affordable price tag. A good pair of gaming headsets for this cheap? Unbelievable, right?

It comes with a rather fancy design that can easily fool others into thinking it’s a high-end gaming headset. It is armed with leather padding on both the ear cups and the headband. The comfort level of the padding isn’t exactly on the same level as other pricier options. But it’s more than enough to get you through long gaming sessions without feeling too much discomfort.

The left ear cup houses the mic, which can be hidden inside the ear cup when not in use. The mic quality, to our surprise, is actually good. You can rely on it to relay messages to your teammates in For Honor or Overwatch with crystal-clear quality. If you spend lots of time in online multiplayer, this should be good news for you.

The volume control is in-line, which is a good thing or a bad thing depending on your preferences. It isn’t really a big deal, but if you don’t like fumbling around in the dark, then consider buying a gaming headset with the volume control located on the ear cup instead.

The sound quality of the headset also surprised us – it doesn’t sound cheap at all. It’s crisp and smooth and has the right amount of bass. Comparing the sound quality of the SA930 to gaming headsets in the mid-price range is obviously unfair, but compared to less expensive products, the SA930 presents a serious case as one of the better ones.

Another notable feature is the flexible nature of the headband. It is extremely flexible, which allows it to easily fit into any head size. Don’t play around too much with its flexibility, though. It won’t snap easily, but if you subject it to extreme stress for no reason at all, it will break.


The SA930 is a really good pick-up if your wallet isn’t exactly overflowing with funds for a gaming headset. For a wallet-friendly price, which is really an understatement, you get an amazing gaming headset that comes with great build quality and sound. The mic quality is a huge plus as well. We totally recommend the SA930 if you’re looking for a budget gaming headset.
  • Have we mentioned that it’s incredibly and unbelievably cheap?
  • Great sound quality for its price
  • Good mic quality, too
  • Very flexible headband
  • In-line volume control can be a turn-off for some
  • Awkward mic placement

9. LOGITECH G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Next up, we have another product from Logitech – the G430. It is a popular gaming headset worn by many YouTube and Twitch personalities, which is a testament to its quality. Like the G933 Artemis Spectrum, the G430 is primarily tailored for PC but also pairs well with the PS4.

The G430 has large ear cups that can easily swallow your ears. This is a good thing since it will save your ears from unnecessary pressure and heat. Wearing the headset is an absolute dream. No, we’re not exaggerating. The paddings on the ear cups feel like two small pillows, perfect for extended gaming. You can wear it for 12 hours straight without feeling the slightest discomfort.

The ear cups can swivel up to 90 degrees, so you can easily adjust it to fit your head size. This means the ear cups can also lay flat, which is convenient for storage purposes. Except for the mic, there are no other features found on the ear cups. The media controls are on the cable, which can be a negative if you prefer having all the media controls on the ear cups.

The mic can be folded upward when not needed. But doing that won’t mute the mic automatically. It would have been better if it was otherwise. Because constantly fumbling for the mute button on the in-line media control is not cool, especially when gaming in total darkness. In terms of quality, the mic delivers, making team communication less stressful.

The sound quality of the G430 is amazing. It will make you wonder what Logitech was thinking when they decided to slap it with such a low price tag. The sound is rich, with the right amount of balance across different frequencies. You can bank on it to pick up tiny details in whatever game you’re playing.

However, like the G933 Artemis Spectrum, the advertised 7.1 surround sound feature will only work on PC. You’ll have to settle for stereo on PS4, which, in some games, actually sounds better than having virtual surround sound. No joke.

Speaking of which, the G430 actually has a red variant – the G230. They are basically the same product, except the G230 doesn’t come with 7.1 surround sound. So why not buy the G230 instead? Well, both headsets have practically the same price tags. You can go either way. But we recommend sticking with the G430 in case you have a change of heart and jump over to PC gaming in the future.


Aside from the incompatible 7.1 surround sound feature on PS4, the G430 doesn’t really come with significant downsides. It comes with extra-large and extra-comfortable ear cups that can make long gaming sessions completely free of discomfort. It has a very accessible price and provides one of the best sound qualities in its price range. Really, you won’t regret picking up the G430. That we can most definitely assure you.
  • Extremely comfortable design with right amount of flexibility
  • Very affordable price tag
  • Excellent sound quality even without 7.1 surround sound
  • Good quality mic
  • Mic doesn’t automatically mute when swiveled upward
  • Media controls not on ear cups, which can be inconvenient

10. LucidSound LS30 Wireless Universal Gaming Headset

There are gaming headsets that unmistakably look like, well, gaming headsets. And then there are gaming headsets that don’t look the part. The LucidSound LS30 falls under the latter category. It looks more like a studio headset rather than a gaming headset.

Featuring an elegant black-and-silver finish with awesome-looking ear cups, the LS30 is built to impress even non-gamers with its design. It has a sleek but unassuming design that makes it look different from most gaming headsets.

To use this wireless headset with your PS4, all you need to do is to plug in the included USB receiver into the PS4 and that’s it. No complicated setups needed. It is basically a plug-and-play device. The lithium-ion battery can last up to 15 hours, a few hours longer than the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum. That should be enough to carry you through weekend marathons.

Sound-wise, the LS30 delivers on its expensive price tag, providing a satisfying audio experience full of rich sounds and well-detailed highs and lows. If shooter games like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare or Rainbow Six Siege is your brand of entertainment, the LS30 won’t disappoint. All the explosions and gunfire will be delivered to your ears with drool-worthy quality.

All the media controls are located on both ear cups. This is where the LS30 truly shines. The left ear cup has the volume control and the mute button, while the right ear cup has the chat audio control and the mic mute button. The right ear cup also has the EQ button, which allows you to turn on the Bass Boost or Treble Boost for more juice.

The mic is definitely one of the better mics out there. That’s saying a lot considering most gaming headsets don’t come with high-quality mics. It comes with mic monitoring, which allows you to hear your voice while speaking, effectively preventing you from shouting. Well, unless your intention was to really shout at teammates.

The LS30, however, isn’t the most comfortable to wear compared to the other products in this list. The ear cups are large, but not large enough to completely cover big ears. This means, if you own a pair of big ears, the ear cups will most likely press on them.

It can also feel a bit tight, although that will likely depend on your head size. Let’s just say that, compared to most of the products in this list, you’ll find yourself removing the LS30 more often to give your ears some air. It’s not totally terrible when it comes to comfort. But it could be better. If you’re not okay with this, we suggest checking out the Logitech G430 instead.


The positives of the LS30 definitely more than makes up for its unimpressive comfortability. It offers exceptional sound quality, with a removable high-quality mic and a set of easily accessible media controls. It has a premium build quality and the battery life isn’t too shabby, either. A 3.5mm cable is also included, which allows you to switch to wired when the battery is about to run out.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Great placement of media controls on earcups
  • Awesome sound quality with a punchy bass
  • Removable mic
  • Not the most comfortable option out there
  • Can make ears sweat quickly

11. Turtle Beach – Stealth 520 Premium Gaming Headset

Like the PlayStation Gold, the Turtle Beach Stealth 520 is a gaming headset specifically made for the PS4. It has an almost all-black coloring with PlayStation-blue lines around both ear cups. The Turtle Beach logos on both outside and inside the ear cups also come in blue, making the Stealth 520 look like an official, Sony-manufactured PlayStation accessory.

Let’s go straight to the good stuff: The Stealth 520 comes with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound, which translates to an impressive sound quality that is both immersive and satisfying. It doesn’t drown out in-game dialogue and it has the right amount of punch to make explosions and gunfire sound as realistic as possible.

From ruffled leaves to incoming footsteps, the Stealth 520 has little trouble picking up low sounds, thanks to the Superhuman Hearing feature. This makes it an excellent companion in multiplayer shooter games where the tiniest details play a key role in ultimately deciding the victor.

Another excellent feature is the separate controls for game audio and chat audio. Both controls are easily accessible on the ear cups, allowing you to adjust on-the-fly with little effort. The latter control is especially useful during intense multiplayer matches, as it allows you to clearly pick up critical instructions from teammates.

Though it isn’t a plug-and-play device similar to the PlayStation Gold, the Stealth 520 is very easy to setup. All you need is to plug in the USB dongle and the optical cable included in the package and you’re good to go. The battery can last up to 15 hours of lag-free wireless gaming. That amount of battery juice should be enough to let you grind for hours in Persona 5 or Final Fantasy XV without interruption.

We do have one gripe about the Stealth 520: it’s not the most comfortable pair of cans around. The Logitech G430 totally blows it out of the water when it comes to comfort. Though the ear cup paddings feel soft on the ears, the overall build feels a bit cheap and fragile. This is probably why it doesn’t come with a much higher price tag despite being wireless and having 7.1 surround sound.

In short, Turtle Beach sacrificed overall build quality in order to roll out the Stealth 520 with a more affordable price tag. The decision looks good on paper. But we would happily pay a few more extra bucks for a better build quality.


If you’re looking for a supremely comfortable gaming headset for PS4, then the Stealth 520 is definitely not the one you should be looking at. There are other better options out there when it comes to that. But if you want the best PS4 headset that delivers with flying colors in the sound department, the Stealth 520 is for you. Basically, it comes down to comfort vs. sound quality.
  • Good battery life
  • Amazing sound quality with multiple audio presets available
  • Easy to setup
  • Detachable boom mic
  • Separate game and chat audio controls
  • Falls really short in terms of comfort
  • The overall build quality doesn’t match the price

12. HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset

Yes, a third Kingston product makes the list. No, we’re not being biased. Kingston really has a knack for producing top-quality gaming headsets. And the higher-end HyperX Cloud Revolver is another example of that.

Before we go into the good stuff, we’ll start by saying that we don’t totally dig the cosmetic design of the Cloud Revolver. There’s something about its pair of ear cups that looks too over-the-top, with a jet-engine-like design that feels out of character for Kingston. You might find it attractive but for us, it’s a bit weird.

With nitpicking out of the way, let’s talk about what makes the Cloud Revolver an excellent choice as a gaming headset for PS4. It has extra-large ear cups with the signature HyperX memory foam padding. We had no problems wearing the headset for hours without taking it off. It has the right amount of ventilation to keep the heat at bay.

The headband is easily adjustable and unlike the Turtle Beach Stealth 520, which is in the same price range as the Cloud Revolver, the overall build isn’t flimsy due to its steel frame. The headband padding has the right amount of comfort and doesn’t feel too tight on the head.

The mic is positioned a bit awkwardly and isn’t as flexible as other built-in mics on other gaming headsets. But it’s no big deal, really, considering you can just yank it off during single-player mode. Performance-wise, it won’t blow you away with its sound quality. But it’s good enough for in-game team communication.

The Cloud Revolver actually comes in two versions: the default Cloud Revolver and the more expensive Cloud Revolver S. The former only features stereo sound. The latter features 7.1 virtual surround sound, which is thankfully compatible on PS4. Enabling the surround sound feature doesn’t need any complicated software, either.

The package includes a small USB sound card, which contains the media controls. The surround sound switch is also located on the in-line sound card. Turning on the surround sound gives the audio a noticeable boost, though not having it doesn’t make the sound quality drop off a cliff.

The bass isn’t as loud or booming. Instead, it’s more focused, allowing all the small details to shine. If the Cloud Revolver is your very first gaming headset, you’ll be overwhelmed by how much you have been missing out on.

Kingston advertises “studio-grade sound stage,” which seems like a fancy term to confuse buyers. Turns out it wasn’t just a fancy marketing tactic. It’s the real deal. With the Cloud Revolver, we were able to hear enemy footsteps and reloading guns with surprising clarity even from a distance. In multiplayer shooter games, having that kind of advantage is huge.


For us, the Cloud Revolver – with or without virtual surround sound – is the best pick among the three Kingston gaming headsets listed in this guide. But only in terms of overall sound quality. We find both the Cloud Stinger and Cloud II as better options when it comes to total comfort. If you’re looking for a gaming headset for PS4 that doesn’t have too many downsides, the Cloud Revolver is a solid choice.
  • Great sound quality with the right amount of bass
  • The 7.1 virtual surround sound actually works on PS4
  • Comfortable to wear for long stretches
  • Reasonably priced
  • Mic isn’t as flexible
  • Weird ear cups design (for us)

13. SteelSeries Siberia 840 Gaming Headset

If have the money to burn with zero regrets on a gaming headset, then you should definitely check out the SteelSeries Siberia 840. It is basically the Siberia 800, but with an added Bluetooth compatibility and an even more ridiculous price tag. Needless to say, the Siberia 840 isn’t the kind of headset that you should buy blindly without first giving it serious thought.

The Siberia 840 is a premium quality gaming headset that has Swiss knife versatility: It works on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and mobiles. Obviously, we’ll only talk about how the headset fares on PS4. The initial setup can be a bit daunting and lengthy, depending on how quickly you can understand the instruction manual. But once the headset is hooked up to the PS4, everything is smooth sailing.

SteelSeries opted for a minimalist yet stylish look with the Siberia 840. It has an almost all-black finish with barely noticeable orange stitches on the ear cups. The insides of the ear cups are also orange but, obviously, no one will notice that when you have the headset on.

We were surprised at the weight of the headset. It looks bulky and heavy in the marketing images. But it’s actually light on the head. The ear cups are large and perfectly shaped, adding to the headset’s overall boss-like appeal. The paddings on the ear cups and headband are incredibly comfortable, with the right amount of breathing room to prevent your head from accumulating too much heat.

Since it’s a wireless gaming headset, all the media controls are located on the ear cups. It comes with two lithium-ion batteries that can be swapped on-the-go. Both batteries boast a 20-hour charge. That’s right, you can get up to a whopping 40 hours of uninterrupted gaming. To further extend your session, you can keep one battery always on charge while playing. Battery life will definitely be the least of your concerns when using the Siberia 840.

The sound quality is simply amazing. Considering it comes with an eye-popping price tag, we already expected it to have an impressive sound. But it more than exceeded our expectations. All the booming action in Battlefield 1 was on-point and full, and all the delicate sounds in Horizon Zero Dawn were clean and incredibly detailed.

And that’s without the 7.1 virtual surround sound. Turning on the surround sound is overkill – but in a good way. Everything gets boosted, as expected, turning cinematic games like Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain into an absolute ear-candy. You won’t ever regret going for the Siberia 840 once you get a taste of the audio experience it comes with.


To conclude, only consider the Siberia 840 if money isn’t an issue with you. Because for its price, you can already get two high-quality headsets like, let’s say, the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum and the PlayStation Gold. But if you do decide to pick up the Siberia 840, then consider it money well spent. It has a mouthwatering sound quality, a sturdy build with a premium feel, and a design that is probably top three in the Best-Looking category.
    • Phenomenal sound quality that checks all the boxes
    • Made of premium materials
    • Has a stylish and sexy design
    • Unparalleled battery life
  • Outrageously expensive
  • Mic sound quality could have been better
  • A hassle to set up

14. Razer ManO’War Gaming Headset

It’s amazing how it took a dozen other products before we got to another Razer gaming headset, isn’t it? Razer is one of the most easily recognizable brands in the industry. The company has a long history of producing high-quality gaming accessories. The Razer ManO’War wireless gaming headset is one such product.

The ManO’War comes in three variants: two wired models and a wireless model. For this review, we looked into the wireless model, which is more expensive than the other two. Like the SteelSeries Siberia 840, it has a minimalist look with very little details outside of the Razer logo. If you want a bit more style, you might want to check out the Overwatch-themed wired variant. That one comes with a black-and-yellow coloring that is undeniably more eye-catching.

The large and flexible ear cups, which come with onboard media controls, can easily cover your ears, which passes off as a passive noise canceling. The padding is very comfortable on the head, though not on the same level as the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum. You can go several hours straight without ever removing it due to discomfort.

Speaking of hours, the battery lasts up to 14 hours. Though Razer is marketing it as being able to last a full seven days. But only with a maximum of two hours per day. Well, that’s how marketing goes.

The left ear cup houses a skinny mic that retracts back into the ear cup. The sound quality of the mic, like most other built-in headset mics, isn’t really impressive. It’s good enough for team communication when playing multiplayer matches. But if you’re a YouTube or Twitch streamer, you will be much better off with a dedicated gaming microphone.

The ManO’War has outstanding sound quality, capable of delivering all the highs and lows with impressive clarity and detail. It is very apparent that Razer specifically tailored these pair of cans exclusively for gaming. It has a punchy bass that doesn’t go uncomfortably over-the-top and it has no trouble delivering voiced dialogues with crystal-clear quality.

The 7.1 virtual surround sound doesn’t work on PS4, though. So you’re stuck with stereo mode. But even so, the sound quality is impressive and definitely worth every penny. Another feature that won’t be available for PS4 owners is the ability to customize using the Razer Synapse. Both aren’t really huge deal-breakers, especially the latter.


Though not all features work on PS4, the ManO’War is still a solid pickup if you’re looking for a wireless gaming headset that offers great sound quality, good battery life, and just enough comfort for long gaming sessions. The price is a bit expensive, though, considering you don’t get the full package on PS4. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound, we recommend the PlayStation Gold instead.
  • Simple but attractive all-black design
  • Impressive sound quality even without virtual surround sound
  • Large ear cups for more sound immersion
  • Good battery life
  • Not all features work on PS4
  • A bit bulky
  • Mic isn’t all that great

15. ASTRO Gaming A50 Dolby Gaming Headset

Lastly, we have the Astro A50. Like the SteelSeries Siberia 840, it is a premium-grade gaming headset that comes with an alarming price tag. Sure, it is overpriced, but once you get past the super-expensive price, the A50 is actually a solid piece of hardware for the PS4.

We’ll start by gushing how marvelously comfortable the A50 is. It has extra-large ear cups that will completely cover your ears. Despite looking like a bulky gaming accessory, it’s actually very light on the head. You will barely even feel that you’re wearing a headset. The entire setup has the right balance between tightness and ventilation, ensuring that it stays completely on without putting too much pressure on your head.

The overall build gives off a sense of durability and doesn’t feel flimsy at all. We expected as much considering its expensive price. Astro did have some weird design choices, though. More specifically, the adjustment tubes seem too odd for us. They look like a pair of tubes that connect to a pair of canned beers or sodas. But hey, that’s just us.

The most noticeable change from previous models is that the A50 now comes with the Astro Base Station. It acts as both the wireless transmitter and the charging dock. Neat, eh? The Base Station has its own GUI, which shows the remaining battery and, when charging, the charging status. Simply pop the A50 into it after use and let it charge for your next gaming session.

The battery can last up to 15 hours, a good amount of juice. Since it comes with a lithium-ion battery, the best way to make sure it doesn’t die out too soon is to avoid draining it completely before charging. You will be investing a hefty amount of money on the A50, so you need it to last for a long time.

Performance-wise, the sound quality of the A50 is spectacular. It has a rich and full sound that gives a cinematic feel to games, especially the story-driven ones like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End or The Last of Us. The bass is never overpowering and all the small details come to life with the A50. The sound quality alone makes the purchase worth it, especially when the surround sound is turned on.

The boom mic is surprisingly good as well. It has little trouble picking a low-voice input. It doesn’t come with mic monitoring, though. So get ready to find yourself shouting a lot if intense gaming moments easily gets the better of you. When unneeded, you can simply flip up the mic to mute it.


The overall quality of the A50 is undeniably top-notch. Great sound, great comfort level, great battery life, and good enough mic quality. Obviously, the elephant in the room is that it comes with a ridiculously expensive price tag that many average gamers will scoff at. But if you’re willing to fork over the money for a gaming headset, the A50 is one product you definitely shouldn’t overlook.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Superb sound quality with or without the surround sound
  • Great battery life
  • Premium build quality
  • Super expensive
  • Headband adjustment mechanism is weird to look at
  • No mic monitoring</

What Is the Secret to Buying the Perfect PS4 Headset?

The key ingredient when shopping for the best product is to refrain from worrying too much about the price. Seriously. Buying a gaming headset is an investment. Don’t hesitate to spend beyond your budget if you found something that you know you will truly like.

It’s definitely better than settling for a budget headset that you will regularly direct regretful or scornful looks at. If you immediately fall in love with a headset that you can’t afford at the moment, wait until you have enough money for it. Don’t go for a placeholder gaming headset just for the sake of buying something.

And there you have it. You are now ready to pick the best gaming headset to pair with your PS4!

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