6 Best Office Headsets 2022

When your job requires you to spend the majority of the day on the phone, a hands-free headset is the only thing that will get you comfortably through the workday.

Thanks to all of the awesome technology available today, finding the best office headset that will match your work environment (and your budget) is a piece of cake.

Are you in a large office with a lot of background noise, a busy call center where you need to block out the nearby voices or a small office where you are in need of something with a long wireless range? Don’t worry, there is something for everyone on our list below!

How Do I Choose?

Here are a few things that will help you figure out which is the best office headset for your job:

  • Wire or Wireless. Wireless headsets are usually the most common choice thanks to their convenience. They can help make your workday more productive since you aren’t chained to the desk, however they do have a higher price tag.

If you aren’t in desperate need of a wireless headset and would like to save a bit of money, you can opt for a headset with the wire. Check out numbers four and six below.

  • Single-Ear or Dual-Ear. A single-ear headset is great for areas with not much background noise and for jobs where you need to be able to hear what’s going on around you.

A dual-ear headset is best in places with a lot of background noise or when you need to concentrate on the call only. This is best for those who work in call centers since it covers both ears completely and helps you focus solely on the call.

  • Fit. Choose the most comfortable fit for you: a lightweight ear loop or a headband.

Those who are sensitive to wearing anything on the head or face should opt for ear loops. Headbands will keep the headset securely in place, and you’ll have to wear one if you have a dual-ear headset.

Top 6 Office Headsets Comparison

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Characteristics of Quality Headsets

Your headset should:

  • Be comfortable (no matter what!)
  • Offer you clear sound quality
  • Permit others to easily hear you on the other end of the call
  • Cancel background noise

For headsets with security features, check out numbers two and three below!

Top 3 Best Office Headsets Reviews

1. Sennheiser OR-10

Sennheiser makes some of most preferred headsets for those who work in an office environment, and we have to say that we completely agree with the majority of headset users out there. This is the best office headset out there!

You get a whopping 400 feet of wireless range; you can use it either as a headband or an ear loop along with three different loop sizes to choose from, it has superb noise-cancelling capabilities and provides you with 12-hour talk time. It only takes an hour to charge, too!

It has all of the basics you need on a call: mute the microphone, adjust the volume, and use it with either a desk phone or softphone.

2. Plantronics 83544-01

For anyone in a call center or who needs to dedicate 100% of their attention to the call, the Plantronics Savi W720 headset is amazing.

Manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls with ease thanks to the three-way connectivity system. It features a noise-cancelling microphone, crystal clear sound quality, and probably the best features is the DECT wireless security, which ensures that your conversations remain confidential and private.

It has slightly less wireless range than the previous headset (only 350 feet), but for the security features and the overall user-friendly interface, we highly recommend it.

3. Plantronics CS530

Plantronics tops the list again with the CS530 model.

It has the same great DECT wireless security and 350 feet of wireless range like the previous model, but is better suited to those who only need a wireless headset for desk phone communication.You’ll love the one-touch call answer/end button, volume control and mute option, and although it only offers six hours of talk time (our first choice offered 12), this is an easy-to-use noise-cancelling headset that’s comfortable to wear.

For offices that rely on data protection technology, Plantronics has some of the top headsets that will keep your calls safe!