6 Best Headphones for Movies 2022

Whether your TV speakers aren’t working properly, you would like to watch movies without having to kick everyone else out of the room or you would simply like a better sound experience, having the best headphones for movies can give you great results.

The issue in choosing just one pair to use in your home comes when you need to make big decisions about the features and how they will fit into your lifestyle and viewing habits.

Determine your needs and then use this guide to help you choose the right features for the headphones that will transform your movie watching experience.

Features to Consider

The aspects of the best headphones for movies may be slightly different than the features you should consider for gaming or listen to music. When watching a movie, you want a headset with the following.

  • Connectivity. This essentially comes down to whether you would like to have a wired or wireless headset. When you are watching a movie on a laptop or tablet, a wired option is great, as you simply need to get plugged in. These may possibly have better sound quality overall because of the direct connection, but they do have their problems.

For home theater watching, however, the wireless option means that you will not have anyone getting caught up in the cord but you will have to buy a Bluetooth transmission device to send the sound signal to the headset. Having wireless headphones also means that you will either need to charge them regularly or have extra batteries available.

  • Set Up. With many wired headsets, you will simply have to find the right plug for the cord and then you will be able to hear your movies perfectly. The wireless options do require more intensive set up and have limitations in terms of use. These wireless headphones come with base ports for charging and for the Bluetooth signal that will need to be synched.

Top 6 Headphone for Movies Comparison Chart

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Choosing the Good Headphones for Movies

One of the main reasons to watch movies with headphones rather than out in the open is to enjoy the sound in a more pure and interrupted form. This is why noise cancellation is such an important feature of headphones that are used specifically for watching movies.

The headphones that you choose should obviously be comfortable and come with great sound quality but they should also be made affordable too. Added features like specific volume control or bass-boost can be found but will often cost you more but so will some of the more enhanced basic features.

For example, a headset that is lightweight without compromising the quality of the ear padding will be much more expensive than a headset that comes at the average weight. You should determine your budget and then shop within that range using the features that are most important to you as a guide.

Top 3 Best Headphones for Movies Reviews

1. Mixcder ShareMe

The CNET’s PICK Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are great for wireless movie watching on your own or with others that also have this product, as it allows for easy sharing.

What makes these some of the best headphones for movies is the fact that they keep a charge for a long time, often more than 10 hours. You can watch multiple movies without worrying that the headset will die or begin to lose quality.

Right out of the box you will be able to enjoy the enhanced sound that these headphones provide, and it gets even better with some custom adjustments.

2. Sennheiser HD 65 TV

The Sennheiser HD 65 TV Closed Black Dynamic Headphones are great for watching anything on the TV, but they are especially good for movies.

This is a headset that will need to be plugged in while you use it, though this means that you will get the high-quality sound you have been missing.

This is also a great headset for various head sizes as it is flexible and even comes with really comfortable earmuffs for when you want to watch hours of movies.

3. JBL J55i

The JBL J55i High-Performance On-Ear Headphones are well made and extremely comfortable, which makes them great for watching the TV for longer periods of time.

Even taking on a few movies in a row is no problem as these never provides any discomfort.

The bottom line with this headset is that it works well, enhancing sound and makes watching movies at any time easy so you don’t disturb others.