6 Best Headphones for Guitar Amps 2022

Guitar practice with a pair of headphones and an amp may not seem ideal, but sometimes it’s necessary and can even be beneficial as you hone in on your playing weaknesses and work to improve them.

Understandably, silent practice at home will prevent you waking up the entire household and the entire neighborhood at odd hours, but a quality pair of headphones can also make your guitar sound better and help you improve technique.

We’ve researched the top headphones for guitar players and narrowed down the choices to the six best. If you’re not sure how to go about choosing a pair, then you’re in the right spot! We’ll help you understand what to look for as you shop.

How to Pick Your Headphones

So what should you look for when you’re choosing the best headphones for a guitar amp?

Take a look.

  • Headphone Amp. A standard amp will help you strengthen the electric signal from your guitar so that you can share the sound with the audience through a loudspeaker. Not always convenient when you’re jamming until the wee hours of the morning and your family is trying to sleep!

Que the headphone amp. Vox makes one of the most popular amp choices (we’ve highlighted some Vox headphones below) that plugs right into your guitar. From there, just plug in your headphones and you’re free to rock out silently!

  • Over-Ear Headphones. For complete sound isolation, you have to get a pair of over-ear headphones. This will not only help you localize the sound of the guitar as you work to improve, but it also blocks out distracting background noises.
  • Adaptor. If you want to plug the headphones into your standard amp but find that the headphone plug won’t fit, just buy an adapter. It screws securely onto the male end of the headphone plug,which will then allow you to plug it into your regular amp.

Top 6 Headphones for Guitar Amp Overview

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Top 3 Best Headphones for Guitar Amps Reviews

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH

So many professionals give these headphones such high praise, and we must say that we completely agree with them. These are the best headphones for guitar amp out there!

They provide you with exceptional clarity thanks to their extended frequency range, they have a deep, accurate bass response and they offer you complete sound isolation as you play. The ear cups and headband are comfortable to wear and you get three cables with the headphones should you want to plug into any other instruments/ electronics that you have. There is no need to run out and buy a bunch of separate cables!

Another handy feature is that the headphones are collapsible, which makes them easy to transport and you can rotate the earphones

The sound quality they provide is the best for headphones in this price range and they won’t leak sound.

An overall awesome investment for the quality and the versatility.

2. Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser is another great choice for silent guitar practice.

They offer you superb sound quality and clarity thanks to the E.A.R. technology, which is Sennheiser’s signature “Eargonomic Acoustic Refinement” system. These headphones are designed to channel audio signals directly into your ears, and the fleece-lined padding will help minimize vibrations.

They provide you with excellent dynamic response, a surround reflector for an extended spatial sound field and a warm, deep sound quality with relaxed mid-tone.

These headphones do not disappoint. You can enjoy your music any time, day or night, without worrying about disturbing those around you.

3. Ultrasone HFI-580

While these headphones are the most expensive on our list, they are prefect for bass players and even drummers if you need something that various band members can use.

Ultrasone has designed these headphones to offer the most comfortable, accurate sound experience to those wearing them. The S-Logic technology used will produce the same perceived loudness at a reduced sound pressure, which means that you can set the volume lower and make it safer for your hearing.

They provide you with more natural surround sound, a 50mm driver that provides crisp, clear sound and an awesome bass response, as well as comfortable ear cups and headband. It also folds just like the Audio Technicas above!

The only flaw is the higher price tag, but if you want quality, these are worth every penny!