6 Best Headphone AMP DAC Combos 2022

There is no question that to get the best listening experience from your headphones, you will want to choose an AMP DAC Combo. If you are interested in enhancing the sound quality you get through your headset, whether it is listening to music or for gaming purposes, you will need to examine all of the options carefully.

With so many features to consider, possibly new to those just getting into the sound enhancement industry, it can be hard to know which is the best headphone AMP DAC combo on the market.

That is why we have come up with this guide of the most important information you need to make an educated purchase.

Important Features

  • Convenience. Having an external AMP DAC combo should make your sound better without severely interrupting your life. You should consider that the device will come with extra cables and may be something else you need to keep charged. Many devices try to eliminate any possible issues but they do need to work really well to justify having an add-on to your headphones.
  • Mobility. You should consider where and when you would be using your headphones in conjunction with this AMP DAC combo device. Many of these devices come in a compact size that is easy to take with you and use with your laptop and headphones on the go.
  • Battery. Are you going to be willing to keep your AMP DAC combo charged at all times or would you be better off with AA or AAA batteries? This is important as you will need power for the device for it to work, so you should consider which would be most convenient for you and then shop with that in mind.

Top 6 Headphone AMP DAC Combos Comparison Table

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Advice for Buying a Headphone AMP DAC Combo

The device that you choose needs to perform in a way that eliminates the issues commonly found with the audio from your computer or with your headphones. The best headphone AMP DAC will address all of these issues so you can have the best listening experience. The device should:

  • Eliminate the large amount of radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference generated.
  • Be made of higher quality materials than that of the normal audio reproduction found in computers and laptops.
  • Be dedicated power to the purpose of enhancing the sound rather than having varying voltages like in a computer.

Top 3 Best Headphone AMP DAC Combo Reviews

1. Fiio E10K

FiiO E10K USB DAC and Headphone Amplifier is one that you can really count on in terms of flexibility and quality. You will notice the effects of the device from the very first time you use it.

The build of this combo is great when you consider the entire thing is made of metal except for a few switches. This really gives you peace of mind about how long the device will last.

It should be noted that this is a seriously compact option. It is so easy to bring anywhere and everywhere you need without issue.

2. Fiio E07K

Those just getting into the enhanced audio game as well as veterans can both equally enjoy the effects of the Fiio E07K Andes USB DAC and Portable Headphone Amplifier.

This device is really easy to use and connect and is lightweight enough to be brought with you wherever you go. Whether you are listening to music from your laptop or are gaming and need to hear in more detail, this little device delivers.

The highs in the audio will not be too sharp and the bass is adjustable, giving you more control and better overall sound.


Getting great sound from the best headphone AMP DAC combo without paying through the nose is achievable with the TOPPING NX2 Ultra Slim Portable Audio Amplifier Headphone Earphone Amplifier with USB DAC.

The battery life is a huge advantage of choosing this device over others. It seems to last forever with just one charge.

The build is great and the sound quality is noticeably better so you will know that you really got your money’s worth.