Best Gaming Headset Under $50 of 2021

Gaming on a budget means you have to make sacrifices here and there when it comes to choosing your gear.

So, you can’t fork over $200 for a headset. That’s OK! You’ll find that there are plenty of great budget-friendly options out there and we will be highlighting the best gaming headsets under $50 for you below.

How Do I Choose?

What do you need to look for when shopping for a decent gaming headset?

These three things.

  • Make Sure It’s Compatible with Your Gaming Platform. As most of you already know, not all headsets are compatible with every type of gaming platform. Your first criteria is to find something for less than $50 bucks, which we’ll help you with, and the second criteria is always going to be whether or not it’s compatible with the gaming platform you use.
  • Mic. Many of you gamers want a headset that has a microphone attached so you can communicate with other players during a game. They are also great if you are playing on your PC or Mac and need to answer a call. No need for a desktop mic; a headset with a mic will offer you everything you need.
  • Comfort. Your definition of comfort is different from that of other gamers, and we don’t feel that it’s our place to tell you what your comfort level is!

The best advice we can offer you is to look for something that is comfortable to wear for hours at a time.

You can go in a store, slide on a head set and “ooo” and “ahhh” as the sales clerk tells you how awesome they are. The trouble is that you’re only trying them on for about 60 seconds, so think long-term comfort as you shop.

Top 6 Gaming Headsets Under $50 Table

PictureNameCompatible WithPriceRating (1-5)
Compatible With
Rating (1-5)
1. Sentey GS-4731 Virtual 7.1 USB DAC Arches with Vibration Intelligent 4d Extreme Bass Gaming HeadphonePC$$4.4
2. Ear Force X12 Amplified Stereo Gaming HeadsetXbox 360 PC $$4.2
3. Sades A60 7.1 Surround Sound Stereo PC Pro USB Gaming Headsets Over-ear HeadphonesPC$$$4.2
4. Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming HeadsetPC Mac $$4.0
5. Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming HeadsetPC$$3.9
6. Xbox One Stereo HeadsetXbox One$$$3.9

Top 3 Best Gaming Headsets Under $50 Reviews

1. Sentey GS-4731

For those looking to experience gaming to the fullest, Sentey makes one of the best gaming headsets under $50.

With its integrated subwoofer and noise-isolation ear cups, this PC-compatible headset will shut all other noise out and help you remain fully engaged with your gaming experience.

What Gamers Love About It. 7.1 digital surround sound, built-in vibration unit, adjustable headband, in-line volume control (on the cord), omnidirectional microphone, voice distortion software and comfortable padding. Don’t forget the durable braided cord!

You probably won’t find a better pair in this price range that offer you so many features. Try them!

2. Turtle Beach X12 Arctic Camo

Gamers who switch between PC and Xbox will love to have this Turtle Beach headset because you can easily use it on both types of platforms. The secret of the X12 headset is that it allows you to hear sound cues that other speakers can’t (footsteps, weapons being loaded in the distance, enemies on different floors and the direction that noises are coming from, etc.)

What Gamers Love About It. large 50 mm speakers, bass-boost, microphone monitoring, independent chat volume control, USB powered, breathable fabric mesh ear cushions, lightweight, audio quality and the versatility.

Gamers who regularly play on both PC and Xbox must have this headset.

3. Sades A60 Orange

Next up we have the Sades A60 7.1 Gaming Headset for PC gamers. Great for those times when you are gaming or jamming to your favorite tunes as you surf the internet.

What Gamers Love About It. Protein leather pad on headband and ear cushions, electroplating exterior, bi-directional microphone, three vibration grades, mic and audio mute option, full sound immersion with low frequency sound triggering vibration and 4D physical vibration, flashing logo lights and the long cable.

While the padding is soft and comfortable, the fit is rather small and might be a bit snug on someone with a large head (a large head full of superior gaming knowledge!) The mic is also a bit sensitive to background noise, but that’s because it’s designed to absorb sound at a full 360°. This can be annoying to some gamers but a desirable feature for others. Just keep it in mind as you make your selection!

Overall, this is a good, budget-friendly gaming headset if you don’t want to go over $50. Give it a try if you.