6 Best Foldable Headphones 2022

There isn’t much point spending a small fortune on the most expensive headphones if all you need is basic sound quality to listen to music but if your headphones only cost a few dollars you can’t really expect them to produce quality sound or to last for ever. Foldable headphones are a great solution for those looking for the best of both worlds but what should you look for in the best foldable headphones?

When looking for a new set of headphones there are a few important factors that must be taken into consideration. Of course, the price is one of those considerations but things such as sound quality, style and portability also rank highly.

Top 6 Foldable Headphones Chart

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Choosing What’s Right for You

Before considering the cost, or even the sound quality, the type of headphones that suit you best should be top of the list. There are many varieties of headphones on the market and knowing which type you are looking for will narrow your search considerably.

  • Earbuds. These sit in the ear lobes and are small and lightweight. However, sound quality can be of a low standard.
  • In-Ear. Better sound quality as the tips of the speaker sit deeper into the ear canal and block more outside noise sources.
  • Canalbuds. Sitting just outside the ear canals, canalbuds deliver good quality sound.
  • On-Ear. Probably the most common type of headphones, these have small cushioned pads that sit against the ears but do not cover them entirely. Sound quality is usually pretty good.
  • Full-Size (Over-Ear). These can be too big and bulky for some people as they fully cover the ears. As outside noise is considerably reduced, the sound quality is very good to excellent.

Many headphones now come with Sound Isolation or Noise Cancellation or both. While neither is necessary, these are useful features to have if top quality sound is what you require.

  • Sound Isolation. This is a basic feature that simply means the headphones fit snugly around the ears to prevent external noises coming through which is useful in a noisy or crowded setting.
  • Noise Cancellation. With this feature, the headphone itself samples background noises and plays an inverted version of the sounds recorded to effectively cancel those sounds. Noise Cancellation works better, but is more expensive, than Sound Isolation.

Top 3 Best Foldable Headphones Reviews

1. Edifier H650 On-Ear Headphones

Far from being one of the most expensive headphones you can buy, the Edifier H650 is, by some distance, the best value for money when it comes to the best foldable headphones. There are no fusses or frills about the H650, it just does exactly what it is supposed to do but is just about perfect for everybody.

The easily adjustable headband means it is suitable for adults and kids, and the soft leather earmuffs make the H650 extremely comfortable to wear even for extended periods. For its price, the Edifier H650 not only delivers amazing sound quality but also has noise-isolation technology which reduces external noises to a bare minimum.

For the technically minded, the Edifier H650 works smoothly with iPhone, iPad and iPod which isn’t always the case with more expensive headphones. Lightweight, adjustable, great sound quality and simple to fold away for transport, the H650 is well worth checking out when looking for one of the best folding headphones at a reasonable price.

2. Grado SR80e Prestige Series

The Prestige SR80e headphones are the latest from the Grado stable and are designed for those who are serious about their music and sound quality. Larger than standard earmuffs almost eliminate outside noises and give greater depth and resonance to your chosen music. The earmuffs themselves are very well padded and a soft vinyl headband mean the SR80e is very comfortable to wear and can be easily adjusted to your personal preferences.

While I’m not a technical wizard, the bass sounds deep and sharp while the higher ranges are crisp and amazingly clear. In its price range, it would be hard to surpass the Grado Prestige SR80e for sound quality and overall value for money. The SR80e is definitely one for the shortlist!

3. Beats Solo2 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

The Beats Solo2 is one of the heavyweights of the headphone world. Capable of connecting with Bluetooth devices at up to 30 feet, the Solo2 is not just for listening to your favourite band but also a business tool.

As it is designed for Bluetooth, the Solo2 has no wires or cords which is a nice bonus for those of us fed up with disentangling a bird’s nest of cables. Another nice thing is the ability to take phone calls thanks to a built-in microphone. Capable of carrying a charge for up to twelve hours, the Beats Solo2 is ideal for long journeys or days in the great outdoors.

The Beats Solo2 delivers crisp, sharp and clear sound no matter what sort of music you listen to and it is very comfortable to wear but still very robust and durable. If you are looking for more than just basic headphones to listen to music, the Beats Solo2 is probably the best choice you could make.

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