Best Earbuds for Small Ears 2022

Earbud style headphones have increased in popularity throughout the past decade. Since the market for them offers a variety of shapes and styles you’d think that finding the perfect pair would be easy. And for most people it is; unless you have small ears. You can feel like you’re at a serious disadvantage when shopping for the best earbuds for small ears. Let us take away some of the guess work.

The best earbuds are ones that are so comfortable that you can nearly forget you are wearing them. The eartips won’t be too big causing a pinching feeling, or too small causing them to fall out of your ears. Your earbuds should fit snugly within your ear canal with no rotation.

To help you guys out we scoured all of our resources to find the best earbuds for small ears. Here, you’ll find the products we think will fit well and never be a distraction. If you need help finding the best earbuds for a specific application such as running, traveling, or gaming then make sure to read our other friendly articles.

We’re sure you’ll find absolute pleasure with the high-performance Etymotic Research HF5, or the easy-to-find and affordable JVC HAFX32B Marshmallow.

Etymotic Research HF5

You really can’t go wrong choosing earbuds from a company whose background is acoustic research and the hearing aid industry. That expertise allowed Etymotics to develop a line of headphones that is both functional and comfortable. Their HF5 sounds great and offers an option everyone with small ears will appreciate.

For the most part, Etymotics H5 has the scientific resolution and tonal balance you’d expect from an engineering company. But they increased the bass tones to appeal to the current consumer market. With the H5 you’ll hear all the detail necessary to thoroughly enjoy orchestral and jazz, and the bass supplies enough power for hip-hop or electronica. The H5 really is an audiophile set of earbuds with extra punch.

What makes them the best earbuds for small ears is their shape and options. First, the aperture is slender and elongated; not bulky at all. The unit easily fits in your ear.

Second, a variety of tips are included in the package. You get two pairs of triple-flange rubber eartips, a pair of smooth mushroom-shaped tips, and a squishy foam tip.

Unique to Etymotics is that you also get a voucher to have professional impressions taken of your inner ears. Those impressions can then be sent to a lab to create molds of your ear for custom eartips.

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JVC HAFX32B Marshmallow Earbuds

The JVC name is synonymous with quality consumer products. You can be assured you’re purchasing a well-developed item whenever you choose JVC. What makes their HAFX32B Marshmallow the best earbuds for small ears is their memory foam tips.

Most eartips are rubber or silicone but JVC opted to be different, very different. Rubber and silicone tips are malleable and generally comfortable but can’t change shape to match your individual anatomy. The HAFX32B come with two sizes of tips, and can be easily cut to an even smaller size or different shape.

Memory foam is very comfortable for extended periods, doesn’t easily move, and offers great sound isolation.

And JVC’s HAFX32B doesn’t have bad sound for its price point either. The bass is apparent with little distortion at high volumes, and balanced well to the mids and highs. These don’t have the typical tin-can feeling that you expect from most budget headsets.

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