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10 Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2022

In the world of gaming, whether it is on a computer or using a console, having the best gear really can improve your playing. This is why having the best cheap gaming headset is important. You want to be able to save your money to purchase more games while also having the advantage of using a great headset during play.

Finding a headset that is cheap with all of the best features can be difficult in market that really knows no bounds in terms of cost and technology. To keep costs low without compromising quality, you should choose which feature is the most important to you and then shop for that feature first.

Whether it is comfort or microphone flexibility, you will be able to find a headset that best suits your needs and gaming style.

Features to Consider

  • Wired or Wireless? This is one of the biggest questions and dilemmas for gamers as each have their positive attributes and their drawbacks. To save money however, you will find more headsets that come wired. The money saved by not having to include the rechargeable battery or the Bluetooth technology gets passed down in the lower price of the headsets.
  • Microphone Quality. Is something that will really change the way that you game with others. On a team, it is necessary to communicate verbally. Using a great microphone will make play quicker and make you more effective in a game.
  • Sound Quality. Is a feature that you should not ignore. Hearing what is going on in the game and with other players is the main reason for purchasing a headset, therefore this should be one of the features you focus on when choosing the best cheap gaming headset. With a wired headset, there isn’t much you can do to adjust the sound quality, it generally is set with that specific brand and make, but the frequency range can affect the wireless options.

Top 10 Cheap Gaming Headsets Complete Chart

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Purchasing Affordable Gaming Headsets

Most players looking to invest in the best budget gaming headset are doing so because they play for a few hours in each session, if not on a daily basis. For any kind of play, the comfort of the headset should also be one of the most important aspects to think about when making a purchase.

The comfort can be examined in a few different capacities.

  • Material of the Earmuffs. The leather or leather-like materials for the earmuffs mean that your ears will be cushioned without getting sweaty or uncomfortable the longer you play.
  • Size of the Earmuffs. They should also be completely covered by the earmuffs to ensure that you are able to hear everything in the game and none of the outside noise.
  • Padding Around the Head. The padding should mean that you barely feel the weight of the headset and do not feel any of the plastic that gives it a shape.
  • Shape of the Headset. Some headsets come with a larger arch to ensure the top strap isn’t touching your head while others come in close to be more secure. This feature is really based on personal preference
  • Adjustability. Any headset that you choose should be flexible enough in the different features that you can make adjustments for your specific comfort needs.

Top 3 Best Cheap Gaming Headsets Reviews

1. Turtle Beach Ear Force XLa

Getting the best cheap gaming headset is no easy task, but it is made a bit simpler with the Turtle Beach Ear Force XLa Gaming Headset on the market. Considering the high quality build and sound, this is a steal for gamers of all kinds.

This is a lightweight set that has obviously been designed with comfort in mind. You will barely even notice that you are wearing it, even after hours of play.

The mic is also really good, especially when you consider that it only picks up your noise and no other outside sounds from the room.

2. Creative HS800

Whether you play often or just want a headset for occasional purposes, the Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset can make play much more enjoyable.

The first thing you will notice is that the earmuffs are extremely cushioned, which means they won’t be hurting your ears after only a few hours. What really makes this the best budget gaming headset is the fact that you get all of the high quality and features you want without the added price.

As a non-professional, you really don’t need much more than what comes with this headset in terms of wearability and sound quality too.

3. Letton G3

The LETTON G3 3.5mm PC Gaming Stereo Headset is great for gaming as it does everything it is supposed to do and more.

The sound quality is really clear and makes it easy to hear other gamers in conversation or when you need to hear where your enemies may be in a first person shooter game.

This headset fits comfortably and is also loud enough for you to enjoy the sound of the game without straining or disturbing others in the house either. You can really play any kind of game with these with great success.