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6 Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds 2022

Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds

When you have made the decision to go for Bluetooth earbuds rather than the ones that need to be connected, you will be faced with more options and features.

When a headset is connected through Bluetooth, you will need to worry about the connection being made with the device that is feeding music or calls as well as keeping them charged separately from the device.

To help you navigate through all of the headphones features that are new and specific to the wireless Bluetooth options, we have developed this guide with the most important information.

Features to Think About

  • Purpose. The way that you will use your Bluetooth earbuds will affect all of the other specific features you will need. If you are going to be using them for sporting and will be on the move with your phone in your pocket then you need a set that will stay in place with the range being less important.

If you are going to be using the headset for answering phone calls and listening to music in the office then range and connectivity should be the focus. The best cheap Bluetooth earbuds are the ones that fit your lifestyle.

  • Connectivity. Having Bluetooth earbuds means that you will need to be connected to another device contains the music or apps you want to access. The connectivity that you have will also have a lot to do with the range. If this headset is well connected then you will have more overall freedom.
  • Price. Choosing a product with newer technology often means that there will be a higher price tag, but there are amazing Bluetooth earbuds on the market that give you the features that you want without the higher price tag.

What Makes for the Best Cheap Bluetooth Earbuds?

Using earbud headphones that require Bluetooth to be connected to your music or audio means that you will need to be constantly concerned with the battery life and the charge that the headphones have. Ask the following questions when examining the different options to determine which are the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds for you:

  • How Are the Earbuds Connected to Charge? Many Bluetooth headphones use the same charger and method as a cell phone or they can often be charged using a laptop USB port.
  • How Long Do the Earbuds Take to Charge? Each set of headphones is different but you will generally be able to get a full charge within half of the time that it takes for the headphones to die. If your headphones give you 4 hours of listening then you should expect to charge them for 2 hours.
  • What Is Their Battery Life? The battery life is different for all earbuds, but generally, they will last for 6 hours or less. This means that you will need to charge them at some point during a long travel journey or will have to preserve the charge that you have.

The battery life of the headphones can also depend on how they will be used. It takes different amounts of power to carry out a phone call vs. playing music.

Top 3 Affordable Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews

1. Moreteam Bluetooth Headset

The Moreteam Bluetooth Headset pairs itself well with any device that you are trying to connect to. The flat wire offers a unique and stylish touch for use in any capacity with a bead to adjust the length of the headphones.

This set even comes with three different size earbuds for comfort. They also come with a clip to make the headphones more secure when they are being worn for sporting.

You cannot go wrong when you choose these as the best cheap Bluetooth earbuds for you as they have all of the range and ease-of-use you could want without the high price.

2. SUFUM 2016031402

When you buy SUFUM Wireless Bluetooth Sport you will never have to worry about connectivity or how well the headphones fit in your ears and stay on.

The signal is really strong meaning you can listen to your music while running without worrying that your movement will stop the music and the connection.

This set does take a few hours to charge for twice as much use, which is fine when using them for working out in any way but they might not be great for an office environment.

3. Keedox KA027

The sleek and simple Keedox Wireless Earbuds are beautiful looking and have all of the features you could want like call answering and volume adjustment.

This set comes with two extra pairs of earbuds, which is great so you don’t have to panic if you lose one.

These headphones do have to be charged but the quality of the sound, the comfort and the flexibility that they give you are more than worth it.