6 Best Call Center Headsets 2021

As technology has grown consumers have become increasingly less dependent on visiting so-called brick and mortar stores for their needs. Instead, they reach for their phones for most purchasing and service matters. This shift has allowed the number of call centers operated to increase. Those agents rely exclusively on voice feedback so it’s imperative that they’re equipped with proper headsets. The best call center headsets allow personnel to deliver quality individualized service to their clients that’s just like everyone is face-to-face.

This quick-reference reviews important characteristics to consider when purchasing a call center headset, provides several buying options, and explores the best products in more depth. Use this guide to prepare for your first headset purchase, or to help find a suitable upgrade to your current unit.

Take This into Consideration

  • Call center agents must stay in contact with clients as well as their employer. Companies use specialized software to do this whether an agent works in a centralized location amongst hundreds of agents, or alone in their home office.

Lots of different platforms exist, each having its own functionality, support, and connections. Make sure that the headset you choose works with your company’s call center platform.

  • Comfort is key to staying on the phone for an extended period. These professional headsets, like their entertainment counterparts, come in a variety of styles to ensure that specific needs are met.

Top 6 Best Call Center Headsets Overview Table

PictureNameSpecial FeaturePriceRating (1-5)
Special Feature
Rating (1-5)
1. Sennheiser OfficeRunner® Convertible Wireless Office Headset with MicrophoneWireless$$$$4.8
2. Jabra GN2110Wireless$$$4.3
3. Plantronics HW540Wired$$4.3
4. Jabra GN2110Wired$4.2
5. AGPtek® Call Center Dialpad Headset TelephoneWired$4.1
6. Logitech ClearChatWired$4.1

Top 3 Best Headsets for Call Centers Reviews

1. Sennheiser OR-10

OfficeRunner isn’t the typical kind of product released by audio powerhouse Sennheiser, but it’s definitely worth the Sennheiser name.

Weighing in at just under an ounce, OfficeRunner has got to be the smallest headset on today’s market. Similarly, the base station takes up very little desk space. Sennheiser’s OfficeRunner doesn’t clutter your work area and is easy to maneuver around. It’s USB-powered so you’re not tethered to an electrical or phone outlet.

Setting up OfficeRunner was simple for both PC and Mac. We even found it possible to use OfficeRunner to answer the desk phone, and to switch back and forth between the computer and desk phone.

Using OfficeRunner is just as simple and intuitive as setting it up. It’s compatible with VoIP such as Skype and Google Voice, and is certified for use with from Cisco, Avaya, and Microsoft softphone systems. Indeed, OfficeRunner tested well on each of these systems.

Voice quality is equally superb. The noise-canceling microphones lack the characteristic hiss that normally accompanies such features. Even conversations taking place in a crowded room sound as if no one else is nearby. As a matter of fact, call quality is so good that OfficeRunner functions easily with voice recognition software and can be used for dictation.

Sennheiser may be better known for audio entertainment but that didn’t keep them from creating the versatile OfficeRunner.

2. Jabra 920-65-508-105

The Jabra Pro 920 offers similar features as the Sennheiser but with a smaller pricetag.

The Jabra is slightly larger than the.Sennheiser but equally comfortable and versatile. It can be used around the ear or above the head, and has a moveable microphone boom.

Like the Sennheiser, Jabra includes technology to reduce background noise. But the Pro 920 includes additional tech that protects users from sudden loud noises by keeping call volume at a safe range. This proved extremely useful when taking calls in busy coffee shops and large crowded offices.

Jabra made the unit easy to set up and use. Calls are clear. Controls are on the base instead of the headpiece. Also keep in mind that an adapter is required in order to connect it to a landline.

The Pro 920 delivers a good balance of price and performance.

3. Plantronics 88828-01

Plantronics branded equipment is nearly standard within offices and call centers. They’re known for delivering quality products. The HW540 is a good addition.

The convertible headset can be worn three different ways. Changing the style wasn’t difficult, just remember to keep extra attachments closeby. Another point worth mentioning is that HW540 has a universal fit; it fits on either the left or right side.

HW540 plugs directly into your phone or computer but does require an adapter. Plantronics makes these accessories available for all platforms including Cisco and Avaya.

Once plugged in, using the device is straightforward. The dual microphones do an excellent job of discerning background noise from the user’s voice. Callers experience clear sound even with heavy background noise.

HW540 by Plantronics is comparable to our other headsets. They’re a dependable piece of equipment for smaller budgets.