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Best Bluetooth Headset 2022: The Complete Guide

best bluetooth headset

If you receive multiple calls per day, then a Bluetooth headset will give you convenience and freedom to move around. No tangled cables. There are also some really good options if you fancy high quality stereo audio.

To find a reasonable Bluetooth headset isn’t hard, but to find the best Bluetooth headset can be tricky. But don’t worry; we’ve put together this complete guide to help you find your new Bluetooth headset.

P.S. This guide is for Bluetooth headsets only, we have other guides for the Best Bluetooth HeadphonesBest Bluetooth Headphones For Running and Best Bluetooth Earbuds.

Top 10 Bluetooth Headsets Overview Chart

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Benefits of Using Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth headsets can be connected wirelessly to any device with Bluetooth technology, for example to your phone or computer. They’re often used by business men and women, at call centers and by anyone who prefers wireless communication. These are reasons to get a Bluetooth headset:

  • You’re busy. You’d rather spend time on things you enjoy than dealing with limiting and tangled cables. Bluetooth headsets are more convenient to use than normal headsets; they can be put on in no time and can be kept on wherever you go. They also allow efficient multitasking.
  • You enjoy freedom. If you don’t want to strictly be tied up to your computer or phone, then Bluetooth headsets will give you a relieving sense of freedom. You can move, walk or even run however you want.

Types of Bluetooth Headsets

A Mono Bluetooth Headset is typically small with one single earpiece and a microphone. It’s useful for business calls since one ear is free to hear what’s going on around you.

Stereo Bluetooth Headset on the other hand, can be used for talking calls and listening to your favorite music, podcast or with your video game console. You need the dual earpieces that a stereo headset provides for times when the sound experience is essential.

How do I find the right Bluetooth headset for me?

Bluetooth headsets come in plenty of shapes and prices. Your choice of a Bluetooth headset is a matter of how and where you will use it, and personal preferences such as design and price. The top five Bluetooth headsets (see full reviews further below) fit into separate categories.

  • Professional Business Headsets. If you need a business headset, then we recommend Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235-M or Bose Series 2. These are mono headsets, and are suitable for business situations. The Voyager Legend UC is more all-around for both computer and phone usage, while Bose Series 2 is primarily designed for phones.
  • Bluetooth Headsets for Everyday Music and Calls. If you plan to use your headphones for calls and music, then the stereo headsets LG HBS-700 Tone (in ear headphones) and Kinivo BTH240 (on ear headphones) are the best choices.
  • Is quality or price most important to you? If low price is the most important factor for you, then we recommend Mpow® FreeGo as a business headset. For everyday music and calls, then Kinivo BTH240 has a low price tag. If you’re truly looking for the finest Bluetooth headset, then we recommend that you go for one of the top 3 Bluetooth headsets.

7 Best Bluetooth Headset Reviews

1. Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235-M

The Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235-M is the highest rated mono Bluetooth headset by the bulk of users and experts. We agree and personally think it’s the best Bluetooth headset for all-around voice communication.

The Voyager is designed as a combination of a normal mobile Bluetooth headset and the type of headset that’s used at call-centers. The result is that you can use it all-around efficiently.

Despite that the Voyager Legend UC is somewhat larger than your typical mobile mono Bluetooth headset, it only weights 0.6 ounces. It doesn’t only feel light, but is also genuinely comfortable to wear for long periods. In fact, after a few minutes it’s easy to forget that you’ve got it strapped on to your ear.

Setting up the Voyager Legend UC with your devices couldn’t be easier. It performed flawlessly with all computers and phones we tested it with. Also the range is very good, the signal gladly passed through multiple plasterboard walls and rooms in our tests.

The Voyager Legend UC really excels in terms of call quality. The earpiece provide clear and loud sound, and its noise cancellation is outstanding. Also the three microphones on the headset effectively cancels out background noise, so you don’t have to shout in a noisy environment.

There are buttons for volume control, handling calls, muting the mike and activating voice controls. The layout of the controls is straightforward and buttons can easily be found with your finger tips. The Voyager Legend UC boom and ear hook feel durable and can swing around 180 degrees to allow you to use the headset on either ear. Also its battery life is really good with a talk time of 7 hours and standby time of 11 days.

We like that Voyager Legend UC can sense when you put it on and when you take it off. For example, if there’s an incoming call and you put the headset on, it’ll automatically take the call on your headset. And if you’re on a call and take the headset off, it’ll send the call back to your phone instead.

Voyager Legend UC has voice announcements, for example it tells you how much battery is left when you put it on. It also has voice commands, for example to check battery, if you’re connected, redial, cancel and more. We don’t normally include promotion videos in our reviews, but we feel that the video below can help you understand how the headset works.

The Voyager Legend UC is easy to use, comfortable and has outstanding call quality. It has a higher price than the average headset, but you get remarkable value for your money. If you’re truly looking for the best Bluetooth headset for all-around voice communication, then Voyager Legend UC is the best choice.

2. Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

The Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 is primarily designed for phones and business use. Its small size makes it easy to keep in your ear or stick in your pocket. Sound technology makes sure you hear the call well no matter if you’re at a busy terminal or in a noisy restaurant.

The Bose Series 2 is made out of matte and shiny plastic in black with silver details. It has a really comfortable and secure fit in your ear, which makes it great to keep on wherever you go. To pair it with a phone is simple and fast.

Sound quality is superb, voices sound rich and natural. Even though it’s a mono headset, sound quality for playing music is surprisingly high. It means you can play music or listen to a podcast and still keep one ear free.

A great feature of Bose Series 2 is that it senses noise around you and automatically adjusts volume. So in a noisy environment, it’ll increase the volume to make sure you hear the call. This adjustment feels natural and is helpful for example during a walk down a noisy sidewalk.

Battery life of about five hours is good for a headset this size. Lights on the back of the headset display battery life and Bluetooth connection status. Also a signal range of about 20 feet is good. Originally, the Bose Series 2 could only be used on the right ear, but a version is now available for the left ear too.

The Bose Series 2 has the highest price of all top ten headsets. But if you’re looking for an incredibly good Bluetooth headset to use with your phone on the go, it’s the best one you’ll find. It’s small, extremely comfortable and has superb sound quality.

3. LG HBS-700 Tone Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headset

LG HBS-700 Tone has an unusual but handy behind-the-neck design. It’s the highest rated stereo Bluetooth headset. It’s great for taking calls, but even more so for listening to music. Additionally, the in-ear design ensures that the HBS-700 is very portable.

The HBS-700 neckband is ultralight and shaped to fit your neck. Indeed, it feels very light and comfortable when we test it. Also you can place you earbuds in magnetic pockets at the ends of the neckband. This means that they don’t flap around when you don’t use them, which is handy.

A number of buttons are included on the neckband, for example play/pause, call button, volume and more. Overall, the controls are easy to find and use. The neckband can also vibrate, for example when you receive calls.

The headset really shines when it comes to music sounds quality. Songs sound clear, clean and well-balanced, and the accurate bass adds to the feeling. The speakers also make sure that call quality is great. Its battery lasts for 10 hours of talk/play time or 15 days of standby time.

All in all, LG HBS-700 has a handy design, is lightweight and has fantastic music audio quality. If you’re looking for the best stereo Bluetooth headset, you’ve found it.

4. Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Kinivo BTH240 has earned its high popularity by a mixture of great sound quality, portability for a on-ear headphones and a really low price.

The first thing we noticed when unboxing the BTH240 was its lightweight and that the headphones are rather small to be on-ear. Folding them up is a breeze and they don’t take up much space at all. Additionally battery life is good – ten hours of talk/play time. All in all it makes them easy to bring along, for example around the house, if you’re going out of town for the weekend or other travel.

The BTH240 sits behind your head, rather than on it. Since it has stereo on-ear headphones, it manages to provide great music audio quality. We were impressed considering the low price. Its soft ear pads also makes it comfortable to wear. Furthermore, setting the headset up with your devices is fairly easy and range is good.

To conclude, BTH240 is a superb headset if you’re looking for a stereo on-ear Bluetooth headset with a really low price and great sound quality.

You can also see a more detailed Kinivo BTH240 review here.

5. Mpow® FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Mpow® FreeGo is a mono headset mainly designed for cellphones. Let’s be clear, Mpow® FreeGo can’t match Plantronics Voyager Legend UC or Bose Series 2 in overall performance. But when it comes to value for the money, FreeGo scores really high.

When we first unboxed FreeGo we were afraid they would be rather uncomfortable, but we were wrong. It was no problem to wear them for hours and you can adjust them to fit on either ear. Talk time is about five hours, which is good.

Audio quality is really quite good for voice calls, or superb if you consider the price. It provides clarity at both ends of the call and noise cancellation is decent. However, we would not recommend them for music.

If you’re looking for a great mono Bluetooth headset with a low price tag, then Mpow® FreeGo is the right choice for you. For the price, you get a lot of value.

6. VXi BlueParrott B250XT+

We really liked the VXi BlueParrott B250-XT+ for a few reasons: it can be used in any environment, is suitable for extended wear, and has a large wireless range. You’ll even notice that we consider it a top choice for those in the trucking industry; an especially challenging enterprise.

This BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT is definitely a professional headset appropriate for busy offices, or telecommuters working from within noisy coffee shops. It offers superior noise cancellation technology to block out all sorts of noise so the only thing your caller hears is you.

The over-the-head design is comfortable and sturdy. It looks bulky at first glance but rides unbelievably light. The gooseneck-style microphone boom stays in place so you won’t be getting sidetracked and annoyed by having to adjust it all the time.

BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT has tons of talk-time (16 hours) and a massive 66 foot range. With that, voice-activated commands, and push-button functions you can use this Bluetooth headset anywhere.

VXi BlueParrott B250-XT gives the business user complete freedom in their busy professional lives.

7. Jabra STYLE

Jabra Bluetooth Headset for Phones and Tablets is a mono headset perfectly suited for anyone who multi-tasks. If you find yourself listening to music then suddenly having to take a call, then we think this headset will be your favorite.

It easily pairs with every mobile device. We had no problems connecting it to our phones, tablets, and mp3 players. Our devices found the Jabra without any hesitation. It kept a strong connection even in the car and on bike.

You can take this unit anywhere. It has volume control that automatically changes so you won’t be bothered by noise around you. So you will be equally pleased listening to it if you are in a quiet living room or busy airport.

The Jabra Bluetooth Headset for Phones and Tablets comes with a couple of features that make it very comfortable and adjustable. First, the headset can be worn on either ear. Second, the height of the ear hook can be changed. You don’t have to worry about your ears getting tired.

The sound on these Jabra is clear even for getting GPS directions, or streaming video. This way if you are driving and there are several people in the car you can use this instead of the speaker. You will hear your directions better. And when you’re streaming video you don’t have trouble understanding the audio.

Jabra Bluetooth Headset for Phones and Tablets is a great option for everyday calls, music, and streaming.

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