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15 Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers

Best Bluetooth Headsets for TruckersAs a truck driver, reliable communication is crucial while driving. Regular headsets won’t be able to hold their own out on the open road, which means that not just any old headset will do for this type of profession thus this guide for the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers. 

Truck drivers require something built to handle noisy highways and lengthy trips every day, but there are many different features to consider before selecting a pair.

Trying to figure out which manufacturer creates the best Bluetooth headset for truckers?

Join our driving experts as they weigh in on the top models and help you understand how to choose one in this detailed guide.

Top 15 Bluetooth Headsets for Truckers Comparison

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The Ultimate Headset Shopping Guide for Truck Drivers

It is very important that you know which specific features to look for when shopping for the best trucker headset, such as noise-cancelling technology, headset style, features, and the overall design.

If you don’t know much about a truckers headset or if you just want to make sure that your next purchase is worthwhile, then the tips we offer in the following sections will help keep you on track.

Style – On-Ear vs. Over-The-Head

There are two types of Bluetooth headsets for truckers: on-ear and over-the-head.

  • On-Ear  Bluetooth headsets are much smaller in size – usually no bigger than your finger; this makes them easy to wear both on the road and when you stop for breaks. Their size, however, also makes them prone to damage and easy to lose. They also have shorter battery life simply because there’s not much room to include a bigger battery for more power. Most on-ear trucker Bluetooth headsets have around 5-7 hours of battery life.
  • Over-The-Head – Trucker Bluetooth headsets look like regular headsets – but with only one ear cup. The other side of the headset only features a small support piece to help it stay in place when worn. They have an adjustable headband, a full-fledged mic, and a padded ear cup. They are the opposite of on-ear Bluetooth headsets when it comes to battery life. Because of the larger main unit, they can carry batteries with a longer lifespan. On the flip side, they are bulkier, making them less portable. However, they do have a sturdier build.

In terms of pricing, on-ear Bluetooth headsets usually come out as the more expensive options because of the more compact technology used. However, it ultimately comes down to the features and the brand name. For example, the Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 has less impressive features compared to the Plantronics Voyager Legend. However, since Bose is a well-established brand, they can afford to rip people off with overpriced products.

Noise Canceling Technology

The best Bluetooth headset for truckers needs to be equipped with noise-cancelling technology since it helps keep background noise to a minimum. It is a critical feature for anyone who spends the day driving on busy highways competing with roaring engines and wind.

So how does noise canceling technology work, anyways?

To put it simply, noise-cancelling technology works by actively sending a second sound wave to cancel out an incoming noise. It is like sending out a positive element to neutralize a negative element.

Noise canceling is a technical term commonly thrown around when describing truck driver headset features. However, not all Bluetooth headsets are equal when it comes to minimizing background noise. Some models are so good at shutting out unwanted noise that the person on the other end of the line will not even notice that you are driving a truck. Others, however, only reduce background noise to a certain level and you will still need to keep the truck windows closed and the volume level up.

Note that we’re talking about ACTIVE noise canceling technology here and not passive noise canceling.

  • Active  Active noise canceling technology uses a tiny hardware inside the headset that actively analyzes the waveform of incoming noise and sends an inverted version of it to cancel it out.
  • Passive  Often called noise isolation, passive noise canceling technology is simply using a large padded ear cup to muffle background noise.

Battery Life – What Is the Maximum Talk Time?

The second most important thing to check is the battery life of the Bluetooth headset, which is directly connected to the maximum talk time. In general, truckers need something that offers around 6-7 hours of maximum talk time per charge; this should be good enough for those who spend some time talking on the phone daily.

However, if you regularly go out on lengthy trips, you might want a Bluetooth headset that offers more than 10 hours of maximum talk time, especially if you talk on the phone often.

Bluetooth headsets with a longer battery lifespan per charge require fewer recharges per week. So, if you don’t want to recharge your headset multiple times in a day or week, go for a truck headset with better battery life.

Voice Controls

Do you want a Bluetooth headset that offers hands-free call management? If so, get a model that allows you to answer and reject calls via voice commands. As a truck driver, you need to be focused on the road at all times. You need to be able to react on time to sudden changes on the road, and voice-activated commands will allow you to keep your hands on the wheel.

In most countries, it is against the law to use a phone while driving. Using a Bluetooth headset, however, is perfectly legal. With a Bluetooth headset, you don’t need to hold the phone over your ear (or mouth) as you talk and voice commands make it simple for you to remain in control of the call and in control of your truck.

A Few Extra Things to Consider

As you narrow down the options, don’t forget to consider things like the Bluetooth range, sound quality, multi-device connectivity, and ear tip styles.

  • Bluetooth Range  Most Bluetooth headsets come with around 33 feet (10 meters) of working range. Some high-end models come with better connectivity range. However, Bluetooth range shouldn’t really be an issue for truck drivers.

You will always have your phone within arm’s reach inside the truck. So don’t be mesmerized by Bluetooth headsets with over 33 feet of working range. Unless you also plan to use the device at home, of course.

  • Music Quality  Bluetooth headsets for truckers are built specifically with communication in mind, and this is why they are often terrible when it comes to playing music, no matter the source.

They are more focused on delivering clean and clear phone calls instead of ear-candy music quality. Of course, there are a few notable exceptions such as the Blue Tiger Elite Premium, but in general, don’t expect them to produce music with the same level of quality produced by made-for-music headphones.

  • Multi-Device Connectivity  If you bring along more than one phone while working, you might want to look for a Bluetooth headset capable of connecting to at least two compatible devices at the same time. It shouldn’t be too hard since many of the models available come with multi-device connectivity and easy switching between connected devices.

We don’t, however, recommend connecting a music player as the second device because, as mentioned above, Bluetooth headsets designed for truckers are terrible at playing music.

  • Extra Ear Tips  This only applies to on-ear headsets. Everyone has different ear shapes and sizes, making it hard for manufacturers to come up with a truly universal ear tip able to fit every ear.

If you’re going for an on-ear Bluetooth headset, look for something that includes extra ear tips with different sizes in the package so you can experiment with a more personalized fit.

Got everything memorized? We really recommend going over this section at least twice since it will make reading the product descriptions easier, especially if you’re not familiar with this type of technology.

15 Best Bluetooth Headset for Truckers Reviews

1. VXi BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset

Many truck drivers consider the VXi BlueParrott B250-XTS to be the cream of the crop when it comes to Bluetooth headsets. It has phenomenal noise-cancelling technology and long-lasting battery life – a one-two punch that erases most of the competition.

The VXi BlueParrott B250-XTS is the upgraded version of the B250-XT. It looks nearly identical to the original model, featuring an over-the-head design with a thin headband, a padded ear cup, and a gooseneck mic. It has lighter colors compared to the B250-XT, one of the quickest ways to tell them apart.

Featuring a soft ear pad on the single ear cup and a flexible headband, the B250-XTS was made to provide both comfort and stability. The ear cup feels snug on the ear, and the headband has the right amount of clamp to keep the headset in place during bumpy rides. Feel free to wear the headset throughout your trip, but make sure to place it in standby mode when not in use.

The control panel is located on the earpiece. It houses basic buttons such as the answer/end call button and the volume control buttons. Like the B250-XT, the B250-XTS doesn’t feature voice control input; this might be disappointing for some, especially considering the price tag. If you’re looking for a voice-operated Bluetooth headset, you can check out the next product in this list.

Few can match the B250-XTS when it comes noise cancellation. It can suppress up to 95 percent of background noise. In comparison, the original was able to suppress up to around 85-90 percent. With this kind of background noise suppression, you are guaranteed to experience nothing but the smoothest and clearest communication line even when you’re driving on a busy highway.

The B250-XTS also includes a boost in battery life. It has an advertised maximum talk time of 20 hours, which is four hours longer than the original. However, it easily sailed past 20 hours during our test, so perhaps the manufacturer is just being modest with their technical specifications. Regardless of the actual maximum talk time per charge, one thing is for sure: the B250-XTS is built to last, needing only a recharge or two per week.

Another new feature is the inclusion of USB charging. Many consumers complained that the lack of USB charging on the B250-XT is a hassle. The B250-XTS easily takes care of that issue.


The B250-XTS is hands down the ultimate Bluetooth headset for truckers. It has almost perfect noise cancellation technology and amazing battery life, which keeps charging sessions to a minimum throughout the workweek.

It has a durable and comfortable build, and it has responsive on-board controls. The only “downside” that we can think of is that it doesn’t come with different color options, but that’s just nitpicking in our part.

  • Can suppress up to 95 percent of background noise
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Sturdy build quality with comfortable materials
  • Fair price considering the features
  • Now includes USB charging
  • Default color looks bland and unattractive

2. Plantronics Voyager Legend Wireless Headset

Don’t like pressing buttons when answering phone calls? Then check out the Plantronics Voyager Legend, an on-ear Bluetooth headset designed specifically for hands-free call management.

Featuring voice recognition technology, the Voyager Legend accepts voice input when answering and ignoring calls. When being worn, it announces the caller ID, waits for you to say “Answer” or “Ignore,” and then promptly executes the respective action. No need to fumble around for tiny buttons that suddenly become elusive when someone important is on the line. This useful feature keeps you focused on the road at all times.

Ignored calls go directly to voicemail, so don’t worry if you accidentally said “Ignore” to an important phone call. Another feature that promotes a virtually hands-free experience is the built-in voice-based notification system that informs you of things like remaining battery life and connection status.

The Voyager Legend also comes with a smart sensor technology that accurately detects whether you are wearing it or not. If you are not wearing it and you get a call from someone, just pop it on, and it will automatically answer the call. Again, no need to press any button for that. Once the call is finished, simply remove it to redirect the audio back to the phone.

Say goodbye to frustrating calls where you need to ask someone to repeat a sentence every 10 seconds. With top-notch noise canceling technology on board, the Voyager Legend offers nothing but the best audio quality during calls. It removes annoying background noise from the equation, making sure the communication line is smooth and free from interruption.

When it comes to battery life, the Voyager Legend isn’t all that loaded compared to other Bluetooth headsets for truckers. Maximum talk time clocks in at 7 hours, which should be good enough for daily use. However, it can last up to 11 days on standby mode, an impressive mileage perfect for extended trips. When it runs out of battery juice, the magnetic connection makes charging fast and seamless.

The Voyager Legend is built with durability in mind. Not only is it made from premium materials, but it is also equipped with a liquid repellent nano-coating; this protects it from sweat, rain, and the occasional spill from a bottle of water. Even if you sweat more than normal folks do, you can rely on this headset to take in all the sweaty punishment without breaking down.


With features all geared toward user convenience, the Voyager Legend easily sits in the upper echelon when it comes to the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers. It rates 11 out of 10 stars in our books.

It has a fantastic audio quality that makes phone calls as smooth and as crystal-clear as possible. It has voice recognition technology for hands-free call management. It has excellent build quality. Best of all, it comes with undeniable comfort when worn even for long stretches.

  • Excellent noise canceling technology
  • Fairly priced especially when you consider all the features
  • Equipped with voice recognition and smart sensor technologies
  • Comes with liquid repellant nano-coating
  • Battery life isn’t suitable for extended trips on the road

3. Jabra SUPREME Bluetooth Headset

The Jabra SUPREME is similar to the Plantronics Voyager Legend in many ways. It is an excellent alternative if you don’t like Plantronics but want a Bluetooth headset with similar features.

Featuring a simple design resembling a car keychain, the SUPREME is an on-ear Bluetooth headset that prioritizes usefulness over fancy looks. It has a professional design with a black-and-silver coloring and no markings aside from the product name and “Active Noise Cancellation” on the main body. The mic arm folds completely to allow easy storage and the ear hook is flexible enough to accommodate different ear sizes.

Like the Plantronics Voyager Legend, the SUPREME boasts voice recognition technology for hands-free call management. It announces the caller ID and then waits for you to say either “Answer” or “Ignore.” This headset is perfect for truck drivers who don’t like fumbling for phone controls when someone important is on the other end.

It also comes with voice control that allows you to redial a number, call back a missed call, and activate phone dialing just by saying the right voice commands. Rounding up the voice-related features is Voice Guidance, which relays important device information such as battery level and connection status.

Of course, the SUPREME is just as responsive when it comes to physical input. It houses several buttons on the main body, which includes the volume control and the answer/end call button. You can easily answer or reject calls just by tapping or double tapping the answer/end call button, which is hard to miss since it is the largest button. If the headset is off, you can also answer calls just by flipping it open – a nifty feature for important calls.

The SUPREME is equipped with active noise canceling technology, which does an excellent job at keeping out background noise; this allows you to hear whoever is on the other side in crystal-clear quality with no distortions and other nuisances. The Noise Blackout 3.0 technology equipped on the mic makes sure smooth audio quality is also experienced by the person you’re talking to.

Perhaps the only real downside to the SUPREME is that it comes with only 6 hours of maximum talk time, which might disappoint truck drivers who frequently go out on long trips. Charging is fast and easy, but the fact that you can’t use it while charging is also a downer. Be prepared to charge it multiple times throughout a particularly long road trip.


Calling the SUPREME a lite version of the Plantronics Voyager Legend would be a disrespect. It is very much a standalone product with top-notch quality and excellent features. The voice control technology alone gives it an advantage over many other Bluetooth headsets designed for truckers. If you don’t mind the 6-hour maximum talk time, the SUPREME is a solid pick-up through and through.
  • Active noise canceling and Noise Blackout 3.0 ensure exceptional call quality
  • Responsive voice command input
  • Foldable mic for easy storage
  • Charges really fast
  • Short maximum talk time for long trips
  • Not usable while charging

4. VXi B350-XT 203475 BlueParrott Headset

The VXi BlueParrott B350-XT is the big brother of the VXi BlueParrott B250-XT, one the best when it comes to Bluetooth headsets for truckers. It is an over-the-head Bluetooth model that carries the same level of quality associated with the popular brand. It features upgrades and tweaks to provide an even better experience for truckers.

Let’s start with the audio quality. Like the B250-XT, the B350-XT boasts a truly impressive audio quality during phone calls. Everything is smooth and clear on both sides of the line. The person you’re talking to won’t even notice that you’re driving even when the windows are rolled down, which is courtesy of the superior noise canceling technology.

It blocks out background noise extremely well, allowing distortion-free and interruption-free conversations. There are not many headsets that do it better than the B350-XT when it comes to keeping background noise at bay.

Regarding battery life, the B350-XT is right up there with the best of the best. It offers a maximum talk time of 24 hours, thoroughly embarrassing many of the other products in this list. It will have no problem lasting for an entire week on a single charge if you’re not a heavy talker on the phone. Even if you are, the multiple charging options make reloading it fast and hassle-free.

The overall design of the B350-XT is made for both comfort and ease of use. The flexible headband easily accommodates different head sizes, and the headband clamp isn’t too tight, so don’t worry about it pressing too hard on your head. The lone ear cup is equipped with a soft ear pad, which also helps in passively reducing background noise.

The ear pad doesn’t have that premium feel compared to ear pads on gaming headphones. Still, it feels comfortable on the head even after heavy use throughout the day. The boom mic also offers enough flexibility. All in all, the B350-XT feels like a well-built Bluetooth headset.

Like other Bluetooth headsets in this list, you can connect up to two devices to the B350-XT. You can even use it at home by connecting it to a PC. Pairing it with compatible devices is super-fast and easy. It only takes a couple of seconds to set up a connection.


If you owned and loved the B250-XT (and the newer B250-XTS), then you’re going to love the B350-XT as well. It features several enhancements and gives up nothing in return in terms of audio quality. It still includes the superior noise canceling technology that made the B250-XT a favorite among truckers. The build quality is better than ever, and the extra oomph in battery life makes the B350-XT an excellent companion on the road for truckers.
  • Phenomenal noise canceling technology
  • Sturdy and durable build quality
  • Amazing battery life
  • Multiple charging options
  • Accessible and responsive on-board controls
  • Lone ear pad is pretty basic
  • Poor customer support

5. FRiEQ Noise Canceling Wireless Bluetooth Headset

If you’re looking for a Bluetooth headset with an extra-long battery life, then look no further than the FRiEQ BTA03 Wireless Bluetooth Headset. It absolutely destroys both the Plantronics Voyager Legend and the Jabra SUPREME in the battery department.

With a whopping 30 hours of talk time, the BTA03 easily dwarfs almost all the other models out in the market in regards to staying power. On standby mode, that number balloons to an almost comical number at 900 hours, making it an excellent companion for truckers who hit the road non-stop. With the BTA03 on hand, you will never have to worry about conversations being cut short due to a low battery.

The BTA03 isn’t as portable compared to the Jabra SUPREME. It has an over-the-head design that trades portability for additional head grip and comfort. The headband is fully adjustable and can accommodate different head sizes. The padding on the lone ear cup feels soft and comfortable on the ear, though not in the same league as those luxurious paddings on gaming headphones.

The BTA03 has a reversible design, meaning you can use it either on the left ear or right ear. Just rotate the mic around to set it up for whatever ear you plan to use. We do recommend returning the mic arm to its neutral position after use. Leaving it extended could cause it to be damaged due to misplacement.

Concerning audio quality, the BTA03 is no slacker. It comes with impressive noise-canceling technology that prevents a phone call from turning into an incomprehensible and muddy exchange. It does a great job at keeping conversations clean and smooth, an important attribute for truckers who are constantly surrounded by roaring engines on the road.

Another cool feature is the multi-point capability, which allows the BTA03 to connect to two different Bluetooth devices at the same time. This feature is handy if you use two phones while on duty – one for personal use and one for business/work use. Setting up the connection to multiple devices is both instant and hassle-free. No need to go through a complicated setup.

Like other headsets designed primarily for communication, the BTA03 falls flat when it comes to playing music. Don’t even think about plugging it into a dedicated music device. Only disappointment awaits you in that endeavor. If you want to listen to music while driving, we suggest getting a separate pair of made-for-music headphones.


The BTA03 is definitely the go-to model for truckers looking for a Bluetooth headset with excellent battery life. That 30-hour battery life is hard to beat and is surpassed only by our next selection. Other headsets don’t even come close to sniffing that level of staying power. The BTA03 may not come from a well-known electronics manufacturer, but when it comes to quality, it delivers with flying colors for an affordable price.
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Reversible design accommodates both ear sides
  • Excellent noise canceling technology
  • Comfortable and adjustable headband
  • Capable of connecting two Bluetooth devices at the same time
  • No voice command input
  • Ear cup could have been bigger

6. Blue Tiger Elite Premium Bluetooth Headset

Thirty hours of maximum talk time still not enough for you? Check out the Blue Tiger Elite Premium, a Bluetooth Headset that offers more staying power than the FRiEQ BTA03 Wireless Bluetooth Headset.

The Elite Premium is an over-the-head Bluetooth headset. At first glance, you might see it as a pair of gaming headphones because of the luxurious design, which easily sets it apart from all the other over-the-head models in this list.

It has an all-black finish save for the silver metals on the ear cup. The adjustable headband is fully padded instead of just a thin plastic with no cover, giving it more comfort and grip on the head. The lone ear cup is similarly equipped with a soft padding for more ear comfort. Because of the bulky design, the Elite Premium is heavier than other over-the-head models. However, despite this, it doesn’t feel like a burden on the head.

Featuring a gooseneck mic for more flexibility, the Elite Premium offers excellent audio quality during phone calls. Both ends of the line are treated to crystal-clear audio quality. It comes with superb noise-cancelling technology, which prevents background noise from totally ruining conversations.

Most Bluetooth headsets for truckers are terrible when used for music. The Elite Premium doesn’t belong in that group. It is one of those rare models capable of delivering great audio quality when playing music from a smartphone or whatever music player you use. Of course, the quality is nowhere near the quality produced my dedicated music headphones, but wouldn’t it be more convenient to simply bring along only one device for both communication and music?

Regarding battery life, the Elite Premium is tops on this list. It features an astounding 34 hours of maximum talk time per charge, putting to shame all of our other chosen products. With that kind of lasting power, you don’t need to recharge the headset every day constantly. It can last several days without requiring a recharge, provided you don’t talk on the phone for more than 10 hours per day.

When playing music, the battery life depends on the volume. Obviously, listening to music with an ear-splitting volume will drain the battery faster, requiring more frequent recharges. For battery-saving and health purposes, we recommend keeping the volume to normal levels. The last thing you would want is to have a low battery right when an important person is calling you on the phone.


The Elite Premium is one of the more expensive options available in the market, but unlike other expensive headsets, it isn’t stingy when it comes to features and performance.

It has excellent audio quality during both phone calls and when listening to music. It has a sturdy and comfortable build with generous paddings on the ear cup and headband, and it has unparalleled battery life at 34 hours per charge. Not many can offer the same set of features.

  • Top-notch noise canceling technology
  • Great audio quality also extends to when playing music
  • Unbelievable battery life
  • Comfortable padding on both ear cup and headband
  • Flexible gooseneck mic
  • Not easy to store due to size and weight

7. Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2

The Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2 is another example that when it comes to expensive audio equipment, this American company is right there at the top. If you are working on a tight budget, you might want to skip this review.

The Series 2 Headset is a small on-ear Bluetooth headset built specifically for on-the-go communication. As such, it is equipped with an adaptive audio adjustment technology that takes into account the environment you are in. It reacts automatically to the noise level around you.

If you are driving with the windows rolled all the way down, it will increase the volume in response to the noisy background. If you are driving with a closed window, it will decrease the volume to match the relatively quieter environment. Voice quality remains constant regardless of the volume – the Series 2 Headset keeps it as natural-sounding as possible.

The person you are talking to on the other end is also treated to exceptional audio quality. The Series 2 Headset is equipped with a mic that keeps background noise at bay, allowing that person to hear you with crystal-clear quality. Lost in translation moments will no longer be an issue unless you deliberately call someone while next to a roaring engine.

All functionality is controlled via onboard buttons, easily accessed without having to remove the headset. Unlike other on-ear Bluetooth headsets for truckers, the Series 2 Headset doesn’t come with an ear hook to keep it in place. Instead, it rolls with a silicone tip, which comes in three different sizes. The silicone tip does a good job of staying in place, though we still prefer ear hooks for more stability.

The biggest turn-off is the battery life. It can only provide up to 4.5 hours of talk time, which is downright laughable. It has a battery indicator that glows a different color depending on the battery level: green when at full power, amber with 80 minutes remaining, and red with 30 minutes remaining. Get accustomed to the red light if you spend a lot of time talking with someone over the phone while you drive.

Because of that weak battery life, we seriously don’t recommend the Series 2 Headset for truckers who regularly drive long distances. The VXi BlueParrott B250-XTS, the Blue Tiger Elite Premium, and the FriEQ BTA03 are all much better options for that.


In terms of overall quality, the Series 2 Headset is not bad at all. It has excellent noise canceling technology. It has simple and accessible onboard controls, and it is available in both left ear and right versions.

However, that atrocious battery life and that eye-popping price tag really bring down the entire package. If you have money to spend and don’t mind the meager battery life, the Series 2 Headset is a solid choice.

  • Fantastic audio quality on both ends of the line
  • Silicone tips come in three different sizes
  • Includes a carrying case for safekeeping
  • Super-portable due to the size
  • Meager battery life
  • Expensive price tag

8. Plantronics Explorer 50 Bluetooth Headset

Next up, we have the Explorer 50, another Bluetooth headset from Plantronics, one of the most recognizable brands in the business. Unlike the Bose Bluetooth Headset Series 2, this one doesn’t come with an expensive price tag.

The Plantronics Explorer 50 is an on-ear Bluetooth headset. It includes an ear hook for more stability and a specially designed ear tip to help keep it in place even while moving around. It fits on either ear – all you need to do is adjust the ear hook.

Plantronics kept things simple regarding the controls. The Explorer 50 houses several buttons, which includes a power button, a call button, and a volume control. All buttons are positioned on accessible locations. The entire thing is extremely easy to set up right out of the box. No need to install a special app to pair it with a compatible device. Speaking of which, the Explorer 50 can connect to two devices at the same time. You can use one connection for phone calls and the other for music (not recommended) or even GPS.

During phone calls, the audio quality is good, though not really comparable to the Plantronics Voyager Legend, who arguably offers one of the best Bluetooth headsets for truckers on the market. The hooked ear tip helps reduce background noise, allowing you to experience clearer sounds.

Don’t expect it to completely shut out background noise similar to a headset equipped with active noise-cancelling technology. The Explorer 50 isn’t built like that. It is best used with closed windows to help prevent roaring engines and wind from totally overwhelming the audio output. If you want a Bluetooth headset with superb noise cancellation, we recommend checking out the Plantronics Voyager Legend instead.

Maximum talk time checks in at a competitive 11 hours, which should be good enough for most truck drivers. The Explorer 50 features an excellent power-saving mode that allows it to stay dormant for up to three months; this is perfect if you only move out a few times per week. Just leave it in the truck during off days and then reactivate it when needed.

It alerts you when it needs charging, so don’t worry if you have a bad memory. It also notifies you if the Bluetooth range is breaking up, though you probably won’t hear that often considering your phone is usually just a few inches away from you while driving.


The Explorer 50 isn’t really all that loaded with features. It just includes all the basic things you would need from a Bluetooth headset for road trips, but it makes up for it by being great at them.

The audio quality is good. The ear hook and the ear tip keep it firmly in place. The battery life is excellent, the deep-sleep mode is neat, and the price tag is really wallet-friendly, perfect for those shopping on a budget.

  • Good audio quality for calls
  • Ear tip helps reduce background noise
  • Excellent battery life
  • Affordable price tag
  • Not equipped with real noise cancellation technology
  • Design looks bland and unattractive

9. Mpow Pro Trucker Headset/Cell Phone Headset

People often say that high-quality products automatically come with hefty price tags. In other words, premium quality demands a premium price, but this isn’t always true, especially when talking about Bluetooth headsets for truckers. The Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset is a shining example.

This budget-friendly Bluetooth headset has an over-the-head design with an all-black coloring to give it a very professional look, hence the product name. The main unit is connected to a mic arm and a thin headband that ends with a small support piece to keep it in place when worn. The round main unit also houses the headset controls and the micro USB charging port.

Both the headband and the mic arm offer generous adjustment options. The former easily adjusts to accommodate different head sizes. The latter can be rotated by 330 degrees, giving you a lot of room for adjustment, though the non-gooseneck style prevents it from having omnidirectional flexibility.

The Mpow Professional is equipped with noise-cancelling technology on the mic, a rather surprising feature considering the super-affordable price tag. It does a great job at keeping background noise to a minimum even when stuck in traffic with dozens of noisy vehicles all around; this means the person on the other end is guaranteed to experience excellent audio quality with minimal inconvenience. The padded ear cup also passively helps reduce background noise even more on your end, which is really neat.

In terms of battery life, the Mpow Professional is in the middle of the pack. It offers up to 12 hours of maximum talk time, which is more than good enough for most truckers; this also means that it is immediately better than many of the other products in this list when it comes to lasting power. On standby mode, it lasts up to a whopping 200 hours, so don’t worry about it if you leave it alone for extended periods, especially during day offs and vacations.

The Mpow Professional can connect to a maximum of two compatible devices at the same time, but we don’t recommend using it to listen to music. Like other Bluetooth headsets built specifically for communication purposes, the Mpow Professional is terrible at music reproduction. If you absolutely need to listen to some tunes to avoid boredom during lengthy trips, we suggest bringing along a separate pair of headphones.


The Mpow Professional keeps everything simple, with the attention solely focused on delivering excellent quality for a wallet-friendly price. The padding on the ear cup could have been better, and the manufacturer could have gone for a gooseneck mic for more flexibility, but regarding overall quality and value, the Mpow Professional totally passes with flying colors.

The excellent noise cancellation has a huge hand in making that happen. Not many Bluetooth headsets in this price point offer the same level of background noise suppression.

  • Excellent background noise suppression
  • Simple yet professional design
  • Competitive battery life coupled with fast charging time
  • Sturdy and comfortable to wear for long stretches
  • Ear padding and mic flexibility could have been better
  • Terrible at playing music

10. Plantronics M165 Marque 2 Ultralight Headset

We’re really big on Bluetooth headsets created by Plantronics. The California-based electronics company is an excellent source for Bluetooth headsets with high quality and affordability, and the Plantronics M165 Marque 2 is another example of that.

The Marque 2 is like a cross between the Plantronics Explorer 50 and the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It is an on-ear Bluetooth headset that combines the affordability and design of the former with some of the features seen on the latter.

Just like the Plantronics Voyager Legend, the Marque 2 features voice control when answering or ignoring incoming calls. It alerts you of an incoming call via a ringtone and then waits for you to say “Answer” or “Ignore.” Ignoring a call sends it directly to voicemail. The voice control feature makes it easy to manage calls while driving.

The Marque 2 includes a deep-sleep mode similar to the Plantronics Explorer 50. It can safely stay in that mode for up to six months without damaging the battery. When finally do need it, you can easily wake it up from its long slumber. If you go out on the road on a regular basis, you will rarely find any use for this feature, however.

Regarding audio quality during phone calls, the Marque 2 is about on the same level as the Plantronics Explorer 50. The dual mic helps reduce background noise, making conversations clean and clearly discernible, but the lack of a true noise canceling feature puts a limit on the Marque 2 as the audio quality suffers when driving with the windows rolled all the way down.

When it comes to comfort, the Marque 2 aces it. It includes three ear tip sizes to accommodate different ears. The ear tip has the right mix of comfort and grip, making extended call sessions go by without a hitch. You can keep it on for most of the trip, removing only when the battery needs to be charged.

Speaking of the battery, the Marque 2 offers the same maximum talk time as the Plantronics Voyager Legend at 7 hours. Not exactly the most eye-popping number out there, but it should be good enough for most truckers. When in standby mode, the Marque 2 lasts up to 11 days. Note that standby mode is different from the deep-sleep mode, which lasts longer.


At just 0.3 ounces, the Marque 2 is one of the lightest Bluetooth headsets around. For something so small, it sure is loaded with useful features. It has a responsive voice control, great audio quality, and good enough battery life, and don’t worry about misplacing it around the truck. You can easily find it using a companion app installed on whatever device you paired it with.
  • Super-light and easy to store
  • Audio quality is great
  • Hands-free call management via voice control
  • Comfortable design with multiple ear tip options
  • Not-so-impressive battery life
  • No true noise canceling technology

11. BlueFit Headset Earpiece Active Noise Canceling

Next is the BlueFit M6 Bluetooth Headset, another on-ear Bluetooth headset built for truckers.

The M6 has a unique design similar to the Plantronics Voyager Legend. It features a thin mic that connects to the ear tip, which in turn connects to the ear hook. Sounds pretty normal, right? What sets it apart from most of the competition is that the controls are actually located on the ear hook, which doubles as the main unit of the headset; this is why it has thicker-than-average ear hooks.

Both the ear hook and the small mic offer limited angles for adjustment, so be careful when twisting them around while looking for that perfect fit for your ear. The package also includes two ear tips – a small one and a medium-sized one; this gives you more options to personalize your setup.

The M6 does a superb job at keeping background noise to the bare minimum. It is equipped with noise-cancelling technology, which is the first line of defense against unwanted noise during phone calls. Additionally, it features the ability to block out wind noise even further thanks to the aluminum “net” found on the mic. This multiple-level noise reduction feature ensures clean and clear audio quality even when driving on a busy highway with roaring engines in every direction.

Setting up the M6 is simple, and it has no problem connecting to compatible devices. You can establish a connection in just a few seconds. If you own multiple Bluetooth devices, you can also connect the M6 to two devices at the same time and switch between them anytime.

When it comes to battery life, the M6 is a bit disappointing. It only offers a maximum of 6 hours of talk time per charge; this won’t be enough for truckers who spend days on the road, especially those who talk a lot on the phone while driving. However, for those who don’t hit the road on a daily basis and seldom talks to someone on the phone, 6 hours of battery life should be good enough.

A sturdy carrying case is included in the package. Considering the small size of the M6 and the tiny extra ear tips, the bonus carrying case is a godsend. No need to worry about losing them inside the truck.


The M6 could have been a top-tier on-ear Bluetooth headset for truckers if not for that battery life, but overall, it is a solid option.

It has a fantastic multiple-level noise suppression system, which results in an excellent audio quality during phone calls. It has a stylish yet professional design, and the package includes extra goodies to sweeten the deal further.

  • Includes noise-cancelling technology and wind noise reduction feature
  • Unorthodox but stylish design
  • Pairs with multiple compatible devices at the same time
  • Bonus carrying case and extra ear tips
  • Only 6 hours maximum talk time
  • Takes time to get used to the ear hook controls

12. Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Headset

Looking for a Bluetooth headset with a discreet design? Then the Jabra Stealth is for you. It is a small, lightweight Bluetooth headset that keeps it simple when it comes to the design.

Weighing in at 2.7 ounces, the Jabra Stealth features a minimalistic design that makes it look inconspicuous on the head. The main unit is just a thin arm directly connected to the ear tip. You probably won’t even feel that you are wearing it because of the design. It doesn’t have a full-fledged ear hook like other Bluetooth headsets, but the ear tip has enough grip to keep it in place when worn.

During phone calls, the Jabra Stealth benefits from having the Noise Blackout feature, which is also installed on the Jabra SUPREME. It reduces background noise, allowing the person on the other end of the line to hear you with crystal-clear clarity. You can safely relay complicated or technical instructions without worrying about anything getting lost in translation.

However, the lack of active noise canceling technology means the Jabra Stealth isn’t fully capable of holding its own in a very loud environment. In other words, open windows when on the road will hurt its performance during phone calls. If you typically drive with the windows rolled down because you like the ambiance of the open road, then the Jabra Stealth might not be for you.

The battery offers up to 6 hours of talk time, which may or may not be enough for you. It depends on how long you are usually out on the road during workdays and how often you make calls while driving. The fact that you can’t use it while charging also doesn’t help. On standby mode, it runs for up to a solid 10 days.

Similar to the Plantronics M165 Marque 2, the Jabra Stealth features a companion app that allows you to locate it if you ever misplace it somewhere. This feature is quite handy, considering the size makes it easy to misplace, especially during stopovers when you need to take a breather in a roadside diner or gas station.

The Jabra Stealth also features a dedicated button on the underside, which activates Siri or Google Now, depending on the paired device. Speaking of buttons, it curiously lacks volume controls on the unit. If you want to adjust the volume, you need to whip out your phone and do it from there. The lack of volume controls onboard isn’t exactly a deal-breaker, but adjusting the volume while driving isn’t exactly the safest of scenarios.


The Jabra Stealth is an excellent product if you’re in the market for a high-quality Bluetooth headset that comes in a lightweight package.

It has excellent audio quality, fantastic noise reduction thanks to the Noise Blackout feature, and it can easily pair with two devices at the same time. The only real negatives are the unflattering battery life and the lack of onboard volume control.

  • Noise Blackout feature reduces background noise
  • Connects easily with compatible devices
  • Audio quality is excellent during phone calls
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Lacks true active noise canceling technology
  • No onboard volume control

13. Pashion Bluetooth Trucker Headset

Want something similar to the Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset? Check out this Over-the-Head Bluetooth Headset by Pashion.

The Pashion Over-the-Head Bluetooth Headset looks almost identical to the Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset – one of the best options in the budget category. It has an all-black professional look with no other markings aside from the ones on the mic, and it has a main circular unit where the headset controls are located.

The lone ear cup is equipped with a soft padding, which holds up well during extended call sessions. The thin headband has the right amount of flexibility and comfort, and the mic has a gooseneck design, which should be good news for those who find the Mpow Professional Bluetooth Headset too limited regarding flexibility. Overall, the design isn’t really screaming with fanciness. Everything is kept simple and basic with more focus on functionality than style.

Audio quality is great during phone calls. The Pashion Over-the-Head Bluetooth Headset features noise canceling technology to keep background noise at bay, and the padded ear cup also acts as a muffler to further reduce unwanted noise on your end. You can look forward to crystal-clear communication lines when making phone calls. However, we noticed that the mic needs to be really close to the mouth when talking, which isn’t a deal-breaker but it is something to be aware of as you compare headsets.

Like most other models, the Pashion Over-the-Head Bluetooth Headset has a typical connectivity range. It has an advertised working range of 10 meters (33 feet), but this doesn’t matter to truckers, who typically have their phones within just a few inches. We only mentioned this in case you also plan to use it at home.

Maximum talking time is 8 hours per charge, which is right up in the alley of the Plantronics Voyager Legend and the Plantronics M165 Marque 2 that both offer 7 hours max. The battery life might be lacking for some, but for truckers who don’t talk all day on the phone, 8 hours should be enough. If you are looking for something with more battery life, we recommend checking out other products in this list.

The Pashion Over-the-Head Bluetooth Headset connects easily with compatible devices, which includes newer smartphone models. Just don’t use it for playing music because that would only leave you feeling disappointed at the audio quality.


If you want an affordable Bluetooth headset with a competitive audio quality, the Pashion Over-the-Head Bluetooth Headset is a solid option. It comes equipped with noise-cancelling technology for high-quality phone calls. It has a great battery life and a comfortable build for extended use during boring road trips, and it offers enough headband and mic flexibility to allow multiple adjustment options. You really can’t go wrong with this one if you’re looking for a quality budget option.
  • Equipped with noise canceling technology
  • Simple and accessible onboard controls
  • Great battery life for average users
  • Ear padding feels a bit cheap

14. G-Cord Firegram Wireless Bluetooth V4.1 Headsets

Operating under the model name TY-M006, the Firegram Bluetooth Headset V4.1 is another quality product that doesn’t get much attention from consumers mainly because the manufacturer isn’t the most popular in the business.

The Firegram Bluetooth Headset V4.1 features an over-the-head design, with a thin headband for support and a simple mic arm for straightforward use. It has a padded ear cup that provides comfort during lengthy phone calls, though the quality of the padding isn’t the most luxurious. The main unit holds nothing but the most basic of controls, so the chances of you pressing the wrong button is close to zero.

All in all, the design is minimalistic. It has an all-black coloring with a touch of silver in a few areas on the main unit; no elaborate markings and no fancy and eye-catching logos that dominate the image. Aside from the jet engine-like look of the main unit, the product has a no-nonsense aesthetic, perfect for those who hate over-the-top headset designs.

The Firegram Bluetooth Headset V4.1 is equipped with noise-cancelling technology, though the manufacturer is a bit discreet about it in promotional materials; this means the audio quality during phone calls is top-notch. The level of noise suppression isn’t on the same level as some of the high-end Bluetooth headsets in this list, however. Don’t expect it to completely shut out background noise, especially if you are talking on the phone with a rolled-down truck window.

The mic easicly picks up voice input, so there is no need to tinker meticulously to find the perfect angle or position. Even if the mic is positioned a few centimeters from the mouth, the person on the other end won’t have trouble hearing you loud and clear. This level of overall audio quality surprised us at first.

As for battery life, the Firegram Bluetooth Headset V4.1 clocks in at an impressive 15 hours of maximum talk time per charge. It blows away most of the other headsets in this list, which are usually parked somewhere in the 8 hours or below range.

If you don’t talk that much over the phone, the Firegram Bluetooth Headset V4.1 will have no problem lasting for several days, requiring you to charge only two or three times a week. When placed in standby mode, the headset lasts up to an impressive 220 hours before begging to be charged. Charging is done through USB connection, another plus for us.


Don’t be fooled by the under-the-radar premise of the Firegram Bluetooth Headset V4.1. It is very much a high-quality product. It performed surprisingly well during our tests, though admittedly we were skeptical about it in the first place. The audio quality is excellent, and the battery life is truly impressive. This Bluetooth headset is just another reminder that there are plenty of unheralded products out there in the market.
  • Excellent battery life made for lengthy trips
  • Noise canceling technology produces crystal-clear phone calls
  • Minimalistic design
  • Fairly priced
  • Mic lacks full omnidirectional flexibility
  • Headband feels flimsy sometimes

15. Motorola Boom 2 Wireless Headset

Capping off our buying guide is the Motorola Boom 2, a product from one of the most well-known brands in the world, but not necessarily in the Bluetooth headset department, which explains why a dozen other models stand above it first on this list.

The Boom 2 is an on-ear Bluetooth headset that offers both functionality and style. The headset looks like car keychain and is no bigger than an average-sized thumb. The mic unit folds into the main unit when not in use. The small design makes the Boom 2 easy to store and carry around, but at the same time, this means it is prone to misplacement.

You can wear the Boom 2 in different ways. The package includes three ear tip designs, including an in-ear gel tip, an over-the-ear hook, and an in-ear hook which combines the other two for an even better grip. You can easily swap out the ear tip anytime, so feel free to experiment and find the one that best suits you.

The Boom 2 features high-definition audio quality and dual-mic noise canceling technology, turning phone calls into a blemish-free affair while driving in a particularly noisy highway. It is nowhere near the top-tier Bluetooth headsets for truckers in terms of background noise suppression, but it should be more than enough for truckers who mainly drive with closed windows.

Unlike most of the other products in this list, the Boom 2 fares well when used for listening to music. Of course, the audio quality isn’t comparable to headphones dedicated for playing music, but if you are not inclined to bring along one of those when going to work, the Boom 2 is a serviceable option. Just don’t expect too much of it, especially when listening to bass-heavy music genres.

The battery life allows up to a maximum of 7 hours of talk time per charge. Just an average number. Some will find the battery life inadequate. For truckers who don’t usually stay on the road for more than 10 hours per day, the battery life of the Boom 2 should suffice. Note that the battery life varies depending on whether you are talking on the phone or listening to music with the volume set to low.

If you don’t mind coughing up a few more bucks, you can opt for the Boom 2+. It offers an additional 2 hours of maximum talk time, but more importantly, it has an IP54 coating that protects it from sweat, dust, and minor servings of rain.


The Boom 2 is one of the more stylish on-ear Bluetooth headsets out in the market. It offers excellent quality and value as well. It has good noise cancellation, decent battery life, and multiple customization options for ear comfort. However, the biggest draw is that the headset is also good for listening to music while driving.

If you can afford it, we recommend that you opt for the upgraded Boom 2+ instead. The additional maximum talk time goes a long way for truckers.

  • Multiple ear tip options right out of the box
  • Good noise suppression ability
  • Fares decently for playing music
  • Easy to carry around due to small size
  • Maximum talk time is lacking unless you go with Boom 2+
  • Need to spend more for added durability

A Few Final Words for Truck Drivers

Good product reviews go a long way. People rely on them when buying Bluetooth headsets or other products online. However, when it comes to Bluetooth headset for those of you who drive trucks for a living, reviews and ratings can be misleading, especially the negative ones.

Our goal was to paint an honest picture of every headset we tried, including both the positive and the negative.

We agree that the VXi BlueParrott B250-XTS is one of the best for truck drivers, but not everyone will benefit from its features, which is why we highlight 14 other great products on this list.

Use our shopping guide to help you understand what to look for before you choose, and then when you are ready to purchase, head to the reviews so you know what to expect when you open the box.

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  1. Geore says:

    the jawbone one is still the best altho not made any more.I still use the first one that is about five years old and got a second one-still in the box.jawbone should go back to them.great noise cancel and volume control.

  2. Clint says:

    I use the VXI BlueParrott Roadwarrior B250-XT microphone, which some might say is a little over kill, with my computer along with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I’m a quadriplegic so a microphone and NaturallySpeaking is a must for this manner of accessibility and this headset delivers. I can continue using this microphone while someone is vacuuming right next to me. They put out or should I say in! I also use a USB version of VXI’s microphone when being tethered doesn’t matter. I’ve used quite a few microphones and 22 years, and nothing compares to the B250-XT.

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