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6 Best Bluetooth Headsets for iPhone 2022

Most electronics are easily compatible with a variety of available accessories; you can pick any Bluetooth product off the shelf and it’s guaranteed to work with just about any brand phone. But a few manufacturers, such as Apple, use proprietary materials and systems making it important to find the right accessories. The best Bluetooth headset for iPhone will have the hardware, connectors, and software ensuring that all the features work well.

Keeping our quick-reference handy means you’ll never have to wonder if your new accessory will work with your iPhone. It discusses important points to look for, gives you several purchasing options, and thoroughly reviews our top three choices.

The Guide to the Best Bluetooth Headset for iPhone

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Things to Consider on a Bluetooth Headset for iPhone

  • How Comfortable Are They? Style isn’t a problem as far as compatibility is concerned so you shouldn’t have trouble finding a comfortable headset. And we know comfort is a personal choice so we’ve chosen a variety of styles of headsets.

Headsets are available in mono or stereo format; buds and cans come as in-ear, around-ear, and over-ear. Most are adjustable or come with several different sizes of tips.

  • Which Is Better: Mono or Stereo? Stereo Bluetooth headsets are increasingly popular though the traditional mono headsets are quite useful and preferred by many users. though, and they’re still indispensible if you make a lot of calls while walking or driving.

Stereo headsets can be used for more than listening to audio. Calls can be made as well. These are generally larger than mono headsets but in-ear stereo headsets even have the option of being used in mono.

Mono headsets are your choice if you won’t be using them for casual listening. They’re incredibly small and light, which makes them prone to getting lost.

  • Will Call Quality Suffer? Call quality won’t suffer by purchasing an iPhone-compatible headset. Just like most products, quality can vary.

Headsets with multiple microphones and noise-cancellation technology will have better call quality. But they’ll be more expensive and need to be charged more often than basic units.

Top 3 Best Bluetooth Headset for iPhone Reviews

1. LG Tone HBS-730

The HBS-730, better known as the Tone Plus, by LG is a stand-out product for its features, and call- and sound-quality.

Tone Plus is technically categorized as stereo headphones and look considerably larger than a mono Bluetooth headset but is nearly unnoticeable when worn. The flexible neckband didn’t kink or lose its shape as we tried it with different clothing, and the earbuds start securely magnetized to it when not in use.

One charge on feature-packed Plus lasts nearly ten hours. Plus includes noise reduction and echo cancellation that require no extra software or apps.

Background noise was definitely not a problem when using these, though callers did note we sounded slightly mechanical. Overall the phone function is quite useable.

Music is well-balanced. Popular genres are enjoyable but if you’re not satisfied with the balance that’s okay because LG equipped Tone Plus with an adjustable equalizer.

HBS-730 by LG dominates for its versatility and overall quality.

2. Bose SoundLink around-ear

SoundLink by Bose delivers audiophile-like sound for calls and music.

SoundLink’s fully adjustable frame and memory foam padding make it equally suitable for quick conversations as it is for long movies. The earcups rotate and pivot for a customized fit. Repositioning them is easy; we had no problems taking a call during a movie and adjusting them so that we used just one earcup.

Expect a phenomenal fifteen hours of use. And as a bonus, SoundLink can even be used wired. If you’re prone to forgetting to recharge then this is a really awesome feature.

Audio is clear and smooth; what we’ve come to expect from Bose. They’re more crisp when used wired but that’s expected when comparing Bluetooth to a wired connection. Call clarity is equally satisfactory. We experienced no delays or garbled speech.

Anyone with uncompromising taste for sound quality will be satisfied using SoundLink by Bose.

3. Plantronics Explorer 50

The Explorer 50 by Plantronics is a satisfactory option if you prefer mono stereo style and don’t need a stereo option.

Explorer 50 is comfortable and easily worn all day. It didn’t fall out or move like some mono headsets.

Calls are balanced and free of background noise. Callers don’t echo, nor do they sound tinny. Using this Plantronics is just about as good as a regular phone.

Because it’s so small one charge will last Explorer 50 several days. And its size didn’t keep it from having a suitable Bluetooth range. Like its larger counterparts it reaches about thirty feet.

If you only need to make calls then Explorer 50 by Plantronics is a cost-effective choice.