Best Behind the Neck Headphones 2022

Best Behind the Neck Headphones

It seems like everybody these days owns a pair of those “head” phones that look like they’ve fallen off the wearer’s head and landed conveniently around their neck. They’re pretty comfortable to wear, so it’s not a surprise that so many people are making the switch from the standard headphones!

On our list below, we help you find the best behind the neck headphones that will allow you to enjoy your music comfortably.

Not sure which one is right for you? No worries, you can use our guide below to make a checklist of important features!

Why Neckband Headphones?

So, why do people like them?

The biggest appeal is definitely the minimalist approach.  You don’t have wires flailing and dangling everywhere since most have a retractable wire feature, and they are easy to store (look for models that fold for maximum convenience, like number one on our list below).

They act both as stereo and calling device, so they pretty much allow you to do two of your favorite things (listen to music and talk on the phone) without having to juggle multiple gadgets.

Some runners are also fond of using them, but it’s important to find a pair that won’t fall out or fall down as you run. Check out number five below if you need something good for running!

Choose Your Type

There are two main types of neckband headphones.

  • Earbud. As we all know, these are inserted into the ear canal. For those with an active lifestyle, these are the most popular choice. They offer you great sound quality but don’t entirely block out the noises happening around you (think safety: it’s important to hear any potential dangers nearby, such as traffic, yet you still want to hear your favorite music as you run).
  • Over-Ear. When you want a convenient way to close yourself into your own musical world, shutting out all other sounds, go with an over-ear headphone.

Numbers two and four are great choices below, and number four has particularly good noise-cancelling features. Check them both out!


If you plan to wear them outside during walks, runs or any other time that you find yourself outside, it’s important to find something that can handle moisture well.

Top 3 Best Neckband Headphones Reviews

1. Mpow Jaws Gen5 Bluetooth Headphones

For us, some of the best behind the neck headphones (and most popular) are the Jaws from Mpow.

This Bluetooth headset features a vibrating function that alerts you to incoming calls, it has an integrated microphone that allows you to answer and talk without having to grab your smartphone and it has an extra-long battery life (18 hours of talk or music). Sweet! They also feature Bluetooth 5.0, an 8 mm dynamic speaker system, call vibration, as well as a CVC 6. 0 noise-cancelling mic.

They are ideal for students, commuters or anyone who needs something convenient and hands-free throughout the day. We highly recommend them!

2. Sony MDR-G45LP

If you want an affordable pair of neckband headphones that sit over the ear, check out this pair from Sony.

They offer great sound quality and pack a punch with the bass and low distortion (1.18 in neodymium driver units). Boom! It is also lightweight and has a 3.94-foot cord.

While this is slightly less convenient due to the wire, it is still a great option for anyone who wants optimal sound quality and who doesn’t like using earbuds.

Remember that Sony also sells interchangeable covers if you want to personalize the color rather than stick with the standard black.

3. LG Electronics Tone Pro HBS-760

Another great pair of neckband earbud headphones worth your money are these LG Tone Pros.

Use them as you jam to your favorite tunes an answer an incoming call with the Bluetooth with the call and music controls on the side of the headphones. It allows you to connect two devices simultaneously and it can even read your text messages aloud to you with the convenient Text-To-Speech feature.

The sound experience is awesome (noise- reduction, echo cancellation) with a strong bass and excellent treble. All genres of music sound great, as do any incoming phone calls. Clear sound and powerful volume!

Just be careful with the volume. It’s pretty loud even on the low setting. Hopefully we just helped prevent a sound explosion in your ears!