10 Best Bass Earbuds 2022

If you like heavy bass but don’t like the large size of most headphones then we have got your covered. Here we’ll explore your options for the best bass earbuds.

We explain a few important characteristics then review our favorite three products in detail.¬†They’ll not only sound great, but also fit your personality and budget.

The Guide to the Top 10 Best Bass Earbuds

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Things to Consider Bass Earbuds

  • Comfort. All in-ear headphones have tips that fit inside your ear canal. But there are three different styles, and each fit slightly differently.

They are available styles are flat, mushroom, and Christmas tree. None are inherently better or worse than the others. They each offer a unique set of pros and cons depending on your usage and preferences.

Flat tips sit very shallow and don’t go very deep at all. They’re prone to moving around allowing sound to leak, and falling out of your ears. Leaking sound affects the bass tones, and interferes with anyone nearby. And headphones falling out of your ears is just plain annoying, so these probably won’t be your first choice if you plan to move your head a lot.

Mushroom styles headphones fit deeper in the ear canal than the flat kind. They also stay in place better. Ear buds with good bass commonly have this shape because they keep sound focused inward.

Tree-shaped tips fit the deepest in the ear canal. These are great for isolating sound and penetrating bass tones. Headphones usually come with a few different sizes of them so that you can get a good seal. Tips that are too big will pinch, but small ones will fall out. It’s common to find this tip on earbuds with good bass.

  • Clarity. Bass tones aren’t easy for earbuds to produce. Low tones require a lot of speaker area; the lower the tone, the more speaker is needed. Materials have come a long way since earbuds were first produced but you’ll still want to make sure that the set you choose is able to produce the sound that you want.

The best earbuds for bass will have punchy bass that isn’t fuzzy or muddy. Different genres of music will have different amounts of bass. But regardless of genre, bass should cut through the song without drowning out other tunes.

Good bass accentuates whatever music you choose to listen to; the best earbuds for bass will accomplish that with ease.

  • Durability. It doesn’t matter what style in-ear bass headphones you choose, or how comfortable they are if they wind up breaking.

Make sure that the earbuds you choose have a sturdy cord and seams. Sturdy cords won’t tangle easily and create shorts in the wiring. Strong seams mean your components won’t separate.

Top 3 Best Earbuds for Bass Reviews

1. Audio Technica ATH-IM04 SonicPro

Audio Technica’s ATH-IM04 is one of our best in ear headphones for bass because of its smooth balance; but you’ll also like how comfortable it is.

IM04’s angled horn shape fits perfectly inside our ears. Its detachable cables are made of formable wire that easily shapes around clothes and other accessories. A carrying case is included so that you can keep the wire’s shape.

Overall the sound signature exhibits a wide range that doesn’t over-emphasize any particular part. Its smooth punch is pleasant no matter what we listened to. The bass is perfectly situated and clear akin to Bose’s soundstage. If you’re looking for a unit that produces head-thumping sound this isn’t it. But if you’re after polished sound then you have met your match.

Audio Technica’s ATH-IM04 are your earbuds of choice for enjoyable balanced sound. And their formable wire means they’re great for any application.


XB90EX by Sony is a Japanese import that doesn’t disappoint. Its head-pounding extra bass and comfortable design are sure to please anyone wanting to host a party inside their head.

Genres such as heavy deep electronica are especially suitable for MDR-XB90EX. As is rock music. Low tones are nothing less than throbbing. It pulsates, accentuating every beat exactly where you’d expect it. They’re also extremely clear; not muddied at all.

The sound signature emphasizes low tones but Sony’s MDR-XB90EX unique design compliments the extra bass. It features a vertical in-ear design that allows you to clearly hear high-range sound. Elements such as rock’s guitars and vocals, or electronica’s synthesizers are readily apparent and articulate. Often these components are lost in earbuds with good bass.

We noticed that these separate ambient sound exceptionally well. These could easily be used in quiet or noisy situations. We also liked XB90EX’s Y-cord that prevents tangles.

XB90EX by Sony is a potent set of buds. They’re sure to keep you pumped no matter where you’re trying to rock out.

3. NHT SuperBuds

NHT’s SuperBuds appeal to high-end aesthetics, and maintain clear thumpy bass.

SuperBuds are different from the ground up. Unlike most units that are made of plastic and thin cords, these are built with an aluminum housing and braided cord. Aluminum is durable, light, and adds a touch of style.

NHT finished SuperBuds with comfortable latex and Comply Foam tips. Latex is softer than plastic and less likely to pinch the inside of sensitive ears. The Comply Foam is a memory foam that feels great during e extended use.

SuperBuds from NHT sound full and articulate. They work well with any style of music, but especially well for electronic styles. They favor more bass than would be considered neutral but don’t sacrifice higher tones. Elements such as vocals are neither lost nor overpowered.

NHT’s SuperBuds are the perfect solution for anyone looking to add some style to their music. And their build quality ensures they’ll last a long while.