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Best 7.1 Gaming Headset 2022

If you’re on the hunt for a new gaming headset, the tons of choice available might leave you feeling bewildered. The market is full of gaming headsets all boasting special qualities and enhancements, which could prove tricky when trying to figure out the right one for you.

We’ve done the leg-work and come up with the best 7.1 gaming headsets out there, which should make your decision a lot easier!

Top Six 7.1 Gaming Headsets Complete Table

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What You Need to Know

There are several issues that you really need to consider before buying a gaming headset and here we take a look at them:

  • Virtual 7.1. The difference between virtual 7.1 and true surround sound headsets, and the possible consequences for your gaming experience, can be a little confusing. In simple terms, true surround sound involves several speakers broadcasting from different angles, giving the surround sound effect. In contrast, virtual 7.1 headsets have only two speakers which create a simulated surround sound.

Although more expensive, true surround sound headsets can be built to an inferior quality; however, the sound produced is generally more accurate.

  • Compatibility. Gaming headsets are not compatible with every games console or all operating systems; indeed, many headsets are specifically made for one particularly usage. Therefore, always ascertain that the headset is suitable for your specifications and requirements.
  • Comfort. The art of gaming can be lengthy and an uncomfortable headset could totally spoil the experience. Although many manufacturers make comfort a priority, there isn’t really a “one size fits all” rule; therefore, where possible, always try headphones before you purchase them.

The Top 3 Best 7.1 Gaming Headset Reviews

1. Etekcity Scroll Gaming Headset

This headset is a resounding winner when it comes to providing comfort, style and sound quality with a design that is the epitome of cool.

The Etekcity has a sturdiness that belies its affordable price. Comfort wise, it is lightweight with pillow-style cups that cover the whole ear, along with an adjustable headset. Furthermore, the super long braided cord adds to the ease of use.

Although the model is a virtual 7.1, the bass enhancement, passive noise reduction, external audio control and adjustable mic all ensure that the audio is far from lacking.

Overall, with the enhancements, impressive appearance, superb levels of comfort and great quality of sound, you certainly get a lot for your money. If you’re looking for the overall best 7.1 gaming headset, look no further.

2. Sentey® Gaming Headset

Although not a name you might particularly associate with gaming headsets, Sentey have outdone themselves by producing a front-runner in the form of the Arches.

Visually stunning, it looks and performs like a high end product, but without the price tag. The headset is made for comfort with a light frame and spring-loaded cables that adjust the headband, allowing it (in theory) to fit any shape or size.

Function wise, the Arches has a few nifty enhancements such as an inbuilt vibration function perfect for gaming (along with an amazing bass), an omnidirectional microphone with a LED on/off indicator, and an inline control unit.

If you are looking for a decently priced, comfortable and enhanced headset that performs on an equal footing to more expensive counterparts, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

The Logitech G430 is a well-respected and affordable gaming headset and this model is the only one out of our top 6 that offers Dolby 7.1 surround sound.

The headset features maximum comfort by way of a lightweight, balanced design and adjustable 90 degree swiveling ear cups. In addition to the accurate 360-degree surround sound, the G430 has several useful enhancements including a folding, noise-cancelling microphone and on-cable controls.

Negative aspects include a mic that is on the quiet side and has a tendency to drop in and out. Additionally, although the lightweight design helps with overall comfort, it does make it appear flimsy and certainly not the most robust headset.

Overall, the Logitech has plenty to offer by way of special features and despite its slight negatives, is a great gaming headset option.