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15 Best PS4 Headsets 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Finding a decent PS4 headset can be a real pain, we know. You need to spend many hours researching just to single out the top three or five products in a market full of pretenders. If you don’t know where to look, you can easily end up

15 Best Earbuds for Working Out 2022 – The Definitive Guide

For many of us, the only way to dedicate 110% of our attention to a workout routine – be it a muscle-building gym session or intense cycling session to burn some fat – is with our favorite tunes leading the way. Music has such a powerful impact

Sennheiser vs. Bose 2022: Who Is the Winner?

So many good audio brands exist that it can be difficult to choose just one pair of headphones out of them all. Unfortunately, you can’t buy them all, but your choice does become easier when you concentrate only on a couple brands at a time. If you’ve

10 Best Xbox One Headsets 2022

You can feel the bad guys coming. It’s a shame that you can’t hear them or the warnings from you teammates regarding your impending doom due to the fact that your headset is, for lack of a better word, crap. You crank your headset’s single volume control

6 Best Foldable Headphones 2022

There isn’t much point spending a small fortune on the most expensive headphones if all you need is basic sound quality to listen to music but if your headphones only cost a few dollars you can’t really expect them to produce quality sound or to last for

10 Best Skullcandy Earbuds 2022

Lifestyle audio brand Skullcandy has quickly positioned itself as “the world’s coolest ear bud” by appealing to the free-spirited nature of a young audience. Skullcandy boosts their credibility further by collaborating with celebrity athletes from sports such as motocross and skateboarding, as well as with artists like

Best Gaming Headset 2022: Destroy the Competition

Real gaming headsets are truly made to fit gamers’ needs and to gain an edge over the in-game competition. They have more directional sound to tell where other players are around you, include more options and are more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. There are

10 Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50 of 2022

Don’t think that your $50 limit automatically means that you’re settling for a lower quality product when it comes to a pair of headphones. We’ve done our research and there are actually some pretty good choices out there in this price range, so if you’re looking for

10 Best Earbuds for Running 2022

It’s annoying when you head out for a jog and your headphones flop around or fall out as you pound the pavement. You hear your favorite tunes fade in and out with every strike, making it impossible to enjoy the music and focus on your run. Some