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Astro A10

Astro A10

Astro A10 Review

The Astro headphones brand is synonymous with high-end wireless gaming headsets, which can be exceptionally expensive compared to other gaming headsets.  We were immediately intrigued when we heard about the Astro A10 headset being released by Astro as an entry-level gaming alternative in the headset market.  Astros headphones gaming headset was an interesting alternative to the HyperX & Turtle Beach headsets that have flooded the market.

Field testing the Astro A10, it is clear they can compete with virtually every headset on the market from small to large competitors in this space.  The Astro A10 is a great value for money, with a sleek design, good audio, and a reliable microphone.  Our initial test found the Astro A10 to be a little snug in a large market of plush, expensive headsets.

Astro A10 Overall Design Aesthetics

Style of the Astro A-10

The Astro A10 has the same design as the Astro 50 Gen 3 Wireless with bright colored accents on the ears. The A10s have a distinctive gaming-oriented design thanks to the boom microphone which works well in indoor settings. I found they had a better fit and finish than either the HyperXCloud Stinger or the Logitech Gaming Headset.

A10 Stability

We found the A10s as a stable set of gaming headphones.  They are comfortable to wear during casual gaming sessions but we discourage using the A-10s during vigorous exercise.

A10 Astro Comfort

The Astro A10 is decently comfortable. Ear cups are large enough to fit most ears and decently padded.  We found the A-10 devices a little tighter than the Astro Gen 3 which makes is potentially uncomfortable during long gaming sessions.

Breathability of Astro A-10

As a result of the A10’s porous ear pads, the Astro A10 are quite breathable. The Astro A10 fully encapsulate your ear so that you may experience some warmth during prolonged gaming sessions.

A10 Portability

Like most gaming headphones, the Astro A10 are not designed to be as portable as earbuds.  In fact, the A-10 devices are bulky, heavy and do not fold down into a small size by design.

Astro 10 Controls

The controls on the Astro A10 Headset are easily navigable with an average interface. The only physical controls are two, which can be a little restrictive. The volume wheel does not have any discrete points so it is difficult to set a consistent volume. When you reach min or maximum volume, the wheel will stop. When you place the mic upright, it makes a clicking sound to let you know that your volume is muted.

Overall Quality Astro A10

The Astro A10 has a solid engineering build quality. The majority of the Astro A10 gaming headsets are made from durable plastic material which makes them feel sturdy and long-lasting. Although they don’t have the same premium build as the Astro Gen 3 Wireless headband, the A10 headband feels more flexible.  Important to note: the engineers at Astro made it easy to replace the cable if it becomes damaged by wear and tear.

AstroA10 Sound

Accuracy of Astros

These headphones are very accurate in their bass sound signature. The low-bass is slightly underemphasized so that you might not feel the deep thump in action-packed games. Your audio will have an additional boom and punch if you emphasize the high and mid-bass.

Sound Profile of Astro A10s

We found the overall sound profile of the Astro A10 a bit uneven with specific sound effects producing a strong punch.  At present, the A-10s are not compatible with Astro Command Centre software and lack a built-in EQ presets that can be used to customize the sound to your taste.

Astros A-10s Dips and Peaks

These headphones offer middling performance with varying peaks and troughs. The bass range has a peak that produces a loud, punchy bass. It becomes a deep dip at the mid-mid and lead instruments and vocals are moved to the back. High-mid notes are harsher with the highest peak creating sibilance of the letter T slightly stronger than necessary.

A10’s Frequency Response

The Astro A10 has a very consistent frequency response. They are very consistent with their bass delivery, but they can be more inconsistent in the treble range. To get the same listening experience, you may have to adjust them every time you wear them.

The A10s Mid-Accuracy

The headphones are good for mid-range accuracy. The low-mid is neutral so you can hear vocals and the lead instruments. These sounds are pushed to the back by the dip in the middle-mid, while the peak at the high-mid makes them harsher and more honky.

Astros A10 Treble Accuracy

Astro Gaming A10 has a very good treble accuracy. The low-treble is a bit strong, which can obscure the higher harmonics of vocals or lead instruments. The mid-treble is more nuanced resulting in a bright listening package.  .

Imaging Quality of the A10s

These headphones offer excellent imaging. The headphones have a great imaging quality with equally matched L/R drivers.  The overall phase and amplitude helped to create a strong stereo image with precise placement and object localization.

Passive Soundstage

Passive soundstage performance on the Astro A10 is quite frankly a little disappointing. The soundstage is larger than in-ears or on-ears but still sounds more like it is coming from your head than speakers in the room.

AstroA10 Harmonics

Astro gaming A10 has a fantastic weighted harmonic distortion performance. The spike in low treble at normal listening volume can make audio sound harsh and impure. However, it might not be obvious to everyone while immersed in a game.  We found the low treble frequency pleasing are within acceptable with a clear audio reproduction.

A-10 Noise Isolation

A10s Sound Leakage

The leakage levels for the Astro A10 are mediocre. Although the leakage isn’t too loud, it does sound more like in-ear headphones. It could be audible to others if you listen to loud audio in mixed company.

Astro Noise Isolation

These headphones are less than average at blocking background noises.  The A10s are less suitable for noisy environments which means you can easily hear traffic or noisy neighbors while gaming.

Astro A10 Microphone

Excellent recording quality from the boom mic. The recorded speech sounds rich, full and detailed, but it lacks brilliance or airiness.

Noise Handling

The microphone of the Astro A10 Headset is excellent at handling noise. The microphone transmits your voice clearly even in noisy environments.

Top Astro A-10 Questions:

Does the Astro A10 have a Good Mic?

Although the setup process is not so easy, the Astro A10’s microphone works well for gaming headsets. It reduces the emphasis on bass sounds which means people with deep voices may not hear it as well.

Do Astro A10 have Good Bass?

These headphones are very accurate in their bass. The low-bass is slightly underemphasized so that you might not feel the deep thump in action-packed games. Your audio will have an additional boom and punch if you emphasize the high and mid-bass.

Are Astros A10 Wireless

The Astro A10 gaming headphones are wired-only and simple to use.

Is the Astro A10 Surround Sound?

The A10 Headset, a 3.5mm stereo headset delivers audio via a left channel and right channel. It can also be connected to other devices capable of processing and sending surround sound signals.

What Headset Does Ninja Use?

Ninja currently uses the Beyerdynamic 459038 DT 990PRO Open-Studio, which is a dynamic over-ear headphone for professional editing, mastering, and mixing.

Can You Hear Footsteps with Astro A10?

The A10 gaming devices are bass-rich headphones with solid directional audio.  The sounds of guns and flashbangs are on target as well as speech clarity.  The headphones are not ANC devices so users will easily pick up background noises when not game-focused.

Why does My Astro A10 Sound Muffled?

Make sure your A10 headset is properly plugged in to the computer to avert the muffled sounds that may occur.  Also, it is important to verify that the headset is enabled for use by the voice application. Turn the Volume Control Cable knob up to the desired level to ensure an engaging, immersive gaming experience.

Astro A10 Microphone not Working

Switch the Astro A10 microphone to the default and check if it works. The default settings are usually changed by the computer when the headset is plugged in. If it does not work right away, you can manually make changes to troubleshoot.

Bonus: Astro A03 Earbuds

Astro A03 in-ear monitors allow you to get the most from your gaming experience on consoles, PCs, tablets, smartphones, and wherever else you may be. Dual driver technology produces clear, precise audio that allows you to hear every detail and enjoy every minute of your games, music and movies.

Astro earbuds were designed for gaming. Developers, streamers, and pro gamers work together to deliver the dialogue, music, and sounds that they intended. The Astro Audio V2 offers a smooth, neutral frequency spectrum that allows for accurate, detailed imaging. For balanced resolution, this means clear highs, crisp mids, and tight distortion-free basses.

High-quality drivers for the low range and high middles deliver incredible clarity in a compact package. The dedicated bass driver reduces the bass distortion in the highs and middles. This allows the A03’s deliver a more natural audioscape while reproducing audio cues and music with exceptional clarity.

Astros Gaming A10

Are Astro A10s Good for Gaming?

The Astro A10 is a great headset for gamers who have had prior challenges with setting up Bluetooth gaming headsets. The headset is very comfortable, even for gamers who wear glasses. Prolonged usage will likely result in ear discomfort as they fit a bit snug.

The headset worked on all platforms equally well. It was great for playing games on PS4 with seamless headset connectivity.  Utilizing a basic splitter, allows for PC gaming and talking to other players.

Astro A10 PS4

The A10 Headset for PlayStation 4 has ASTRO Audio “Tuned for Gaming“, which ensures you can hear your game and the voices of your teammates with clarity. You have total control over your gaming audio with the unidirectional microphone that flips to mute and has an in-line volume adjustment.

Astro A10 Xbox One

The Astro A10 gaming headset works well with Xbox One, PC, Mac, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 with no discernable interference.

Is the Astro A10 Worth it?

We found the overall quality of the Astro A10 to be pleasing, snug, and a good value for the price.  The punch bass and quality worked as expected for the price-point.  The easy setup and compatibility are big pluses for those wanting to plug-and-play out of the box.  Overall, the Astro A-10s were a decent pair of gaming headsets considering all available factors.

FAQ: Astro A10 Review

Are there any Astro gaming headsets better than this one?

Astro is a well-known brand but many of its offerings are lacking when compared to its high-end headsets.  For example, the Astro A20 Gen 2 gaming headset is an excellent Xbox-centric gaming headset with a more robust sound signature at a much higher price point.

Will the Astro A10 Microphone Work with My Phone?

The Astro A10’s microphone will work fine if your phone supports TRRS connections.