AKG Headphones

AKG Headphones

AKG Headphones

AKG is the most well-known brand in recording, full stop. One product that was the lynchpin to their success has been microphones. Over 70 years later, this is still the case; however, AKG headphones are the company’s other product focus and have been a stalwart in this space of late.

The company has adopted the same guiding principles that made them a success in the microphone manufacturing space. They have slowly, but surely, improved their headphone manufacturing engineering prowess and fabrication skills while still excelling at microphone manufacturing.

Today we have dug in to the AKG portfolio of headphones to give you the best AKG headphones on the market today plus a series of important user questions.

Choosing the Best AKG Headphones to Suit Your Needs?

You can choose to invest in high-end studio-quality headphones or portable, premium in-ear headphones. Read on to find the best AKG headphones for you based on your preferences and budget.

Take into consideration the sound signature of the headphone, battery life, usage, cost, and features before buying.  User feedback on fit and comfort are also key attributes to consider if you wear headphones for extended periods of time.

AKG is known for its outstanding track record in microphone engineering and performance. The company started producing microphones in 1949 and headphones in 1953. They still make some of the most high-quality headphones we have ever tested.

We have reviewed many AKG headphones, and we list our top picks. Each of these headphones are highly recommended. All you have to do is choose which one suits you the best.

AKG Y400

AKG Y400 Specs

  • Weight: 170g
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • Battery life: 20 Hours
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Built-in microphone and controls: Yes

Tested AKG Y400 Headphone Highlights

  • Extensive, detailed presentation
  • Impeccable timing
  • Classy finish and build

AKG Y400 wireless on-ear headphones are a portable and affordable option for those looking for a set of on-the-go Bluetooth headphones. The unique sound signature and overall user experience are clear benefits over other headphones on the market which helps offset the lack of app support and noise-cancelling technology.

We found the AKG Y400 supremely comfortable, well-built, portable, and lightweight. The Y400 is a cheaper version of the company’s Y500 on-ears, but they don’t have any compromises in sound quality. These AKG headphones are highly recommended and have a 20-hour battery life.


AKG Y50 Specs

  • Weight: 191g
  • Bluetooth No
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Charging: N/A
  • Built-in Mic & Controls: Yes

Tested AKG Y50 Headphone Highlights

  • Ritual, clear and detailed
  • Time well
  • Dynamic and punchy

AKG Y50 Cons

  • Sources might require extra volume
  • Ears get warm

These wired headphones have won multiple awards since their inception.  We found the earphones to be both stylish and powerful. They have soft leather earpads and aluminum earcups. These Y50s are a standout among the rest of the retail market. They have a near flawless balance, amazing detail, and a remarkable level of detail. Add in the attractive cost and portability, and you will see why the Y50s are truly a great overall value.

AKG Y500 Wireless

AKG Y500 Spec

  • Weight: 230g
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • Battery life: 33 hours
  • USB charging
  • Built-in Mic & Controls: Yes

Tested AKG Y500 Headphone Highlights

  • Clear, refined and detailed sound
  • Smooth presentation
  • Excellent build quality and design

The AKG Y500 headphones are stylish, wireless headphones that score high in all notable categories. They are compact enough to be carried in your pocket, but they sound big and rhythmic. You can connect to your smartphone’s voice-assistant via a button on the earcup. The Y500s also automatically pause music when the ear cups are removed. The Y500s have been superseded but the Y500s still offer great all-rounders with their rich features, long battery life, and great controls.


AKG K92 Specs

  • Weight: 200g
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • Battery life = N/A
  • Charging: N/A
  • Mic and controls built in:

Tested AKG K92 Headphone Highlights

  • Smooth, enjoyable sound
  • Plenty detail, clarity, fluid dynamics
  • Great rhythmic ability

The AKG K92 headphones are budget-friendly headsets that pack a punch.  We found the cushioning to be excellent and the headband adjusts quite easily. The provided cables are perfect for use with home hi-fi systems. Plus, the AKG K92’s come with both a 6.3mm adaptor and 3m cable. Overall, we found the AKG K92 headphones a real bargain for the cost to value ratio.


AKG Y50BT Specs

  • Weight: 213g
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • Battery life: 20 Hours
  • Charging: Micro USB
  • Built-in Mic & Controls: Yes

Tested AKG Y50BT Headphone Highlights

  • Expressive clarity and detail.
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Comfortable

The AKG Y50BT headphones have accomplished something special that many companies have failed to reproduce.  The Y50BT Bluetooth headphones have been specifically engineered to match the overall quality and performance of a set of wired headphones.  We have placed these at the top of our list of tested headphones and are the next generation of headphones in the AKG suite of headphones.  The intuitive ear cup controls and overall quality make these a must-buy.

AKG N60NC Wireless

  • Weight: 200g
  • AKG N60NC Specs
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise-cancelling: Yes
  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Charging: USB-C
  • Built-in microphone and controls: Yes

Tested AKG N60NC Wireless Headphone Highlights

  • Great noise cancellation
  • Solid bass
  • Clear midrange, treble

The N60NC Wireless headphones combine Bluetooth, noise cancelling, and great audio quality in a stylish and elegant package that has won multiple awards. The N60NC Wireless headphones, despite their small size, do a great job of cancelling out ambient noises like jet engines and cars.

You’ll find lots of drive, detail, and precision in the AKG N60NC headphones. The deep bass and clear mids, these headphones pack a punch.  The N60NC wireless offer 15 hours of Bluetooth playback and noise-cancelling technology.  The form factor allows you to easily tuck them into your jacket pocket for maximum portability.


AKG N60NC Specs

  • Weight: 150g
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Noise-cancelling: Yes
  • Battery life: 30 hours
  • Charging: Micro USB
  • Built-in Mic & Controls: Yes

Tested AKG N60NC Headphone Highlights

  • Clear, punchy sound
  • Sonically balanced
  • Effective noise-cancellation

These wired N60NC headphones differ very little from their wireless counterparts. As expected, the N60NC wired headphones perform with panache and offer excellent noise cancellation. With a collapsible hatband, they make great travel friends.

The battery life is great with around 30 hours of playback with a robust active sound cancellation.  This combination makes the N60NC a great travel partner for long bus rides or cross-country flights.


  • Weight: 500g
  • AKG K72 Specs
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • Battery life – N/A
  • Charging: N/A
  • Mic and controls built in:

Tested AKG K72 Headphone Highlights

  • Excellent value
  • Very comfortable

The AKG K72 studio-style headphones are attractively priced below the PS50 which is a big win for consumers.  We found the AKG K72 headphones the best cost to value headphones we tested.  The overall sound quality is deep, rich and large enough to play a raucous movie soundtrack with room to spare.

You get a quality 3m cable to use with your stereo amplifier. It’s a subtle hint that these cables are not meant to be carried. The K72s are an excellent value for money, and perfect for listening in your media room.


AKG K52 Specs

  • Weight: 200g
  • Bluetooth: No
  • Noise-cancelling: No
  • Battery life – N/A
  • Charging: N/A
  • Built-in Mic & Controls: Yes

Tested AKG K52 Headphone Highlights

  • Open, airy presentation
  • Agile & rhythmic
  • Durable and comfortable

You’ll love the K52s if you enjoy simple pleasures of comfort, sound quality, and affordability in one package.  We found the K52 headphones to be sturdy and well-constructed.  The lightweight 200 grams of the K52 device starts with a metal frame along with the plush, comfortable headset.

The K52 headphones are agile, well-balanced, comfortable.  All in all, the K52 devices are a quality option for budget-conscience audiophiles.


AKG N700NC Specs

  • Weight: 261g
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Noise-cancelling: Yes
  • Battery life: 23 Hours
  • USB charging
  • Built-in microphone and controls

Tested AKG N700NC Headphone Highlights

  • Solid design
  • Rich, controlled sound
  • Good details and weight

N700NC Cons to Consider

  • Sound lacks sophistication
  • It’s not the end of timing
  • Noise cancelling can be improved

The AKG N700NC headphones are a premium product that performs well in all of our tests.  These wireless headphones are designed for portability and deliver effortless timing, as well as a beautiful sound signature. AKG’s N700NC headphone are as elegant as they are intuitive to use.  With Bluetooth enabled and noise cancelling technology, we found the battery to last just under twenty-three hours wireless and nearly thirty-six if connected to a wired network.

The N700NC provided an effective degree of ANC short of an industry leading Sony WH1000XM3 headphones. AKG does offer a way to customize your ANC and volume with an Ambient Aware button.  All in all, the N700NC is a solid performer with unique features worth researching further.

AKG Headphone Deep Dive

AKG ProAudio K92

The AKG ProAudio K92 headphones are the least expensive model in the AKG family of headphones.  Most audiophiles would opine the quality would drop significantly but, to our utter surprise, that is not what we found. Quick hits of the ProAudio K92 include:

  • A sleek closed-back design to limit sound leaking
  • Studio-ready 3m resistant cable
  • Replaceable earcups allow you to alternate for style, comfort, and longevity
  • Solid bass sounds that replicate low frequencies with surprising quality
  • Limited distortion across the frequency range with weak treble range
  • Bottom line: the AKG ProAudio K92 headphones are affordable and surprisingly robust given the cost to value proposition

AKG K240

The AKG K240 headphones are popular for a reason.  The quality, reliability and engineering combine to make a great pair of cans.  Let’s dive in more with the following test results:

  • Classic, AKG design
  • World-class soundstage technology
  • A detachable chord
  • Easily the least expensive AKG model to have Varimotion technology
  • Neutral sound signature with limited bass profile
  • Quality option for DJ mixing
  • Limited impedance of 55 ohm
  • Most users prefer to add an amp in conjunction with the K240 headphones to maximize the technology

AKG K702

We tested the AKG K702 and walked away with excitement beyond our expectations.  The depth and clarity couple together to give you a full audio experience.

  • Amazing clarity and depth
  • The cost to quality quotient is very low giving users maximum value
  • Consider using FLAC files instead of MP3 files for an enhanced experience
  • The K702 quality is so good, poor recordings can destroy a song
  • AKG’s Varimotion Diaphragm Technology is used in the K702 providing double the thickness of their standard diaphragm membranes
  • In short: diaphragms can handle higher sound pressure limits resulting in a crisper sound with minimal distortion

AKG K701

The K701 headphones are rated as one of the most comfortable headphones we have ever tested.  We were able to wear the K701 headphones for extended periods of time with little to no fatigue.

  • Great, snug fit without being too tight
  • Best for your media room or studio given the leakage of the open-back headphones
  • Flat sound signature
  • Perfectly engineered for critical listening
  • Exceptional soundstage technology
  • Bottom line: Quality listening experience with sound noticeable sound leak

AKG K550

The award winning AKG K550 have been praised for combining unique technology to allow users to enjoy multi-dimensional sounds of an open-back headphone system with noise-canceling benefits of a closed-back headphone.

  • Amazing sound quality and clarity
  • Industry leading 50mm drivers
  • Incredible soundstage technology
  • Exceptional clarity in the mids and highs
  • Low impedance of 32 ohm
  • No need for an amp to get the most of the K550 headphones


The AKG K812 Pro is the flagship headphone in the AKG family.  The price tag is hefty but remains a best seller given its many quality benefits.

  • Large 53mm drivers
  • On par with price of SennheiserHD800
  • Only 36 ohm impedance
  • Spot-on quality and sound clarity
  • A 1.5 Tesla magnet system results in amazing sound imaging
  • Ideal for sound engineers and producers
  • Bass-rich without being overpowering

Questions about AKG Headphones

 Is AKG a good headphone brand?

AKG is a renowned brand in microphones, headphones and audio system for professional and consumer markets. AKG was established in 1947 and has maintained a strong, world-class reputation ever since.

AKG, which was acquired in 1994 by Harman International (which is now owned by Samsung), has been a subsidiary to Harman International since then. The AKG brand is strong and still in existence today.

AKG may be best known for its incredible vintage and modern microphones and is also a well-respected designer/manufacturer of headphones.

Is AKG a Samsung brand?

AKG is now a Samsung trademark.

Is AKG good sound?

The sound quality and sound signatures vary by model and price.  All in all, the AKG family of headphones are highly sought after by sound engineers, music producers, and audiophiles around the world.

How much does an AKG cost?

Many of the AKG headphones on the market today have a very balanced frequency response for a very low price. Closed-back headphones are perfect for mixing, mastering and critical listening.  Meanwhile, the open-back headphone options provide a quality experience with great tones and clarity.  The cost varies between differing models and can be checked out via our reviews above.

What is the number 1 headphone brand?

Sennheiser, is a world-famous brand of headphones.  They are well-known for making high-quality products. Sennheiser was established in 1945. It offers a variety of headphones that can be used with a wide array of audio products.  The AKG family of headphones are close behind with a suite of headphones for critical listening and casual enjoyment.

Are AKG headphones better than Beats?

We found the Beats Solo3 Wireless a better sounding, better-built pair of headphones than the AKG N60NC Wireless. The AKG headphones are more flexible because they can block out more ambient noise, making them ideal for both commuters and office workers.

Is AKG a Chinese company?

Rudolf Gorike and Ernest Plass created the company in Vienna, Austria in 1947. The company started manufacturing microphones in 1949 and introduced headphones nine years later to the retail market.  Fast-forward to today, AKG is part Harman International Industries, which is a subsidiary Samsung Electronics.

Are AKG headphones made in China?

AKG produces over 95 percent of its products at its 17,000-square meter state-of the-art factory in Vienna, Austria. It has subsidiaries in Germany and the United States as well as joint ventures with Japan and India.

Is AKG owned by Harman Kardon?

Samsung has announced it has purchased Harman, the company behind more than 20 brands, including Harman/Kardon, JBL, and AKG.

How long do AKG headphones last?

AKG headphones are durable and can last for 7-10 years when properly maintained. AKG offers durable headphones that will last for a very long time.

Do AKG headphones have a mic?

Yes, AKG headphones have a mic built into the headsets.  In fact, AKG microphones were used in Hans Hass’s film Adventures in the Red Sea. In addition, the AKG headphones were mentioned by Dan Brown in both Deception Point and The Da Vinci Code.

Does AKG earphones have noise Cancelling?

AKG, one Samsung’s various audio brands has quietly introduced its first pair true wireless headphones, the AKG N400. This was announced via a product webpage posted on Samsung South Korean’s website. TizenHelp, who spotted the page said that the earbuds have noise cancellation and can run for five hours on a single battery (or six if ANC is turned off). These earbuds are available in three colors: black, white, and bleu.

How long do AKG headphones take to charge?

With a 5V charger, charging from zero to 100 percent could take up to five to six hours. That’s quite a long charge time. You might be able to leave it on charge before you go to bed. AKG Y50BT offers a remarkable 20 hour battery life with a single recharge.

Are Samsung earphones good?

Samsung is a well-known brand that produces high quality, stylish audio products. There aren’t many choices when searching for the best Samsung headphones, but their wireless models do a great job overall. They are fashionable and well-balanced.

Are over ear headphones better than on ear?

Passive isolation is second best for over-ear headphones. They are capable of blocking a fair amount of ambient noise and not requiring active cancellation. On-ear headphones, however, do not perform as well. The ear cups are typically smaller and rest on the ears, making it difficult to create a seal. They perform slightly better than earbuds due to their larger surface area but are not as effective as over-ear or in-ear designs.

Is AKG better than Bose?

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II/QC35 II Wireless 2018, are better headphones than AKG N700NC Wireless. Bose headphones have been rated as the most comfortable and provide superior noise isolation.

Is AKG better than JBL?

The AKG N700NC headphones sound better than the JBL Everest Elite 700. The AKG headphones have better cushioning than the JBL and are less stiff than the JBL. They also have a more neutral tone. However, the JBL are better at reducing ambient noise and leaking less. This makes them an excellent choice for commuters.

Is AKG waterproof?

Samsung offers the AKG N400 wireless earbuds, which are waterproof and have active noise cancelling. IPX7 water resistance. They can last for up to 30 mins under 1m of freshwater. They are not waterproof so you wouldn’t be able to swim with them.

Conclusion: AKG Headphones

AKG offers a leading set of headphones at a good value, making the buying proposition easier to make for retail users.  The style, engineering, quality and sound signatures are taken into account as we intently listed to each device.  All in all, our AKG experience was top-tier and will be doing further tests in the future with these quality headphones.

FAQ: AKG Headphones

Are AKG Headphones Worthwhile?

Overall, we found the cost to value proposition very much in favor of the consumer.  The fit, finish, quality, durability, and sounds offered by AKG were some of the best we have tested.  In the end, the choice to buy or not is entirely up to the consumer.

How Old are AKGs?

In 1947, the AKG company was founded. Within months, the first AKG microphones could be found in theatres, jazz clubs, and radio stations. The AKG DYN Series products were made by five workers. The first AKG headphones appeared on the market in 1949 for retail purchase.