Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled (5 Step Quick Fix)

Airpods Muffled

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled?

Why Do My AirPods Sound Muffled


Do your AirPods sound muffled? You might think they are muffled. However, this is not the type of listening experience that you would expect from Apple devices.


Before you tackle any other problems, make sure to check the battery of your AirPods. Your AirPods won’t need to be reset factory-style before you check this. However, it is much simpler to just plug your AirPods in for a quick charge.


AirPods are one of the best ASMR listening earbuds on the market, delivering clear audio that is unmatched. You can be sure that you’re not hearing a muffle. This is not the type of audio quality that Apple devices can provide.


Many people now consider them to be an excellent choice because of their small size and high quality sound. These are fashionable and trendy for millions around the world.


  1. AirPods might have dirty speakers


AirPods, as we all know are made by Apple. It is unlikely that the AirPods will become muffled from manufacturing errors. Dirty speakers will likely cause the sound to be muffled.


This is normal because the device is inserted into your ear canal. It is easy for ear wax or other undesirable material to build up and cause the muffled sounds you hear.


This is clearly not a good situation. Earbuds can also become dirty from people falling asleep with them in their ears. AirPods can get even more dirty by being pressed deeper into your ears than usual.


  1. Bluetooth interference in your AirPods network


Bluetooth interference is another reason why your AirPods might be muffled. This might be an issue you have often and it is worth having them serviced.


AirPods should never receive information from more then one Bluetooth connection at once. This will cause terrible listening experiences.


  1. Your AirPods must be reset


AirPods may become muffled if they are not reset. AirPods, like all devices, can become tired over time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they are broken. They just need to be reset in order to return to their original state. Once that is done, you will be able to have a crisp and clear listening experience.


Apple gadgets offer maximum functionality and a multitude of features that will allow you to manage your music with ease. Despite being made with the most advanced technology, Air Pods can sometimes malfunction and produce muffled sounds or distorted music.


Apple Air Pods and Their Sound


Apple’s website also contains this information. AirPods sit in your ears and use motion accelerometers as well as optical sensors to detect.


The voice detection feature also features a beamforming microphone for focusing on your voice and filtering out noise.


The standard charge includes 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours talk time. You can get a fast charge by purchasing a special case. This will allow you to receive 2 hours talk time and 3 hours listening.


For extra convenience, the escorting cool bag does everything.


These headphones are not only convenient, but they also provide high-quality sound. This makes it perfect for listening music or podcasts and produces crystal clear sounds in mid-tones.


You can relax for as long as you own the Air Pods. But if you are unhappy with the quality of the sound, you can always use the suggestions below.


How to fix muffled airpods


Dirty AirPods can cause muffled sounds. You should first clean your AirPods.


How to clean your AirPods


To wipe down the exterior, use a Microfiber Tissue. Even after daily use, you can do this. You won’t damage your Air Pods if you do this often.


It is important to clean speaker ports. This will ensure that crevices are clean and free from build-up. It is difficult to get into the indents because they are so small.  The right tools will help you succeed.


  • Microfiber cloth
  • Q-tip
  • Paper towel
  • Toothpick
  • Screen cleaner (similarly an optic cleaner to DSLR cameras)
  • You can substitute screen cleaner with rubbing alcohol (90% or more)
  • Small air pump or compressed air (optional)

After you have the ….. ready, continue the process:

Spray screen cleaner- Use the Q-tip’s one end to rub alcohol onto the Q-tip. This will soften any dirt or wax build-up. It is possible to clean units by using alcohol.

Spread the cleaner over the grill. Use the Q tip to reach every part of the earbuds with a dark mesh grille. This is the location where sound comes out and it’s most susceptible to messy buildup.

Pro Tip – Do not apply too much pressure to these areas because the mesh screen is fragile.


Toothpick can be used to remove the buildup.

You can wipe it again with a microfiber towel.

To get extra benefits, use compressed air. A compressed air canister is a tool that removes particles from behind the grill. This is an optional step, but it will bring you many benefits.

Drying Time: Allow them to dry after you have checked that they are safe. The speaker’s larger side should face downward so that liquid doesn’t damage the Air pods.

Do the same with the second earbud. You can complete the entire cleaning while still using one of your ear buds.

You should also clean the charging case.

You may not be able to resolve all of the sound muffling problems. You may need to take additional steps to correct this.

How to fix Bluetooth interference

Configure a stable Bluetooth Connection

Crackling or distortion sounds could be caused when Bluetooth is unstable. Bluetooth is the only way that your Air Pods will connect to any device. It is now clear how vital its function is and how it can be done without interference.

Stable Bluetooth Connection

You should identify the reason for the instability of the connection and then work to repair it.

Disable Bluetooth Devices Nearby

Due to the current digital environment, multiple users can use more than one Bluetooth device at once. These include keyboards and speakers, printers, printers, headphones, and wireless headphones.

It is important to make sure that the devices are turned off and disconnected.  This may not be the best solution for all problems but it can work for some users.  If the problem does not go away, move on to step 2.

Bluetooth activation and disabling

Bluetooth can experience connectivity issues similar to Wi-Fi. This is why it’s easy to fix the problem: Restart the connection on your iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

  • Open the Control Center and the Menu Bar on your phone’s PC.
  • Completely turn off your Bluetooth.
  • Count for around 10 seconds
  • Later, you can turn Bluetooth On

This may help you restore your Bluetooth connection in many cases. However, if this doesn’t work, follow these instructions to reset your Apple Air Pods.

Reset your Air Pods

You may be able to solve multiple problems by simply resetting your Air Pods. In addition to the improved sound quality, it may also resolve battery issues in early versions.

How to Reset your air Pods

After you’ve reset your earbuds ensure that they are repaired with your iPhone or iPad, Mac, and any other device.

Reset with the Setup Button. Hold the button down for around 15 seconds.

You should look out for the flashing white LED. The indicator light will first turn white. Later it will flash many times (amber). Finally, it will flash white again.

Pair Air Pods With Your Device: Now is the perfect time to pair your Air Pods.

Listen to something. You can also check your iOS device for updates if you still have issues.

How Often Should I Reset My AirPods

You should do this at least once a week to ensure that your AirPods run smoothly. You should be aware that you may have to reset your AirPods more often than you need.

You can reset your AirPods by placing them in their charging cases and waiting for 30 seconds. Next, you will need to remove the AirPods charging cover. Next, open the charging case for your AirPods.

After that, you’ll tap ‘forget device’ beside your AirPods. Click confirm. After the AirPods are open, hold down the setup button at the back of your case for around 15 seconds. You will see the status light flash amber, then flash white. This is the signal that your AirPods were reset.

Next, you will need to reconnect the AirPods to your phone. This can be done by leaving the lid on your AirPods unclosed.

AirPods Microphone Muffled

Your AirPods’ muffled voice can make it more irritating than the muffled sound. A muffled mic can cause communication problems which can be more frustrating than the price of your AirPods.

The AirPod microphone can be set to record through either the right or left side of the AirPods. This can lead to obvious muffle issues. You can check this by heading to Settings and clicking Bluetooth. To see more information, you will need to tap on the name of your AirPods. You should ensure that your AirPods are recording from both sides.

Record a voice message and play it back to check your AirPods. This will allow you to get a better understanding of your AirPods mic and whether it was working properly at the time.

It will also exclude the possibility that the person on the call may have poor headphones. This could prevent them from hearing you clearly.

If None of the Fixes Works:  It is time to contact or connect the PROFESSIONALS if you are interested in cleaning, enabling Bluetooth or resetting Air Pods none of those work!

Apple support is available at your local Apple store.

The warranty on a product will allow you to repair or replace it. Apple will either replace or repair a defective unit at no charge, or offer a discount. Air Pods, especially the latest version, are highly sought-after so be prepared to wait if you need to replace your Air Pods.