AirPods Microphone Not Working

AirPods Microphone Not Working

AirPods Microphone Not Working

If your AirPods microphone not working properly can be extremely frustrating.  Regardless if you are casually making a call or on a work call with an important client.  With our troubleshooting guide, you do not need to abandon all hope.  When your AirPods mic is not working as expected, simply follow our solutions below to stay connected.

Where is the Mic on AirPods?

AirPods have two microphones:  one at the end of the stem and one within the earpiece. The microphone on the stem’s end is used to make calls and use Siri. It records your voice while it is pointed towards your mouth.

Why Won’t My Microphone Work on My AirPods?

There are many things that could stop them working properly from obvious items to less overt blockers.  You may have dirt or earwax in the microphone or you could have an incorrect set of configurations that are blocking your connection.  Lastly, it could be a firmware restriction or your phone could be in need of a software update to cure a glitch or bug.

Why are my AirPods not Working During Calls?

If your AirPods are still not working during phone calls, you might need to completely reconnect them with your iPhone. For this, you can try to forget them as a Bluetooth device and then reconnect them to your iPhone. Next, go to Settings. Tap the blue “i”, next to your AirPods and forget them.  Wait a beat or two then reconnect the AirPods to your phone.

Why Cant People Hear Me on My AirPods?

Check that your iOS version is the latest and you have an up-to-date version of your third party calling application. Once you’ve completed the software update, reset your AirPods so that you can make new calls.

Why are My AirPods so Quiet When I Call Someone?

If your AirPods have been so quiet lately, it’s may not be because of you. A buildup of earwax on the speakers is the most common cause of loss in volume with Apple AirPods. However, there are other factors that could be causing the loss of volume in Apple AirPods. For example, your iPhone’s volume limit or Low-Power Mode could be restricting the flow of volume.

Why is My AirPods Mic Muffled?

AirPods will likely sound muffled if there is a build-up in dirt and earwax between the earbuds. Earwax, dirt, grease, lint, and other debris can build up in your earbuds if you don’t clean them regularly. Additionally, a weak or compromised Bluetooth connection could cause AirPods to sound muffled.

How do I Get My AirPods Mic to Work?

We’ll cover the most common reasons your AirPods mic doesn’t work, and how you can fix it. The troubleshooting manual will cover all aspects of the problem your AirPods mic may encounter, including connection issues and firmware updates.

AirPods Not Charged

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Your AirPods microphone may not work because your AirPods have not been charged enough. Check the charge of your AirPods before you do any other things. The microphone may not function properly if the battery level is too low. If your microphone is not working, charge your AirPods. If you have problems with your AirPods charging, you can also try updating the firmware for your devices.

Reconnect AirPods to Device

Connecting your AirPods back to your device is another easy way to fix the AirPods mic not working. You can do this by simply putting your AirPods in their case and closing the lid. This will allow you to reconnect your AirPods and your device. You can now test your Airpods microphone to verify that it is working again.

Clean AirPods Microphone

Before we move onto more complex fixes, please check that your AirPods microphone is clear. Is the microphone on AirPods blocked or damaged? The AirPods Pro and AirPods microphones can be found at the stems of AirPods. You can quickly clean the microphones if they look dirty by carefully cleaning the mic  holes and wipe off any dirt.

It is important to note that you need to be careful not to press the microphone holes with force with any sharp objects.  Once you have finished cleaning your AirPods connect and perform another AirPods mic test.

Restart Your Apple Device

The simply solution of turning your Apple device off, pausing, then turning it back on is the next alternative to fix your AirPod mic connection.  The action of restarting the device can often times be the step that cures multiple issues simultaneously and a solution that cannot be ignored.

AirPods Microphone Settings

If the microphone is not working on one AirPod, it may be because of the actual device settings. Before you proceed with the steps below make sure that your AirPods have been placed in your ears.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap Bluetooth
  3. Tap the info icon and locate your AirPods in My Devices.
  4. Tap Microphone
  5. You must ensure that Automatically Switch AirPods has been selected.

You can now try again with your AirPod mic to confirm that the problem is solved.

Reset & Reconnect Your AirPods

You can reset your AirPods to prevent them from being reconnected to another device.

  1. Your AirPods should be placed in their charging cases. Close the lid and let them rest for 30 seconds.
  2. Keep your AirPods safe inside the charging case.
  3. Tap Bluetooth on your iPhone.
  4. Tap the info icon near to AirPods.
  5. Tap forget this Device.
  6. Confirm forget device
  7. Do not forget to confirm the device.
  8. Open the cover of your AirPods’ charger case and press the setup button on its back until the status light blinks amber.
  9. Keep your iPhone close to your charging case by opening the lid.
  10. On your screen, a notification titled “Not Your AirPods” should appear. Tap Connect.
  11. Follow the instructions.
  12. After your AirPods have been connected to your iPhone, tap Done.

Follow the prompts and you can test your microphone once again to verify that it is working.

How Do I Test My AirPod Pro Microphone?


  • Navigate from the Home screen to: Utility Voice Memos
  • Tap the Record icon
  • Use the microphone to speak
  • Tap play to hear the recording.To check the audio, you may also try a Facetime call or phone call on your iPhone


  • Locate the Camera app on your iPad
  • Record a brief video of yourself or your cat
  • You can listen to the recorded audio by playing the video
  • You can also try a Facetime call, or use Siri to test audio

Do AirPods Work Well for Phone Calls?

We have found that AirPods are great at producing clear sound quality which makes them perfect for calling while on the go. They often sound clearer than Bluetooth in cars.  We found that after significant usage, the battery life holds up surprising well.  We found the AirPods durable, reliable and fast charging for the ultimate mix of portability and functionality.

Conclusion: AirPods Microphone Not Working

Apple support is available for further assistance if none the above methods work. We recommend cleaning your AirPods every 3 days to help prevent grease, dirt, and earwax from building up in the device.

FAQ: AirPods Microphone Not Working

Can Earwax Damage AirPods?

It can damage the performance and lifespan of your AirPods.

You Can Wear AirPods in the Shower?

Do not place your AirPods in running water like a faucet or shower. AirPods shouldn’t be immersed in water. AirPods shouldn’t be put in the dryer, washer or washing machine. AirPods shouldn’t be used in saunas and steam rooms.