Acmee MF01 Audio Player Review (Powerful DAP)

Acmee MF01

Acmee MF01 Audio Player Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed a complete DAP. This is because there are so many headphones/earphones I can test. The Acmee FM01 is now my go-to portable player. It’s great for both on the road and at home.

It’s made it so much easier to take my Astell & Kern AK240, Xuelin X8 or other expensive units. As you can see, the Acmee is not perfect. The Acmee has all the quirks that a Chinese DAP has, but it is very affordable.

What is ACMEE-MF01?

The MF01 compact, digital audio player can be carried around in a small package. It was made with audiophiles at heart. Because it has a lot of highly respected audio parts, and is significantly cheaper than what you would expect to pay for a DAP using those parts from an established manufacturer,

This player has a DAC unit called the AK4490EQ. This part can also be found in high-end DAPs. This part is more expensive than ACMEE. It is famous for its excellent sound quality and low distortion. It supports DSD and 32bit PCM at 384Khz/32bit. There are many other lossless formats.

Technically, the Amp is the most significant part of the DAP. ACMEE does NOT mention its inclusion, however it is noted on the spec sheets. The Muse02 Op-amp I have used for years is one that I know well. Surprised to see the Muse included in this build. Muse 02’s cost the most, while Acmee MO01’s aren’t too expensive. It’s therefore a pleasant surprise to own one.

Acmee MF01 Description


Function features

  • The system is simple to use and easy to learn.
  • Solid buttons and knob design
  • The sound is crisp and clear.
  • Full material, double output V9 and 300 ohms.
  • MP3/FLAC/APE/WAV/DFF….More formats are continuously updated
  • USB decoding is a way to connect to USB devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. The player can be used by itself.

Acmee MF01: Small, powerful Device

MUSES02 is JRC’s flagship double op-amp and the preamplifier of the MF-01. It is commonly called the “original voice patron” of Japan. MUSES02 has been described as having very pure sound characteristics. The background is clear, clean and uncluttered. There is not a burr.

The TPA6120A2 has DMP-Z1. You don’t need to be too detailed. It is important to not focus on the MF-01. TPA6120A has the power to be unleashed by the audio dedicated power chips with dual 9V load and 1200mA loads.

It is possible to purchase the decoder chip AK4490EQ. This expensive chip is used in FiiOM9. AK4490EQ is found in the MF-01 player.

Build, Quality and Design

Acmee’s compact MF01 Compact Player is very small. While the Acmee Mf01 may appear simple from photos, its build quality is exceptional. When the device arrived at my home for review, I was amazed. It is built with a tank-like style.

The MF01 is completely made from metal. There are no compromises. It is of excellent quality. It’s not cheap or poorly made. I love the quality of both the materials and assembly. Even the volume knob and buttons are made out of metal.

The player’s appearance is exactly the same as you would expect. There are 4 buttons for directional navigation and 1 button to select the center. All buttons can be reached with one hand. The instructions for how to use the buttons are clear and easy. The left and right buttons can be used to skip ahead and back. The bottom button serves as the back button. While the top allows for you to enter the menu.

Below the buttons is a small screen. It’s a low-resolution panel with two colors in black and blue, which is easy to see in direct sunlight. Although it isn’t very complex, it can help you save money and decrease battery consumption. It still displays all information. Although it can be more difficult to browse large file sets on this system than with other systems, you will quickly get used to the interface.

Only one power port is located at the bottom. It is Micro USB.

The left side is empty.

The right-hand side of all the designs I like the best. It also comes with a large volume container. A few metal runners look like a heatsink. However, they are not functional and serve only to protect the volume control. The control is very easy to use and holds its place well even when it’s in your pocket. I love volume controls, and this doubles for the menu control. It allows you quickly to scroll through the menus.

This player features a discreet and simple branding process. It feels durable and premium and should last for many years.

Operation and Menu

The ACMEE MF01 is extremely easy to use, but there are some quirks within the firmware. However, it shouldn’t be overlooked. It was intuitive, easy-to-use and intuitive, despite its imperfections. Operating system ticks are part of any proprietary systems and they are common with Chinese audio players.

Acmee’s website appears to confirm that the firmware works well. Drop-in files can be used to navigate the UI via a carousel-platform platform. To navigate, you can use the five buttons on the front.

Clear, well-thought menus make it easy for you to find the right folder. It felt quick and responsive without the import delay that my FiioH3k has.

Although the screen appears small and not colored, I believe this simply means there is more battery life.

MF-01 Craftmanship

The craftsmanship of MF-01 was admirable. The device can be held comfortably by small hands, even girls as young as five years old. The buttons are extremely addictive and ring whenever pressed. The wheel damping sense responds in perfect ways to the operation. It is not too loose or too tight. The machine is asymmetrical in design. The side design was inspired by the Panpipe, an ancient Chinese musical instrument.

It is decorated with three grooves at its bottom. Panpipes first appeared in the Warring State period. It is not structured in a rhythmic way, but is still within the reach for the five tones scale. It represents the pursuit of musical exploration.

The MF-01 doesn’t limit itself to making a profit, it can also create a new price-to-tone ratio. The tone produced by the MF-01 is clean, soft and ethereal. The MF-01’s interface logic is very simple. The buttons on the left can adjust volume or can be used to select menu items. This utility is extraordinary and blind operation is also possible.


The MF-01 tuning is easy to feel after listening. You can locate the singer’s breath sound by simply feeling it. It sounds like a deep ocean. It should not be disturbed. The low frequency is elastic, but not excessive. It can shock. It is found in nature.

The vocals sound a bit less pop-poetic than the music, but they are not as bad. The extended comfort and high-frequency sound make it easy for dolphins to stand up. With the Sennheiser HD650 the MF-01 can produce a powerful audio. For earphones having a diameter of 300O, amplifying is not required.

Overall Sound Quality

It has outstanding sound quality and is the star of this show. Acmee’s MF01 has been specifically designed to give you the best sound quality for a low price. It was difficult for me to differentiate this device from my Xduoo X3 ii because they have a very similar sound profile.

The Fiio M6 was another DAP that I compared it with. The Fiio is a modern DAP with many features. Acmee has a better sound quality. I get more detail and a wider soundstage. The background is also darker.

Budget audio players can suffer from both lows and highs. However, this is not true with this model. The lows have a rich, full sound while the highs have a consistent and smooth response. With my Beyer’s higher impedance ratings, I was amazed by the power my headphones delivered.

Clearness is just as important as detail retrieval. The background is black, and it is very quiet. It is easy to listen to the music and not be distracted by any other sounds. The MF01 has no color and is transparent. I want my DAP’s sound to be as clear as possible. You can add some “flavor” by using your headphones and EQ settings to enhance the DAP’s sound. Its ability to be neutral is perhaps its greatest strength.

MF-01 Upper limits of sound, hearing

The HiFi Player has a great sound quality. Although the operation is straightforward, the touch screen can be confusing. The manufacturer of this player created a product that had a similar sound quality to the player, but it was plagued with bugs.

The parameter configuration results in a change to the user experience. There are two types. One is a HiFi device that explores sound’s limits and hears it, while the other is a HiFi device that is focused on sound quality but strives for functional perfection.

The MF-01 is one of these. The machine design is a sound system and not a gaming machine.  It only supports playback of the first-level folder tracks. It does not support USB data transmission.

Bottom Line: Can I Recommend the Acmee MF01?

If you are satisfied with an older-fashioned digital music player, that is focused on sound quality and not on features, then this is the best price. There are many other options available if you need a touchscreen DAP device or another option.

The sound quality is excellent and the user interface is simple. I give this player a thumbs up. It’s not the best all-rounder but its sound quality is amazing and almost impossible to miss.

Acmee MF01

Acmee MF01

Specifications for this Model: MF-01

  • Decode chip: AK4490EQ
  • Screen material: OLED
  • Screen resolution: 128×64
  • Battery: 2000mAh
  • Playing time is from 6-8 hours
  • Pre-amp: MUSES02
  • Post-amp: TPA6120
  • Power supply: +-9V(audio dedicated power, can output 1950mAh current)
  • Decoding parameter 384kHz/32Bit
  • Support impedance 10300O (no Pressure for High Impedance Amplifiers).
  • English and Chinese are the support languages
  • Size: 53mm x 80mm x 21mm
  • Weight: 133g
  • Screen size: 1.3inch
  • Support formats: MP3/FLAC/APE/WAV/DFF/DSD (update will be lasting)