About Us

About US

The Headphones Unboxed team is a bespoke group of passionate individuals that are passionate about music, tech, and research.  By fusing our know-how and deep learning, our staff audiophiles can inform and inspire readers of all ages.  Our audio tech focus allows our team to specialize in headphones, headsets, earbuds, and related tech to help you today and tomorrow.


Headphones Unboxed is a global organization provides in-depth research and insights to audio tech.  Our team is a close-knit group of geeks, engineers, writers, strategists, and developers who collaborate well to yield synergistic results.


Our staff is comprised of writers, research experts, engineers, and audiophiles of all types.  We have a global operation with teams across the world to provide better insights and a unique perspective. The goal of our team is to provide complete, quality insights into audio tech both old and new.  Our full time editors and writers include:


Patricia Chase, Editor
Patricia (Patty) has been charged with daily operations and work closely with our writing team.  Both she and the entire writing team have been instrumental in researching and creating valuable audio tech content. twitter.com/PatriciaChase

Mike Collina, Lead Writer
Michael was born in the Philippines and has shown great analytical skills and aptitude for all things tech.  He has been critical to our success at HPU. His tenacity and willingness to learn are hallmarks of his personality as a professional writer.                                                                  twitter.com/michaelanjelo

Rebecca Dando, Lead Writer
Rebecca is a thoughtful, passionate writer for us the past two plus years. Prior to that, Rebecca was a freelance writer delving into various topics from engineering to audio production.

Thank YOU

For donors, research teams, strategists, and contributors that continue forward with us on this remarkable journey, we say thank you. For those readers that are connecting the first time, we say thank you as well. The journey of a thousand miles starts today. Be informed. Get inspired and inspire others.

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